Gary Young Started Building Omani Relationships in 1996

I first met with the Omani government officials in 1996 to start my research. They were very skeptical, especially because I was American, when I told them I wanted to develop a Frankincense Farm. I had to prove myself.

Now I have residence and a Frankincense farm and distillery that everyone can come and see and learn the truth about Frankincense.

This is not marketing HYPE!! Young Living is for real and Young Living is making a difference in the world. Our Frankincense is used in the hospitals in Oman. Frankincense Sacra. The Sacred Frankincense of the Bible. Why? Because it is the preferred choice in the world for its genuine therapeutic quality.

Who produces it? WE DO – YOUNG LIVING ESSENTIAL OILS, THE WORLD LEADER!! Right here in Salalah, Oman.

 Gary Young Oman Biz Certifiicate

I am standing in the Ministry of Commerce, in Muscat, Oman after completing the paperwork, the search, registering, filing, signing of Young Living as a foreign owned company.

18 years and a Dream come true. It takes time to build relationships with any government in any country. This is what I do.

— Gary Young on his Facebook page

^ This video offers insight into the deep relationships that Gary Young and Young Living has forged with Oman. Gary has even done the Raindrop Technique on the sheikh of the Dhofar region which controls the Frankincense trees. Watch all three of these frankincense videos.


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