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In Search of Frankincense: No other retailer makes the effort to acquire the highest quality frankincense resin which is then distilled to produce Young Living’s frankincense oil.

Distilling Frankincense: Gary Young introduces the new distillery in Oman and describes the internal workings of the second distiller and condenser custom-built to improve efficiency while maximizing the therapeutic compounds coaxed out of the hougary—the highest quality resin. Young Living goes to the trees, gathers its own resin, distills it, and does constant analyses in its labs…Young Living controls—and therefore maximizes quality in—every step of the process. This is the reason Young Living is able to produce the highest quality of essential oils in the world.

Finding the Frankincense Trees: Frankincense trees grow across India, northern Africa and the Middle East. At least 43 varieties are known to botanists, but not all varieties produce an aromatic resin. The species offered by Young Living are Boswellia carterii and sacra are the most aromatic, yield the most essential oil, and have the most therapeutic properties.

Uncompromising Quality: Frankincense resins are not equal in quality. Traders often combine species and grades of resin to sell to unsuspecting buyers. Resins of various shades and colors usually mean the frankincense has been combined from different cuts, different areas, and possibly different years. The oil brokers upon which all other oil companies depend on to buy their resin don’t understand the subtleties of purchasing resin. Ultimately, the purity of frankincense resin depends on the trees location and on the weather at the time of harvesting. The best resin comes from trees that experience extremes.

Stewardship of Frankincense: Frankincense was the most valuable commodity of the ancient world. Gary Young was not content to order frankincense long distance. He traveled to Oman and Yemen determine to find the best frankincense. He traveled to countries where foreigners were not always welcome. Gary’s travels have taken him across the ancient frankincense trail, from southern Arabia to ports in Egypt and distilleries in Israel. He retraced the steps of the camel caravaneers to Greece, Rome, Mesopotamia, India and China. Along the way, Gary identified ruins of ancient frankincense trade centers. Note: The camel riders in the video are Young Living distributors getting hands-on experience to better understand the true value of frankincense.

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