The Truth about Gary Young and Young Living Essential Oils


So, I’ve come across some info from some people very hostile about Gary Young.  I figured I’d find this sort of thing because pharmaceutical companies are so powerful but I don’t know what to make of all of it.


We write volumes about essential oil quality elsewhere but in this post we’ll simply point out that Young Living is the only substantial retailer of essential oils in the United States that has its own farms and distillers. To date, Gary Young has established nine farms and distilleries all over the world to help guarantee the supply of the highest quality oils as well as to produce some oils that are available nowhere else. Those other oil retailers love to disparage Young Living while creating blends with copycat names and use Young Living as the standard for comparison of their oils. Nevertheless, they are still content to market oils brokered from farms that produce primarily for perfume companies. They talk about quality but never quite get serious enough to start producing their own oils.
Young Living Farms and Distiller Map


See much more on Gary Young’s dedication to quality…

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