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Doug Corrigan: Good day and welcome to all you health care enthusiasts out there! Today before us we have a very intriguing topic; a group of oil blends that a lot of people may not be familiar with using together. We have Valor, we have Joy, we have Harmony, and we have White Angelica. If you’re familiar with Young Living oils you will have used one of these oils at one time or another, especially as Valor and Joy are part of the Essential 7 and Everyday Oils kits.

Today we’re going to talk about how we can use these oils in conjunction with each other and talk about a very interesting protocol that many people call the Great Day Protocol. This term was coined by our very own Gary Young, the founder and president of Young Living Essential Oils. Today we’re really excited to have Tracy Griffiths with us as a guest educator. Tracy teaches people all over the world how to incorporate essential oils into various Eastern and Western health care practices. In addition to that, Tracy is the director of the Life Energy Institute and Grace Aroma Wellness. She also teaches the aromatherapy component for Donna Karan’s Urban and Integrative Therapy program. She is a tremendous author and some of you might have a book that she wrote called Aroma YogaAroma Yoga is a book for yoga students and teachers, and anyone who wishes to enhance their wellness practices with the use of essential oil therapies. It’s now on its 2nd printing; it’s been a great success. Tracy is part of Young Living’s IHPC, which stands for Integrative Health Professionals Council; this is a group of health professionals from a variety of different backgrounds. We brought together researchers, MDs, even physicists, and all of these people have one thing in common; a passion for integrating multiple methods into the services that they offer their clients. Tracy comes with this tremendous background and, aside from all those credentials I’ve known you for several years, Tracy, and by the way welcome!

Tracy Griffiths: Thank you.

Doug: We are so glad that you took time out of your busy schedule to share with us today, and I want to say that I’ve known Tracy for several years and in my opinion what makes you particularly impressive is not only your intelligence, but your emotional intelligence and the personal power that you possess by being in integrity – walking your talk, and just the deep concern that you have for other people. I’m glad to call you my friend and we’re so grateful that you made this a priority for your day today.

Tracy: Thank you Doug, that gave me a big smile!

Doug: Yes, we’re already off to a great day and we’ve been using these oils in this Great Day protocol, Tracy you have as well, and why don’t you start us off by talking to us about this protocol, talking to us about these oils and some of your experiences.

Valor Essential Oil & Roll-onTracy: Sure. I’ve been doing this protocol for about 2 weeks now, every day since you asked me to participate, and I’ve actually been quite blown away at what happens. What I’ve been doing is right when I get out of the shower I have all my oils lined up on my dresser and I start with Valor. Valor was one of the first oils that was introduced to me when I started working with Young Living oils through the Raindrop technique. Valor always makes me have a better mood. I don’t know what it is, but it just makes everything better, it helps us ground. So if you think of your electrical system, let’s say you are a building, your house for instance. The electrical system of your house needs to be grounded, right? You have a grounding wire. If it’s not grounded what happens, your fuses blow, your power leaks, you have power surges and it’s not great for you. So just like your house needs to be grounded, you need to be grounded. We use Valor in the beginning of this Great Day protocol as a great starting point to help you calm down, to be centered, to have a sense of security, to feel confidence. The word valor means to have courage and confidence, and I believe Gary Young’s story of creating this blend was to do just that. So if you can imagine starting your day with something that’s going to help you have your sense of self about you. What I’ve been doing is taking a drop of Valor in my left palm, and then I’ll put a little bit on my left wrist and hold my right and left wrists together and take in the scent of the Valor, and just take a moment to intend what it is that I’d like to manifest for the day, or how I want to be for the day. Do I want to have my sense of humor, do I need to be more patient with those I come across today; it’s a great way to start your intention. A lot of people use Valor on the bottoms of their feet which I do as well, it can be a little slippery so just be careful because there is almond oil in there, and just take that time before you go on to the rest of the oils to tell the oil what you want it to do. That’s something I hear Gary Young saying in my head all the time – ‘tell the oil what you want it to do.’ Valor has just been tremendous in my personal practice and also with my clients.

