Lead in Young Living products?

Young Living Lead?

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This article went viral after pointing out that some Young Living products were listed in a complaint filed in California claiming they contain dangerous levels of lead.

The most interesting thing about the article is its fishy smell…

First, the last sentence of the article pretty much points out that everything preceding it was solely for the purpose of generating buzz…

The State of California explicitly and clearly states that a Proposition 65 warning “does not necessarily mean a product is in violation of any product-safety standards or requirements.” Even if a judgment is ultimately made that would be deemed unfavorable for Young Living Essential Oils, LC, it does not mean that the products should be seen as dangerous.

Second, if this article is any indication, the implementation of this California regulation seems to be a perfect vehicle for any business to stir up bad PR and generate regulatory harassment against its enemies. So a less superficial report might have questioned

  1. Who exactly is behind the complaint?
  2. Why was Young Living singled out when there is almost certainly an endless list of lower quality products that would have attracted attention first? How about all those retail labels selling nutritional products that are actually manufactured and bottled in China or Mexico?

Third, the second point calls into question the objectivity of the article itself. Who is the author? Does he or she have an ax to grind against Young Living? Does he or she actually have financial ties to a competitor?

Fourth, at his Forensic Food Lab, Mike Adams shows that whole foods tend to “bind” with elements which are normally considered toxic so they pass harmlessly through the body. On the other hand, processed foods allow for easy absorption of these toxins into the body.

Finally, for some real substance on the issue, we offer Young Living’s perspective…something the dolt behind the buzz-generating article didn’t bother doing. Readers may actually be inspired to try these products after seeing the official response. It’ll be funny if the ultimate result of the malicious story is an increase in Young Living sales. 🙂

Official Response from Young Living

This addresses a lawsuit against YL concerning lead in their products. In case you are unaware, California is super sensitive to tons of different commercial ingredients in products. What they fail to realize is some of these elements occur naturally for a reason, and depending on how they occur, they are harmless in the human body.

Case in point: the lawsuit addresses a few of our products:

ComforTone contains bentonite clay. If you have ever used this amazing clay for anything, you know it is a health and wellness game changer. I have been using bentonite clay for years. It is in several of our products at home. The thing about clay is lead is binding to clay and is not bioavailable to the body in any form. It just binds to the clay minerals and passes through the body. HERE’S HOW: “Bentonite clay has a negative electrical charge and is searching for things that have a positive charge… like lead. So even though it contains trace amounts of lead, it’s holding on tight to the lead, not letting it go in your or your child’s body.” (Cooper, 2009)

In Juva Tone, Bee Propolis is one of the outstanding ingredients included in the supplement. Don’t know what that is? Known as “bee glue” it is the sticky substance bees collect from evergreen trees. With the collection of flower pollen and bee glue, they return to the hive and patch holes in the hive with the sticky glue, while using it to build their hive universe of honey. It is full of antioxidants, naturally antiseptic, and has too many health and wellness benefits to list! Propolis has also been shown to assist the body in toxic elimination of aluminum. With over 5,000 enzymes and coenzymes, this substance is a powerhouse! Traces of propolis are in ALL HONEY!

In JuvaPower, spinach in high quantities is one of the key ingredients that make this blend amazing. Did you know spinach contains a naturally occurring 15mg of lead per serving? Now imagine you have several servings of this nutritionally superior veggie in Juva Power.

In ICP, psyllium is one of the amazing ingredients. Known for its stellar properties in assisting the body’s natural elimination, it does contain naturally occurring lead. Once again…comes from the earth. Starting to see a trend here?

In Femigen, we have several roots and leaf parts. Damiana Leaf, Epicedium, Wild Yam Root, Dong Quai, Muira Puama Root, Ginseng Root, Licorice Root, Black Cohosh Plant Root, Cramp Bark, and Squaw Vine Aerial Parts. Once again…comes from the earth. Definitely seeing a trend here. In both Power Meal and Balance complete, we have a “complete mineral supplement”. With barley grass in balance complete (grass is from the soil filled with minerals!) and a vitamin/mineral complex in a base of fiber (once again…from the earth!) we basically have a beautiful bucketful of earth here!

In Multigreens, Pacific Kelp is a natural source of lead, but coincidentally, helps the body ELIMINATE lead from organs! As dark, leafy, earth-derived veggies contain lead (remember the earth contains minerals!) Alfalfa contains naturally occurring lead. Spirulina, an algae, also contains insignificant traces of lead. Bee Pollen is also a spectacular ingredient in this blend. Once again, remember propolis and honey contain lead… natural to assume bee pollen would also have trace amounts.

Basically, what you have here is a bunch of supplements with earth-derived ingredients in tiny capsules. If we were an inferior company, like many others out there today, we would have a bunch of synthetic ingredients and would be able to avoid naturally occurring lead.

Thankfully, for us, we are AMAZING. Not only do we leave synthetics out of the equation, we leave nature alone and try not to Frankenstein our products by genetically modifying their earth based ingredients.

I applaud California for trying to be vigilant in their efforts to reduce lead consumption — which occurs chemically in many of our products and foods. Unfortunately, like many things which seem good on the surface, sometimes we make a mountain out of a mole hill, and check our common sense at the door.

Read this more recent Proposition 65 FAQ from Young Living.


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4 comments to “Lead in Young Living products?”
  1. Here’s an article that provides more detail about the complaint.

    But most the interesting thing about the article is not the details offered about the complaint. At first blush, the site comes off as independent and unbiased. And the writer of the article is billed as an “Independent Investigative Journalist.”

    Yet, when you click SUPPLIER RATINGS at the top of the page, you are presented with a list of 40 essential oil suppliers. The “independent” website explains, “Suppliers included on this list have been selected for being reputable and ethical suppliers of 100% pure essential oils…”

    Ha! What a joke! This is a list of companies that HATE Young Living because those companies are constantly embarrassed by YL standards they can’t meet. Check out PRODUCING PITIFUL PATCHOULI for closer look at the laughable standards of one company on the list.

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