Valor Essential Oil Testimonies

Valor TestimoniesAntidote to feeling frazzled
“When I feel frazzled, I put Valor® on my forehead, base of my neck, wrists, and palms, which I hold on both my shoulders and then rub the rest all over my head. It really helps me center and come back to myself. I also like to put it on as a natural perfume. It is definitely one of my favorite oils!”
—Bruce C., Young Living e-News Dec 18, 2013

Valor for the corporate world
“My favorite everyday use of Valor® is diffused or applied topically to help me prepare for my daily battle in the corporate world.”
—Bruce C., Young Living e-News Dec 05, 2013

Valor helps husband sleep
“I apply Valor® to my husband’s feet every night to help him sleep restfully. It is amazing! I also like to put 3 drops in my bath water. I love Valor!”
—Gretchen Totzke, Young Living e-News Nov 20, 2013

Valor at work
“I apply Valor® to the bottoms of my feet every day! I feel more relaxed and confident, plus I notice that more people approach me to ask questions about my work as well. I love this oil!”
—Angella D., Young Living e-News Nov 6, 2013

Valor for courage to sing
“When I teach voice lessons, I diffuse Valor to give my students the strength and courage to sing like no one is listening!”
—Lauren B., Young Living e-News Oct 23, 2013

Valor for brave 3-year-old
“Valor® is my 3-year-old granddaughter’s favorite oil. She can be shy and a little nervous in new situations, but with a little Valor, she settles right in.”
—Laurel T., Young Living e-News Oct 9, 2013



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