2016 Winter Harvest at Highland Flats

2016 Highland Flats Winter HarvestFYI: The colder it is, the more essential oils evergreen trees will pump into their needles to keep them alive. So the colder it is when the trees are harvested and distilled, the richer the therapeutic compounds available. QUESTION: Will you see a video like this from any other US essential oils retailer? NO! They don’t even care enough to have their own farms, much less brave this kind of cold to maximize the quality of the oils they sell. And the third-party farms they buy their oils from certainly don’t have an incentive to take things this seriously when (1) uninformed and clueless end customers don’t care and (2) their biggest buyers are perfume companies who care only about volume and smell, not about therapeutic value. YoungLiving‬’s Highland Flats farm produces blue spruce, balsam fir, red cedar and pine essential oils.

Ever wonder what happens to all of the raw material that is left over after making Essential Oils through steam distillation?

Posted by Barney Kuntze on Sunday, January 17, 2016

This contingent of distributors came all the way from Japan for first-hand harvesting and distillation experience. The cooker is 10 feet tall and their job is the distribute the chips evenly so that steam channels aren’t created that would allow all the steam to escape without filtering evenly through all the chips.

Winter Harvest 2016 – Filling up cooker Five of us were standing inside the 10 feet tall cooker and helping to make sure the chips are equally spreaded. It takes about 45 mins to fill up one tank.

Posted by Claire Lee on Saturday, January 16, 2016


blanket of snow over Highland Flats Farm

A stunning shot of young trees on our Highland Flats farm. It’s so peaceful. Source: Dr Cole Wooley Feb 1, 2015


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