Doug: You bring up some tremendous points, and I think one of the things that was so intriguing to me about this protocol is that it gives us the opportunity to talk about some of the things that you’re talking about, that we don’t always discuss in our trainings that we’ve done the last few months. That’s the energetics of the oils, the electrical aspects, how they can influence this energetic field. This is something that is new to a lot of people out there, but it can be a very powerful concept that sometimes we ignore.

Tracy: We’re surrounded by electricity, especially with all the computers we’re around, our telephones, everything. We have an electromagnetic field that we’re constantly in interaction with, and we have our own electromagnetic field. When we’re working with these oils they have an energy as well and so we can help tame what’s going on around us, or not be so affected by all these energies around us. Especially with the Valor; awhile back in a magazine article we were talking about Valor in that article and I always use the Valor on my ears after being on a phone for a long time. It gives me a sense of calming down the static around me. I know a lot of people are sensitive to electrical energy and so I think Valor would be something they would want to have all the time. Valor is like magic in a bottle and when I think about these blends that Gary Young put together, I’m astonished at how he thought of putting these together and what they can do. It’s tremendous, the tools that we have here.

I’ll tell you what I do with the Valor with my clients and my students; we do this little test in our classes (I teach yoga and I teach polarity therapy, bodywork therapy) and we do something called spinal balancing. We measure people’s difference in which shoulder is higher, which hip is higher, if there’s a leg that’s a little longer. We’ll have them lay on the floor and we’ll do a measurement of which leg seems longer. Then the practicing practitioner will put some Valor on their hands and then will just hold the bottoms of the feet of their partner. They’ll just hold for 5-10 minutes; 10 minutes is a luxury. They’ll just hold without any expectation of what could happen, and then we’ll back off after 5-10 minutes and then we’ll re-measure and see what happens. More often than not, their leg length equals out. It’s incredible! I’ve actually heard my clients adjusting, I don’t know if it was a hip or a vertebra but something adjusting and coming into balance, and oftentimes the client will make a remark like ‘Wow, what was that?’

Doug: One of the things that came to me was this idea that we talk about Valor a lot of times as an energy balancer, but what you brought up is really interesting to see how that energy is closely associated also with our anatomy and of course our physiology because you’re talking about not just balancing energies but you’re talking about actual structural balancing that can occur as our energies become aligned. I don’t think a lot of people realize how interconnected those things can be; a lot of people think that energy medicine is something that’s kind of ‘out there’ that’s hard to grasp, hard to see, hard to touch but what you’re talking about is by treating the energies of our body we can see profound anatomical changes, structural things that will come into balance. We’re talking about some really powerful medicine there.

Tracy: It is powerful. Energy medicine could scare some people away but if you really think about it, everything is energy and we have a lot of it! We all have as much energy as we need but if we can access it and mange it and balance it, that’s what we’re talking about is balancing the energy that we have, accessing it, we have an edge, we can function better, we can be happier, we can be clearer, we can make better decisions, we can make better choices. This thought about energy and different philosophies about that, it doesn’t have to be a mystery. It comes from an old place when we talk about energy; sometimes the word chakra comes up and that’s just a word for wheel of energy. All we’re saying is that the activity of these wheels of energy generate and assimilate and express our life force or if you want to say prana or chi or ki, it’s all the same thing it just comes from a different language. Sometimes I’ll be talking about the chakras, which again are the energy wheels, and it’s just a map of the energy body. It’s where our body, our mind, and our emotions intersect. So coming from a place of body/mind perspective it may be a little easier to think about.

