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Raindrop Technique Audio

Scott Johnson:
 Hello again and welcome to this edition of Young Living’s Audio Education series. Today we have a great opportunity to discuss an irreplaceable technique uniting ancient healing traditions with pure essential oils, a technique masterfully developed by Young Living’s founder and the world’s foremost expert in essential oils, D. Gary Young; a technique that has benefited thousands by bringing balance and harmony to all aspects of well-being including the physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional elements. Of course I’m referring to the Raindrop Technique, and today we’re going to discuss this remarkable technique and the products it uses.

Let’s start with a little history on how the Raindrop technique came to be. Gary developed this technique based on his research of essential oils, his knowledge of the Vita-flex technique, information on special massage techniques, and a fascinating art created by the Lakota tribe of Native Americans. For centuries the Lakota migrated across the Canadian border into the Northern regions of the Saskatchewan and Manitoba provinces to experience the Northern Lights, or aurora borealis. The tribal people believed that the air was charged with healing energy from the aurora borealis and because of this belief, those who were ill or had complicated health problems stood facing the lights and inhaled deeply. By mentally inhaling this energy and allowing it to pass through neurological pathways, many of the Lakota people experienced an incredible healing effect. Eventually the Canadian borders were closed to the Lakota people and they could no longer migrate north. Still believing in the power of the aurora borealis, they began using feathered finger-stroking which later became associated with this healing technique. Later the Lakota added the practice of mentally processing energy, coupled with the light stroking, to facilitate sending this energy throughout the body. Thanks to Gary Young’s pioneering research and deep understanding of nature’s living energy – essential oils – he was able to incorporate this tradition of energy healing into the Raindrop technique. Since then, thousands of individuals have come to appreciate the benefits of this unique and powerful technique.

Now let’s discuss the oils and companion products used during the Raindrop technique. We’ll start with a very powerful and popular essential oil blend – Valor. Valor is known for its ability to bring both physical and emotional alignment, and as such plays a critical role in the Raindrop technique. In fact, Valor’s talent for regulating energy that flows through the body, balancing the receiver’s mental, emotional, and physical energy, serves as the foundation for all the work performed during the Raindrop technique. These aligning and balancing qualities dramatically accelerate one toward their highest potential.

Next is Oregano, another key oil in the Raindrop technique. Oregano is one of the most powerful immune-supporting oils known and contains strong antioxidant properties. It is used as part of the Raindrop technique for these reasons, and for its ability to help support overall well-being. Its fragrant aroma is said to promote feelings of security.

Throughout the ages, Thyme has been used to ward off germs and is mentioned in one of the oldest-known medical records. It is used in the Raindrop technique for similar reasons as Oregano, and also possesses strong antioxidant and immune-supporting properties. Thyme’s spicy, warm, herbaceous aroma is both powerful and penetrating, and may help overcome occasional periods of fatigue and exhaustion.

Basil is more than a common culinary spice; it has therapeutic value as well. In the 16th century powdered basil leaves were used for respiratory complaints. Like Oregano and Thyme, it contains strong antioxidant and immune-supporting properties. Inhaling Basil can refresh the mind, restore mental alertness, and combat occasional mental fatigue.

The botanical name for Cypress is derived from a Greek word that means ‘live forever.’ Cypress is an important element of traditional Chinese medicine, where it is used for purifying and cleansing. It has been traditionally used to support the respiratory and circulatory systems and to support healthy joints. Cypress has a fresh, herbaceous, slightly evergreen aroma which may help ease feelings of loss, heal emotional trauma, and calm anger. It is also known to provide a sense of security and grounding.

The Native Americans chewed wintergreen leaves to increase endurance and respiratory capacity when running, or during hard labor. Wintergreen is more than 95% methyl salicylate, a natural compound that is related to aspirin. Methyl salicylate is used in numerous liniments and ointments for musculoskeletal discomfort; however that form of methyl salicylate is often synthetic. Wintergreen effectively soothes all sorts of aches and discomfort. The sweet minty fragrance of Wintergreen stimulates and increases awareness in all levels of the sensory system.

Marjoram has been used as a folk remedy, culinary herb, and fragrance for hundreds of years. It was known as ‘the herb of happiness’ to the Romans and ‘joy of the mountains’ to the Greeks. Traditionally it was used to strengthen the immune system. Marjoram’s relaxing properties are frequently employed to soothe occasional muscle soreness, and body and joint discomfort. Its woody, spicy aroma is calming and has a warming effect on the mind.

A gentle blend, Aroma Siez helps massage away life’s little discomforts. This blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress is well suited to relieve tight achy muscles after exercise or at the end of a trying day. In fact, it is great to apply before a vigorous workout to reduce post-exercise soreness.

Peppermint, or its derivative menthol, is a common ingredient in over-the-counter creams. It was cultivated by both the Egyptians and Romans, and is prized as a digestive aid. When Peppermint is applied to the skin it provides a cooling sensation similar to applying ice, which is then followed by a warming sensation. It is a highly-prized remedy for all sorts of aches and discomfort. Its clean, fresh, minty aroma is purifying and stimulating to the conscious mind and may increase mental accuracy.

Ortho Ease massage oil combines the soothing power of Wintergreen, Eucalyptus globulus, Thyme, Juniper, Lemongrass, Eucalyptus radiata, Peppermint, Marjoram, and Vetiver. This calming blend of oils comforts and warms tired, stressed bodies, helping to combat the draining effects of everyday activities. Ortho Ease helps create a feeling of being relaxed and offers a refreshing and enhancing effect on a relaxing massage.

V-6 enhanced vegetable oil complex is used to dilute certain essential oils if redness occurs during the technique. It can be mixed to create custom blends, formulas, and massage oils. This oil complex nourishes the skin, has a long shelf life, does not clog pores, and will not stain clothes. It is important to always have some on hand when any sensitivity to certain oils occurs.

Now this is just a brief overview of these amazing products and this remarkable technique, but to truly discover the benefits you need to experience a Raindrop technique for yourself. Many massage therapists and chiropractors offer and recommend it. We encourage you to see how the Raindrop technique can propel you forward to optimal well-being by experiencing one today. Until next time, we wish you abundant health and a wonderful day!


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