VIDEOS – Sacred Frankincense: Hands-on Experience with the Tree

Sacred Frankincense Oman TripThe following three short, but extremely informative, videos provide insight offered during a trip to Oman where Gary Young invited a handful of extraordinary Young Living leaders to come along and have a personal experience with the special Sacred Frankincense (Boswellia sacra) trees that are exclusive to the country.

THINK ABOUT THIS! The founders of most essential oil companies don’t even bother going to Oman. (In fact, some are even banned from entering the country due to the false information they have spread about the Boswellia sacra tree—Oman’s national treasure.) How about the chemists in their laboratories that sound so high-and-mighty in their disdain for “stupid” Young Living distributors? Have those white-coated theorists ever been to Oman? If so, did they simply visit the resin shops or did they actually go out in the desert where the trees are and visit with the tribe responsible for harvesting the resin?

Because Gary cultivated relationships with Oman’s leaders over the last two decades (longer than most essential oil companies have been in business), not only does he have carte blanche for himself and Young Living employees, but he is also able to bring along key distributors with absolute confidence about their safety. What other essential oil company provides its representatives with such amazing opportunities to learn about essential oils through real-world, hands-on education?!

Part 1 of 3 – Trees and Resin

  • See the largest and oldest frankincense tree Gary has discovered so far…estimated to be 850 years old!
  • Proper times of the year and number of times to harvest luban (resin).
  • Examples of improper tree cutting (over-bleeding) verses the proper shallow shaving of the tree bark.
  • 1st cut is simply preparation, 2nd cut 10 days later will yield resin that is 30-40% more rich in oil, 3rd cut 45 days after the 1st cut will produce resin 90% more rich in oil.
  • Traditionally resin was harvested in a circuit that might include tens of thousands of trees.


Part 2 of 3: Going to the Source

  • 42 traveled 24 hours to get to the Omani desert, 6 hours in 4WD vehicles.
  • Only company in the world going directly into the mountains to the trees, setting up distilleries, distilling sacred frankincense, myrrh and sweet myrrh.
  • Gary discovered the ancient fortress of Wadi Andur? four years before. Note about Gary’s claim that is was one of the greatest archaeology discoveries of all time: Trolls and skeptics will be quick to jump all over that. But keep in mind that from Gary’s perspective the greatest archaeology discoveries have to do with the REdiscovery of essential oil understanding that the ancients took for granted. Gary is the first person called as a consultant any time archaeologists like the famed Vendyl Jones discovers something that may be related to essential oils. But since essential oils are Gary’s specific passion and expertise, he has made a number of significant archaeological discoveries simply because he was the only one tracking down oil-related legends. I’m sure this will be documented in the soon-to-be release biography by Mary Young.
  • Sarcastic references to the fabled deadly viper written about as if it were real by a self-proclaimed frankincense expert from another company.
  • Gary found the snake monument 4 years before. The snake myth was created to scare poachers in order protect the valuable resin.


Part 3 or 3: The Future of Frankincense

  • Could frankincense be used as a commodity and a way to preserve wealth in choatic times?
  • How to moderate harvesting in order to promote the health of the tree and its reproductive capability.
  • Young Living is the only company working with the government of Oman on  a research project to help bring frankincense trees back that are in danger of extinction. Planting 50,000 frankincense trees. Oman has allocated over 100,000 acres for Young Living to plant frankincense trees.
  • Climate of Oman has become so dry because millions of trees have died off.
  • Explanation of why Young Living has special permission to export frankincense oil Gary has developed a personal relationship with the sheikh of the Dhofar region—given him a Raindrop treatment. Young Living is now the first company in history to be permitted to export frankincense oil out of Oman.
  • Boswellia frereana frankincense DOES NOT grow in Oman. Tourists don’t know the difference between valuable white hougary ($60/kilo) and cheap dark resin ($10/kilo). Oman IMPORTS 99% of the resin sold to tourists. Young Living is the only company collecting Boswellia sacra resin.
  • Future supply is secure only because of the investment Young Living is currently making to plant trees. Government is allowing Young Living to take charge of 5000 trees that it planted five years ago.

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  1. Gary's at our Salalah, Oman frankincense farm. Check out the trees planted by the Diamonds just a few years ago! In a…

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