If you think about Valor, we’re talking about grounding, we’re talking about feeling secure and safe, that’s the Earth element and that’s where we connect to the ground. If you’re watching someone do tai chi or martial arts, they come from a very grounded place from their feet, their legs and their lower torso; that’s where they’re getting all their power from. It’s not from their arms, it’s not from their head or their upper body, they have this grounding through their lower chakra. In Chinese medicine they call that your dan tien, or we’ll call it your 1st chakra, and that’s our survival instinct, that’s our basic instinct to take care of our physical needs so Valor is something that can help give us that mindfulness of ‘Okay I have the strength I need, I have the courage I need, I have it here. I have everything I need.’ Getting your needs met is very 1st-chakra oriented.

Doug: I think that’s pretty profound what you brought up there, and that fits right with this idea of the Great Day protocol.

Tracy: I’ve been using Valor for my whole career with Young Living. We were talking the other day about how you were using Valor with your family; I’d love to hear that.

Doug: There are a couple of instances with the family where Valor has become a real mainstay with us. The first is, those of you who know me know I have 6 children and they’re all pretty young so what we’re dealing with a lot of times at night is nightmares, kids who aren’t sleeping, who wake up and are scared whether it’s something they’ve dreamed about or they’re just scared of the dark and uncomfortable, and all of us remember those times as children. So one of the things that we’ve done with our kids, and we’ve had a lot of success with this, is when they come into the room and they’re upset we take Valor and we show them how to apply it to their feet. We give them what we call a power statement in our household, it’s a poem or something that really makes you feel good when you say it. This works for adults too; sometimes we wake up in the middle of the night and have those dreams that are unsettling to us and I know this is something that works for me. I’ll put Valor on the soles of my feet like you talked about, also on the brain stem, and then just breathe it in and I often say this favorite poem of mine which is: ‘Out of the night that covers me, black is the pit from pole to pole, I thank thee Almighty God that be, for my unconquerable soul.’When I say those words and I smell that oil, it just brings me to a really powerful place of personal power. Each of our children has their own thing that they say as they put it on, and the great thing about it now is that oftentimes they don’t have to come and have Dad apply it! They just have their own Valor and they apply it and they’re able to get back to sleep by themselves. That, of course, is priceless for Mom and Dad who treasure those good nights of sleep, especially when they have young children.

The other place where we use Valor – this is in combination with another oil, Balsam Fir – and we use this a lot at our house, we have a lot of bumps and bruises in our household and Valor is one of the things that we turn to immediately to apply as first aid when somebody gets a bump, no matter what it is; if they get hit on the head or hit on the knee or something where there’s swelling and a goose egg, we apply Valor immediately to those spots, with a little Balsam Fir if it’s handy, but we always have Valor with us. We have seen tremendous results with that; just instantly we see swelling going down and healing beginning, and of course there are many oils that people could use in that instance but for whatever reason we like to layer Valor with whatever we’re using, whether it be Deep Relief, PanAway or something like that, we are also always layering Valor there. Part of the reason I think that works is because it’s healing and getting ourselves in a better place to feel good about the discomfort – most is not a physiological thing, it’s a thing that happens in your mind – and so it’s important to also have, in those instances, not just the physiological topical physical reaction of say, Deep Relief or PanAway, but it’s important to also include some oils that will put your mind in a better place, give you more courage personally and take your mind off what’s happening with the trauma. That can affect discomfort, I believe, almost as dramatically as the physiological reactions that might happen from say, Wintergreen or Peppermint soothing your injury. So those are a couple of places where we’ve had a lot of success with Valor, and I think we’ll hear from a lot of other people out there who experience the same thing.

Tracy: So Valor is one of your first aid go-to oils?

Doug: Absolutely.

Tracy: I’ve been using Valor as a preventative before there’s a possible injury. I’ve been doing an interesting workout with a lot of lunges and jumping, and so I want to keep my knees protected. I put the Valor on my knees before I work out, and I haven’t had any problems. Maybe I would and maybe I wouldn’t but I just feel that my knees need a little extra support here, so I put the Valor on my knees.

Doug: Now move us forward here, Tracy. Once we’re grounded and we have this foundation of our energies, what’s the next step?

