Good News! Some Oils Are Out of Stock

Young Living Products Out of StockAt any given time some Young Living oils are out of stock. Sometimes there are dozens. When a single oil like sandalwood is out of stock, it will domino into all oil blends and products that contain that oil.

Years ago the blend of Valor was out of stock for months as it has been recently.  One particular ingredient could not be found that met Gary Young’s standards of quality. Valor is an “anchor” product for Young Living—it’s used to begin the Raindrop Technique.

Something similar happened with the availability of therapeutic-grade helichrysum. Members begged Gary to just buy the best he could get because other companies continued to sell it. He refused, knowing that the oil on the market would not have the therapeutic effects that members had come to expect from YL helichrysum and it would ultimately be bad for the company’s reputation.

To this day we cannot purchase birch oil through Young Living. It was a very popular oil at one time, also in the raindrop kit. It’s been unavailable for more than a decade. Gary has not been able to find a legitimate source since then.

Folks, whenever I hear about these out-of-stock situations, I find huge comfort in it. I purchase from, and represent, a company that does not cut corners. Want to prove to yourself that Young Living is different? You could go look on the shelves of those health food stores that sell the el-cheapo oils or click through the websites of other “aroma” companies and see if they have birch available. Of course, it’s possible to create all kinds of excuses as to why they have the oils and Young Living doesn’t. But, to me, the most obvious answer is that they don’t care what kind of chemicals the oils contain or what therapeutic qualities the oils lack. A valuable oil to them is one that smells similar to what unaware buyers expect so that those buyers will part with their money. There is no correlation with therapeutic value.

Yes, it is wonderful news when I hear that a Young Living product is out of stock!

Watch the video above for Young Living’s explanation on rare and seasonal essential oils.

UPDATE April 17, 2015: Email sent to YL Leaders
Peace and Calming, and Valor have gone out of stock this morning, and will be out of stock for the unforeseeable future. This is due to some unfortunate rainfall in Morocco which resulted in the loss of many crops needed for the making of these oils.

UPDATE April 16, 2015: Email sent to YL Distributors
Young Living has spent the last 20 years and counting committed to providing the most authentic essential oils possible. Because ours is a uniquely close partnership with the earth, our supply is deeply tied to nature’s cycles.

Due to unpredictable and excessively heavy rainfall in the past season, this partnership has yielded a smaller-than-expected harvest of botanicals used in the formulas of favorite products such as Valor® and Peace & Calming®. These products will become unavailable for several months beginning late this Friday, April 17. Until they are available again, we suggest trying great alternatives to Valor, such as 5-ml Magnify Your Purpose™, 5-ml Envision™, and 5-ml Inspiration™ essential oil blends, or an alternative to Peace & Calming, such as 5-ml Gathering™ essential oil blend. These alternatives contain some of the same essential oils and offer similar benefits.

Though these two beloved essential oil blends are top-selling member favorites, we will maintain their historical integrity by refusing to compromise on their formulas. Instead, we look forward to the upcoming harvest and normal growing conditions that will allow us to make these affected products available again beginning mid- to late-September of this year! We thank you for your support and dedication as a member of the Young Living family!

UPDATE July 31, 2014: Portion of email sent to YL leaders

  • We absolutely stand by our Seed to Seal® quality promise, which is the foundation of everything we do. Young Living will only sell products we can stand behind 100 percent, even if that means higher costs for us and occasional unavailability of certain items. With the Seed to Seal commitment as our guidepost, we are quickly expanding our manufacturing and growing capacities. We have doubled the square footage of our production facilities and are purchasing additional land on which to grow our botanicals. Additionally, we are rapidly acquiring more partner farms, all of which are subject to the same rigorous quality standards that we apply to our own farms.
  • We have the broadest product offering in the essential oil industry, and many of our new members may not realize all of the effective alternatives available to them when an item goes out of stock. To help educate everyone, we are planning regular communications that will include suggested replacement products. We will also continue to give the most accurate updates possible on when items will be available again. We are pleased to offer more products than all our competitors combined. In fact, more than 90 percent of those products are available right now! Please remind your teams of this fact and encourage them to take advantage of the forthcoming education on alternate products.
  • We have doubled the size of our sourcing and operations teams in the last 10 months, and they are out searching the globe for new sources of hard-to-find botanicals.
  • For the short term, we are prioritizing our inventory of hard-to-source oils by ensuring that they are used in our highest demand products first.
  • We are investing all revenue generated from operations back into inventory and sourcing support.

