Young Living Farm in Simiane France

Young Living Lavender Farm and Castle in FranceBelow is a group of Young Living members in 1992 celebrating Young Living’s first farm in Simiane, Provence, France. At that time it was leased because there was no money to buy it.

Young Living Members at Lavender Farm in France 1992Young Living bought an 80-acre farm in Provence for the cultivation of lavender in 2002. Above the farm is a castle that is over 1000 years. Young Living leases it from the community and uses it as a visitor center and training place.

Wildcrafting Lavender in FanceMembers on the 1992 trip also learned how to harvest wild lavender on the mountain.

Source: Gary Young Blog, Nov 19, 2014

Cooperative Farms in France

^ Young Living Lavender Farm in Simiane France

Notice how “hands-on” Gary Young is while traveling with distributors in France helping them learn about the lavender industry. How many of the new companies jumping into essential oils because it looks good on paper care this much about the education of their distributors?

0:35 An example of the low-quality equipment (carbon steel distillers with stainless steel lids) used to produce most of the lavender sold to the world that isn’t up to Young Living standards.

1:17 Members prepping the ground and planting side-by-side with Gary at the Young Living lavender farm in Simiane, France. Young Living is in the constant process of opening new farms (12+ as of 2015). Set a goal for yourself to be part of one of these adventures and make lifetime friendships with others who get this unique experience learning exactly how “real” this company is.

As of January 2016, Young Living’s Simiane-la-Rotonde farm is the only American-owned lavender farm in France.

The above video should come to mind when, after taking a weekend “aromatherapy” course, someone considers themselves an “expert” in essential oils and frowns upon “uneducated” ‪Young Living distributors.

Yes, there will always be a huge number of newbies in Young Living. That means the company is still growing massively after 20 years. But there are limitless educational opportunities for those truly passionate about the oils. And the knowledge of a Young Living distributor can easily surpass a weekend “aromatherapist” who, in truth, is appropriately scared of the compromised oils she chooses to use. In her world of synthetic oils, it’s critically important that she learn the toxic effects of isolated chemicals because those are often the components mixed together to make a concoction that smells similar to what people expect.

On the other hand, a Young Living distributor quickly learns the critical importance of producing the highest-quality ‪essential oil with its infinitely complex recipe provided by nature and, by doing so, avoids the synthetic and compromised stuff altogether.

One of the things on this video is Young Living distributors touring a ‪lavender distillery in ‪France and ‪‎Gary Young explaining how it doesn’t meet Young Living standards. This distillery is a prime example of where those snobby “aromatherapists” may get their oils. But they don’t even know the questions to ask about distillation because they have chosen a paradigm where chemical knowledge keeps them happily distracted from more fundamental details.

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