Innovation abounds at the D. Gary Young Research Institute

D. Gary Young Research Institute

Young Living strengthens position as world leader in research and formula development for natural products.

Last June Young Living’s Research and Development team became the D. Gary Young Research Institute. Chief Science Officer Dr. Michael Buch renamed the team to honor the legacy of Young living Founder D. gary Young. The name fits; the Research Institute has a strong commitment to Gary’s vision and commitment to quality, as well as his drive for continuous improvement and innovation.

The Research Institute has a dual focus, carried out by two branches: The Research branch works shoulder to shoulder with the Sourcing team and oversees our industry-leading analytical laboratories. They also develop new claims, verify our compliance with current product claims, and set testing specifications for YL products.

The Research Institute’s method for creating precise testing specifications helps Young Living set the standard for authentic, effective essential oils. The institute distills authentic plant materials on a small scale and analyzes the pure oil collected. They use the data to establish rigorous quality standards and then apply these standards to evaluate batches of essential oils for quality. “This is key to adulteration prevention,” says Richard Carlson, PhD, executive director of research and analytical sciences. “We want to have the world’s largest essential oil knowledge base.”

The Product Development branch helps bring Young Living products to life. The team includes certified food scientists, cosmetic chemists, and engineers and specializes in creating in-house formulas for YL’s clean products including our Thieves® and Savvy Minerals® lines. They build on the innovative ideas created by managers, members, and consultants to develop new YL products.

The institute also ensures the safety and efficacy of our label claims. Last year they partnered with third-party laboratories to conduct over 50 studies to ensure our products do what we claim they do—which means you can feel confident using our products.

You can get up close and personal with the Research Institute at Young Living’s new Global Headquarters, where the research lab will be located front and center on the first floor. The new lab will allow visitors to learn more about the Science pillar of our Seed to Seal® quality commitment and see the Research Institute’s dedication to discovering new technologies, new applications, and new oils for you and your family.

Source: The Essential Edge, February 2019


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