Golden Einkorn Farm: Young Living Partner in the Provence Region of France

Golden Einkorn Farm, Provence, France

The Golden Einkorn Farm, located in the sunny fields of Sault, France, is our newest partner and the exclusive producer of ancient einkorn grain.

This 600-acre, family-owned farm is run by long-time Young Living partner Jerome Reynard, known affectionately as “Blondie.” He and his family live on-site in a traditional 18th-century French home remodeled by Blondie and his parents, who also live nearby. While the Golden Einkorn Farm is a new partner farm, it has longstanding connections to Young Living as part of the same farming co-op as the Young Living Simiane-la-Rotonde Lavender Farm and Distillery.

With deep roots in Provence, the staff of the Golden Einkorn Farm does everything they can to protect the land that produces the einkorn we all love. Their team uses only rainwater irrigation on the naturally low-maintenance einkorn crops, lowering their environmental impact on the area. They fertilize using organic matter such as manure, plant compost, and leftover einkorn stems to ensure that the farm is as environmentally efficient as possible. They are also currently building a solar-powered warehouse to store their tractors and other equipment.

The Golden Einkorn Farm focuses on sustainability by recycling whenever possible, with goals for zero waste. Anything remaining from the einkorn flour milling process is used as feed for animals or as additional natural compost fertilizer, ensuring efficiency and sustainability.

This farm is more than a Young Living partner, it is a partner in the community, providing nutritious einkorn flour to local bakeries and pasta makers in the area. The staff also hosts community outreach through student field trips and agricultural experiences to share their farming expertise. You can visit the Golden Einkorn Farm too! Check out to visit the farm and take in the rich sights of the French countryside.

Few farms in the world have worked as hard to integrate sustainable, environmentally responsible practices into the heart of their organizations or do so much to open their arms to the surrounds area. With eco-friendly, sustainable practices and rich community ties, the Golden Einkorn Farm is a true steward of the picturesque fields and hills of Provence, and Young Living is proud of this new partnership.

Source: The Essential Edge, December 2019

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