Harmony Essential OilTracy: Then we go on to the next oil, which is Harmony. Harmony is a wonderful blend; there are so many oils in this blend. Put a drop in your left palm again, and I always say inhale the oil, take it in through your olfactory, let it get into your brain. Then put that drop on your solar plexus. Your solar plexus is just below your ribcage, just above your belly button. In talking about energy, this is your 3rd chakra or your Will chakra, this is your fire chakra so think about harmonizing, harmonizing ourselves with the rest of the world. We are in relationship, we’re interdependent. We need to have harmony and sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we’re at dissonance with people, sometimes we don’t get along, sometimes we have different opinions and we’re really strong about ours. I think the Harmony is helping us to maybe have a little more leeway when we’re dealing with other people, and hopefully they’ll have a little more leeway with us so we can really understand and be with each other harmonically. That’s another thing I want to say about Gary Young’s brilliance; how does he do this?

Doug: There’s a tremendous amount of intuition combined with knowledge and experience, and that’s a rare blend. It really is the art and science of aromatherapy. There are a couple of oils that fall out of Harmony that I don’t even see very often in the blends from Young Living and that’s Spanish Sage and the actual oil of Angelica. You don’t see some of these oils very often, combined in Harmony with a lot of mainstay oils like Lavender, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Orange, Lemon; all those that we’re very familiar with but now they have some different companions in here that we rarely see. I can see how that would really embody the essence of this harmonic idea, in bringing these different scents together.

Tracy: And coming from such different places, and that’s life, right? We encounter so many different people and so many different ideas and consciousnesses and if we can harmonize, well that sounds like peace to me! That’s a little out there but we all need to figure out a way … now I’m backing up a little bit, your fire chakra, your solar plexus area, that’s your Will center. That’s where you express yourself, your desire, your passion, and maybe your passion could overwhelm someone, maybe your ideas are not in alignment with someone else’s and vice versa. So when we need to work together and we need to communicate, Harmony would be something that I would definitely want to have a lot of. One of my colleagues from Urban Zen swears by Harmony; she swears by using Harmony for insomnia, which I wouldn’t have thought of. When she is having trouble sleeping she puts a dab of Harmony on her palms, she’ll rub them together, and she’ll put the oil on her center line from the top of her head down to just below her belly button. She’ll breathe it in and she says that’s the best thing for her for sleep. So if you’re imaging harmonizing your own energy from maybe a hectic day or something that happened that you didn’t really like and you’re worried about it, Harmony could help settle all of that and help you come down so you can sleep.

Doug: I can definitely see that, Tracy, how Harmony and the different oils in this complex blend could help a lot of people in an insomnia situation, where if it brings everything into alignment and settles you down, settles that fire energy, then that definitely could help with rest. We’re saying that this could also be a part of a Great Night protocol!

Tracy: So Harmony is the second oil of the Great Day protocol, and then moving on to Joy … ahhh. Joy is one of Young Living’s signature oils and I think this particular oil, working with different people in my life, has brought a lot of people into their Young Living organization, so that’s pretty wonderful to have this little bottle of Joy be something that people are looking for, they recognize it as a Young Living oil. I’m out in the world a lot and people will ask me, ‘Do you have any Joy?’ So the next oil in the protocol is Joy, and once again I always put a drop in my left hand, then I’ll rub my hands together and inhale, then just put a drop on my heart. Joy is the essential oil for the heart chakra, and what do we think of when we think of the heart chakra or the heart area?

Doug: Love.

Tracy: Yes, love and maybe compassion; it doesn’t have to be romantic love. I think of this part of the chakra system as the Dalai Lama center – open, understanding, universal compassion. Your heart is connected to your arms, being able to reach out and relate in a loving, open way. The woman who introduced me to Young Living oils had Joy bring her into the whole Young Living culture. Many of my clients, students, and friends had Joy bring them into the Young Living organization, so Joy has been profound.

