Video: Testing Oil Quality and Purity

Testing Oil Quality and Purity

The natural world is full of plants, trees, fruits and flowers that create aromas. Each plant species possesses its own unique aroma. These aromas are created in nature, by nature and in liquid form they are known as essential oils.

Essential oil-bearing plants are cultivated on farms with plenty of sunshine, water and fresh air. At the peak of essential oil production, the plant is harvested and steam distilled to draw out the essential oil.

The essential oils are then shipped to Young Living’s global warehouse. In Young Living’s research labs, each essential oil is carefully analyzed for purity and authenticity. The GCMS is one of many laboratory instruments our research scientists use to separate and identify the hundreds of molecules in each essential oil.

It only takes a single drop of essential oil to analyze the hundreds of molecules within. The drop enters the GCMS instrument as a mixture of molecules. As the temperature rises in the GCMS, individual groups of molecules begin to move. The lighter molecules, shown in yellow and green, move first while the heavier molecules, shown in red and blue, require higher temperatures to begin moving. This is how molecules from essential oils are separated in the GCMS instrument. The molecules are then timed, stacked and identified with the correct name.

After meeting Young Living’s Seed to Seal quality standards, the essential oils are bottled and shipped to our members. Young Living members use essential oils to improve their daily quality of life.

Produced by plants, expertly harvested and distilled, and professionally analyzed, Young Living Essential Oils deliver nature’s aromas in every bottle.

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