Finca Victoria Farm – Young Living Partner in Mexico

Finca Victoria Farm, Mexico

The Finca Victoria Farm in Mexico prides itself on its commitment to its employees and the environment. That’s why last year, the farm applied to Young Living’s partner farm grant program to purchase a new bus to help its employees get to work at the farm’s remote location.

Finca Victoria has been providing transportation for its employees for almost 20 years, but the bus wasn’t keeping up in terms of efficiency, comfort, and reliability. While Finca Victoria employees can take a public bus or drive themselves, these options create an additional financial burden for employees.

Nearly 68 percent of employees used the old company bus to get to and from work, which meant that breakdowns were a particularly complicated problem for day-to-day operations. Additionally, the lack of air conditioning wasn’t ideal for travelling in Mexico’s climate.

On average the bus traveled 360 kilometers (223 miles) every working day, so boosting gas mileage and emissions efficiency was vitally important. With a new bus, the Finca Victoria Farm could make a real difference for its employees and the planet.

Young Living saw the impact a new bus would make for the farm and the clear connection to our 5 x 5 Pledge. By providing grant money, we could help the Finca Victoria Farm buy a much better bus.

Finca Victoria’s new bus has:

  • Better gas mileage
  • Lower carbon emissions
  • Improved reliability
  • Eight additional seats
  • Improved suspension

Dali Rubi Garza Rodriguez, an employee at the farm, said: “It is an advantage to have this transportation because we can arrive here in a timely way. It is also a great help in the economic sense…otherwise, we’d need to pay more to arrive here because it’s a little far from our homes. It’s more comfortable, it has air conditioning, it’s more spacious, and it’s safer.”

Our commitment to making the planet a better place is something we take seriously, whether we’re creating an eco-friendly, employee-friendly Global Headquarters or providing efficient and comfortable transportation for a partner farm. As often noted by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young, we do things “for a purpose, not a profit.”

Source: The Essential Edge, June 2019


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