We want to be careful, though, there are some citrus oils in Joy so if you are putting it on your skin you don’t want to go out into the sun, just be aware of that. It could burn your skin if you go out into the sun after you put citrus oils on your skin, so we want to be careful that you’re not going to go lay out in the sun or be exposed if you’re using Joy on your skin.

Doug: Or use it in a place that you cover.

Tracy: Exactly, you could put it on your heart chakra or heart area, but cover up. Then I’ve heard that the oils that you are repelled by, you need the most.

Doug: Yes, I’ve heard that a lot and it’s funny you bring that up with regards to Joy.

Joy Essential OilTracy: Well I’ve had some people who didn’t like the smell of Joy, and then over time they start asking for it. So maybe just the whole concept of being happy or having a joyful demeanor … some people need to be grouchy sometimes! Some people need to have their emotional guard up, and so they didn’t like the smell. I too have some oils that I didn’t like, and now I love them because I had to go through some kind of process.

So back to the Joy, when you’re starting your day, maybe thinking about other people who you want to be more open to in your heart for the day, maybe you had an argument with a friend or you’re in a little disagreement with someone, or maybe you want more romance and you want to be more open to that energy in your life. If you’re looking for a partner or you’re looking for your soulmate, I’m highly advocating Joy for that purpose.

Doug: That makes a lot of sense; these are oils and especially Joy, which contains the rose oil, which have tremendously high frequency and they talk about that with regard to energy medicine, but the energetics of this oil are really off the charts when it comes to some of those things.

Tracy: When I wear Joy in public places, say in an elevator, people say ‘wow what is that?’ It’s attractive. High frequency to me means positivity, it means optimism, it means generosity, it means being willing to relate. A lot of indigenous cultures say the willingness to participate is the highest form of health. So when you feel like you have a high vibration or you feel like you have a lot of energy, you want to participate, you want to be connected, you want to be interested in your life. Going back to the woman who turned me onto these oils, she was going through a really hard heartbreak; she had broken up with someone and it had been months and her irritability wouldn’t lift, she was just really bummed about this relationship. She had been using essential oils in her life; they weren’t Young Living, and she really didn’t get what was so great about essential oils. Then her friend put Joy on her during a healing session, put Joy on her heart, and she said her heart mended in that moment and she got her love back again for life, for herself. It wasn’t conscious, it just happened, and then she had to know more about these oils. I just think it’s such a wonderful oil. I have to admit, when I first smelled it I didn’t like it! Now I love it.

Doug: It’s amazing how often I hear that in regards to Joy, but I believe that there is definitely an emotional process that people go through, and these oils are the perfect thing to do that, to cut through the layers of maybe the emotional guards that we’ve set up. The one thing I think that is so impressive with Joy is, as you mentioned the irritability lifted with a friend of yours who was really in a difficult place, and I’ve seen that a lot with people and Joy. I hear that almost every time we go out and give a seminar; someone will have an amazing story like you just related to us, where nothing else worked but then Joy brought them out of that dark place. How amazing, and that’s why Joy is far and away their favorite oil, it’s one of those that comes up again and again. You look at the oils that are in the blend and it really is tailor-made to assist us with boosting our mood and re-energizing our mind. I think if you haven’t tried Joy you are definitely going to be excited about some of the experiences you’re going to have with Joy. If you already have Joy in your hands and maybe have dismissed it, well here’s a chance to give it another shot.

TracyI love that. I was just looking at all the singles in Joy, and we were looking at the common denominator, and one of the oils in here is Rosewood. We have all these sweet, sweet oils – I call them sweet, not that I’m eating them but they smell so sweet – and then we have the Rosewood which helps us to be more grounded and more stable and strong within our joy; I think we need that. If you’re always up there in your joy it can be a little disconcerting for other people, it might drive them crazy, so I think Rosewood helps, like what goes on with the Valor, a grounded way of being in your joy.

