7 Videos Show Young Living’s Commitment to Quality

Pure Lavender OilHere is a great series of videos that shows the effort Young Living puts into producing the highest quality essential oil.

1. Soil Preparation – A look at the deep thought that goes behind creating superior soil with the ultimate goal of exceptional essential oil from healthier plants. Contrast this to the quick-fix chemical fertilizer solutions used by the vast majority of farms that are sources for perfume companies…and brokers for marketers of inferior essential oils who don’t take quality control seriously enough to have their own farms.


2. Growing the Plant – Compare the wide variety within Young Living’s seed-sourced lavender to the cloned and hybrid versions available elsewhere.


3. Distillation as an Art – Soil and weather variables, humidity, barametric pressure, brix count of plants…thousands of factors must be “understood” more than calculated when distilling. A database of 20+ years distilling specifically to maximize therapeutic properties helps Young Living intuit this art. Contrast this to a perfume plant farmer whose primary goal is to maximize volume for the least amount of skilled labor expense. Add the fact that the farmer knows essential oil brokers will readily accept his diluted and adulterated oil because they have no experience with distillation. And couple that with US regulations in which the label “100% pure” is absolutely meaningless. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand how the fluid most people buy as “essential oil” has no therapeutic value at all.


4. The Distillery –  Following the tender loving care with which the plants are raised, Young Living’s distilleries are critical to continuing that care through the distillation process.


5. The Lab – While watching this video, think about all those companies that market oils they buy through brokers because they have no farms, no distillers and no testing equipment. Customers that are not familiar with this background are susceptible to mind games that must be played to convince them of quality when there is no foundation to build upon.


6. Testing the Oils – Notice the depth of experience of Dr Cole Woolley. Also note how oils from Young Living farms are often being tested every 15 minutes to determine the ideal distillation methods. This is especially critical when investigating a new plant that is distilled exclusively by Young Living. Young Living has these testing facilities with its distillers and farms all over the world.


7. Lab Tests – Wide variety of tests done within Young Living labs.


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