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One comment to “Good News! Some Oils Are Out of Stock”
  1. From Young Living Essential News, Sep 25, 2014

    A Note on New, Temporary Ordering Processes for Certain Products

    Young Living is dedicated to maintaining the highest quality standards without compromise. Even though some of our essential oils are difficult to source, we refuse to sell oils and products made with oils that may be more abundant, but less pure and powerful.

    This commitment, combined with our incredible recent growth, has made some products challenging to keep in stock. We are working tirelessly to resolve this issue, including purchasing land and building a new farm and distillery in British Columbia. These efforts will soon provide sustainable, long-term solutions and support continued growth.

    In the meantime, we have decided to implement temporary new ordering processes for some of these hard-to-source products. They are currently in effect in the U.S. and exist to allow more people to experience the benefits of these essential oils.

    Quantities of the following products will be available one per account, per month:

    Abundance™, 15 ml (Item #3300)
    Deep Relief™ Roll-On, 10 ml (3534)
    Forgiveness™, 5 ml (3339)
    Frankincense, 15 ml (3548)
    Gathering™, 5 ml (3342)
    Highest Potential™, 5 ml (3373)
    Joy™, 15 ml (3372)
    Myrtle, 15 ml (3596)
    Juniper, 15 ml (3572)
    Transformation™, 15 ml (3060)
    The following products previously offered in 15-ml will be reduced to 5-ml and will be available two per account, per month:*

    Christmas Spirit™
    Peace & Calming®
    Sacred Mountain™
    The new 5-ml sizes are not available yet, but this transition has begun and will continue over the next several weeks.

    The following products will be temporarily unavailable as we reformulate them to be more sustainable and effective:

    Lavender Rosewood Bar Soap (3673)
    Gentle Baby™ (3345)
    KidScents® Tender Tush (3689)
    Oola Faith™
    Progessence™ Plus (4640)
    Sheerlumé™ (4833)
    L Brianté™ Lip Gloss (5076)
    JuvaFlex™ (3375)
    Acceptance™ (3303)
    Release™ (3408)
    KidScents® Shampoo (3686)
    JuvaTone® Tablets (3214)
    ART® Gentle Foaming Cleanser (5172)
    Oola Finance
    ART® Essential Rewards Kit (3765)
    Inner Harmony™ (5263)
    White Angelica™ (3428)
    Finally, some products will unfortunately have to be temporarily unavailable until supplies return to normal:

    Trauma Life™ (6353)
    JuvaFlex™ (3375)
    SARA™ (3417)
    Longevity™ (3388)
    JuvaCleanse® (3395)
    Oola Grow™ (5021)
    Into the Future™ (3369)
    Egyptian Gold™ (3332)
    Common Sense™ (3091)
    Three Wise Men™ (3426)
    Australian Blue™ (3311)
    Live with Passion™ (3392)
    Oola Family™
    Additionally, the Essential 7 Oil Collection (3120) will be permanently discontinued as of November 1, 2014. This collection will be available until this date or until supplies run out thereafter. Be sure to remove this item from your Essential Rewards order before then!

    When our supply levels begin to return to normal, we will be notifying you as these temporary processes switch back. We thank you for your loyal membership as we work together to share essential oils with the world! To place your next order, log in to Virtual Office!

    *Although many of these essential oil blends are currently out of stock, limited quantities of some 15-ml versions are still being sold in various markets. These remaining 15-ml bottles will continue to be sold until supplies run out, and 5-ml versions will be gradually released over the next couple of months as they become available.

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