Video: Distilling without Chemicals: Another Young Living Difference

Transcription Gary Young on how he keeps chemicals out of the distillation process…

4:30 A really critical part of distillation is having “good steam.”  In commercial distillation they have chemical tanks on the water system because there are minerals in the water. The minerals create electrolysis inside the boiler and gets on the tubes. It will pit the tubes and create leaks. It’s $5000 per tube to replace. That’s after you pay to open it up. That’s why these bolts are here…it’s on a hinge and it unbolts and this whole thing swings out. Inside is full of tubes that run the full length. This is the fire chamber that goes right through the center of it. It’s called a fire tube boiler and it’s one of the most efficient ones.

One of the things we do—and it’s more expensive in Young Living—but other companies don’t do because it DOES cost money…they treat their water with chemicals.

5:38 When I bought the boiler brand new in Utah a few years ago—800hp boiler there—they told me that I needed to put a chemical treatment on the water supply or I’d loose my boiler. I said, “No, I won’t do it.” So I did similar to this…the water is not as hard here as it is there…down there if you look at our boiler system you’ll see a huge filtration system that I put in to take as much of the mineral out as possible. But what we do here…every season when we finish, we open it up front and back and we rod the tubes out—clean the tubes—so we don’t build electrolysis. Of course, it costs us about $2500 a service to do that, but that way we don’t have chemicals crossing in the steam like you find in commercial distillers around the world.

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