VIDEOS: Young Living Lavender Farms 2004-2015

Young Living Harvesting Lavender

^ Young Living Lavender Farms 2004

0:24 Gary Young, founder Young Living, on the ground under lavender-harvesting equipment doing repairs. How many company CEOs do that?

0:48 Members filling gaps in the new fields at the St Maries, Idaho farm.

1:05 Members planting lavender starts side-by-side with Gary Young. Toddler Jacob Young planting with member Julie Chertow.

1:45 Gary Young explaining how lavender from Young Living farms are testing at over 60% lineol acetate, levels never seen in lavender from France

Note that much of the equipment seen in this video was purchased by Gary at auctions, repaired, and often altered by Gary to serve unique purposes at the farms.

5:22 Explanation of how trimming the  lavender blossoms makes the plant bigger over time.

5:33 Members would bring their own camping equipment to work on the St Maries farm in the early days.

^ Young Living Lavender Farms 2005. This video includes much of the footage from 2004, but adds new stuff as well.

0:10 Gary using equipment he personally modified and designed to speed the hand-planting of lavender starts.

1:13 Footage of members from the 2002 trip to the farm in Simiane France.

137 Members hand weeding mature lavender plants.

2:20 This is what real, freshly distilled lavender oil looks like. Other companies can’t show you this because they don’t have their own farms, much less distillers. Instead, they buy through brokers who buy from farms which normally produce non-therapeutic oil for perfume companies.

2:33 Early einkorn harvesting and learning. It wasn’t until 2014 (nine years later) that Young Living had enough einkorn to start selling it in products. Again, see Gary in middle of it all.

7:30 Compare these small, antique distillers to the large, modern, stainless steal ones designed by Gary.

^ The 2006 Harvest at Young Living Lavender Farms. Includes footage from the 2004 and 2005 videos.

^ Summer 2007 Lavender Harvest at St. Maries, Idaho. The previous videos included footage from all three lavender farms in Mona, Utah, St Maries, Idaho, and Simiane, France. This video focuses on the unique qualities of the St Maries farm and will help you appreciate the special properties of St Maries Lavender.

2:40 Second largest aromatic farm in North America.

^ 2015 Lavender Harvest. See how far thing have come! This footage is from the farm in Mona, Utah. Video ends with shots of stainless steel drums containing the lavender oil. Compare this to the poor containers used by other companies.


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