Making Your Own Valor

Valor Essential Oil Recipe

by David Stewart

Young Living ran out of the Valor blend some time ago, because their supply of Spruce (Picea mariana) ran out. Some Young Living members were upset by this, when they should be glad. Young Living oils are all produced naturally from plants, in their own seasons, as determined by God, and not produced synthetically in chemical plants according to manufacturing schedules set by humans. When Young Living runs out of a given species of oil they must wait until the next harvesting season for that plant to produce more oil. The fact that they sometimes run short of an oil is proof that they are not adulterating or synthesizing their oils, as many other companies do.

If you want a reliable, constant, and predictably renewable supply of an essential oil that is consistent in its composition from year to year, you have to make and manipulate it yourself in a manufacturing laboratory. Companies that produce oils for perfumes or flavors alter and adjust the chemistry so their product always has exactly the same flavor or fragrance, which is what flavor and perfume companies want. Companies that do that are not producing therapeutic oils that can heal. Their intent is profit, not healing. They are, in fact, producing oils that are potentially toxic and can do harm. Such companies rarely tell the truth on their labels, but usually include warnings for the use of their oils, such as “Do not use undiluted on the skin.”

If you want a reliable, pure, therapeutic essential oil that heals, you have to wait on God and Nature to provide your supply, which must be produced in God’s time. One must also accept the variations in composition and fragrance that come with each year’s crop. No two growing seasons are exactly the same, year to year, nor is the weather regarding rainfall, wind, sunshine, or temperature. No two fields have exactly the same soil composition. Planting and harvesting times vary, too. Left to God and Nature, the composition of essential oils will vary year to year because, among other things, the plants themselves adapt to the changing conditions experienced during the growing season, and thus create oils appropriate for that year’s circumstances.



So be glad that Young Living essential oils are not always identical each year and be thankful that because of Young Living’s dependence on God and Nature, they may run out of a given species in some years, which proves their commitment to abide by nature’s directions and time schedule, and not those of a panel of industrial chemists and the will of corporate executives whose purpose is maximizing profit, not healing. If health and healing is your objective, beware of essential oil companies whose primary motive is monetary gain, because their oils will be imbued with selfishness and greed, not concern for others to be well.

Keep in mind that, by the principles of quantum physics, the intents of the grower, distiller, packager, corporate executives, and distributors are expressed in the frequencies of the oils. Even your intent, as a distributor, is imbued in the oils you market, and the effect on the oil will be different whether your intent is making money or helping someone be well.

Young Living is unique among companies of the world in that its sole intent, from seed to seal, is to produce essential oils that heal, an intent that is further carried to the end users by those Young Living distributors, such as you who promote and teach about the oils. (To gain an understanding of the role played by quantum physics in the applications of essential oils, order the booklet, “Quantum Physics, Essential Oils, and the Mind-Body Connection.”)


Young Living Valor OilIt is not definitely known when Young Living will have Valor back in stock and there is no guarantee they will not run out of their supply at some future time. Some have been using White Angelica and other substitutes in place of Valor, but you may want to consider making your own approximation of Valor.

Valor is a blend of approximately 15 parts Spruce, 7 parts Frankincense, 6 parts Blue Tansy, and 2 parts Balsam Fir, in an Almond (or Coconut) Oil base, with the carrier making up about 20% (7 drops) of the blend. Proportions for Valor are given in the “Essential Oil Integrative Medical Guide,” by D. Gary Young, as the “Energy Balance Blend,” but that source does not mention a carrier oil, which is a key ingredient to bring the frequency into resonance with the spine, joints, and bones as does Valor. The “Integrative Medical Guide” also mentions Rosewood as an ingredient, but that is not available from Young Living, at this time, and won’t be again until their supply in South America has been re-established, which may or may not be soon.

All of the oil constituents of Valor, except for Rosewood and the correct species of Spruce, are available from Young Living at this time. Spruce (Picea mariana) is not currently available, which is why YL is temporarily out of Valor until the 2014 crop is harvested and distilled. Young Living does have Idaho Blue Spruce (Picea pungens) which is a different, but similar, species. A substitute for Valor (sans Rosewood) may be formed by the above formula and substituting the Idaho Blue Spruce.

This will work until Young Living has real Valor back in stock. No one should live without Valor. Hopefully, Young Living will have Valor back in stock soon.


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Valor Recipe


Valor substitute prefered by Jen O’Sullivan:

Equal parts


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