Doug: So now we’re grounded in this Great Day protocol. We’re now in harmony and have set ourselves up to have harmony with others; we’re setting ourselves up to have an open heart and express love and receive love and even have self-love; so now what’s our last step to having a great day?

White Angelica Essential OilTracy: Now we go to the White Angelica, another one of these mind-blowing blends. Once again I’ll take a drop of the White Angelica, rub my hands together, breathe it in, and then I’ll lightly brush my hands over my head, in front of my face, down the back of my neck, down the front of my body, the back of my body, and I’ll even brush all the way down with a light little brush, all the way down to my feet. So we’re using this as protection or, like what you were saying the other day, a guardian like your guardian angel. We are exposed to things that we don’t necessarily need or want to be exposed to; this gives us the feeling of a protective bubble around us, energetically in some energy medicines we talk about the aura, which is just the energy field around you. It gives us a sense of protection and a little buffer between us and the rest of the world. I go to New York a lot and work with these oils with people, and White Angelica is the #1 request from the people living in New York. There are so many people that we need to have a little buffer, a little protection! This White Angelica definitely gives us that sense of a guardian. What’s interesting about White Angelica is Myrrh. There are all these sweet scents, and then you’ve got this woody deeper scent in here and I think that’s the Myrrh and maybe the Hyssop. So White Angelica is something that gives us the sense of neutralizing negative energy, helps us feel protection, helps us have another sense of security; maybe not physically but more energetically and maybe more emotionally.

Doug: Yes I’ve come to a place of late where I really enjoy White Angelica and find it really profound. You mentioned those big cities; I can totally see that, we are constantly bombarded not just with energies from other people but just all kinds of different competing electrical frequencies and different things like that. White Angelica really has something here.

Tracy: I think White Angelica is such a winner, and so unique. I have been using it more, obviously, this last couple of weeks as I was getting ready for our talk today, and I’ve also been putting these oils on my partner every day. He just stands there and I’ll do every protocol, and then when I do the White Angelica it’s such a light brush around the upper body and down, I can just see him taking it all in, it’s like he’s recalibrating for the day and he says ‘Ah, thank you.’ So there’s this sense of sealing our energy levels or sealing our energy body to be more in integrity with our own; again with that protection. I think White Angelica is just outstanding.

Doug: It really sets us up with an emotional and energetic armor, so to say. I think that we all could definitely use that in our modern world.

We’ve talked about all these different pieces, you’ve given us some great insight into how you personally walk yourself through that process of applying the oils. This Great Day protocol will no doubt work for so many people, and I think one of the other important things to mention here is that we want to hear from people. We want to hear from people out there who are trying this Great Day protocol, who walk through the steps that you’ve walked us through, and we’ll post a special page on our product blog. We want to hear from people both in email and on the product blog; tell us what you’re experiencing. We think that this will be really impactful. What do you think people are going to see?

Tracy: Anytime you give your attention to something, it’s going to magnify. So if you go in thinking ‘hey I’m going to do this daily protocol and I’m going to give it a week,’ make a commitment to do it for a week, and see where you are when you start. Notice what’s going on in your life. Are you finding a lot of obstacles, are you in a place where everything’s flowing wonderfully, just where are you? Then see what happens! I don’t know what’s going to happen for everyone; I have a sense, with what happened for me in this past couple of weeks, is that I’m more on target with what I’m setting out to do. I’m more articulate in my execution of my tasks. Things are coming at me all the time, opportunities and different obligations and whatnot, and I’m finding that I’m more on target. I don’t know if that’s from this protocol, I have a feeling it is, but I’m making a specific intention when I use the oils and so that’s what I recommend to our friends out there. Start using these oils every day, have an intention, and if you can measure what happens after you start doing this then I think we’ll have something to talk about. That’s what I would like to see; where did you start from and what happened in a week’s time? That could be the conversation in our blog; I’m looking forward to hearing from people and seeing what they experience because it’ll be different for everyone, but I have a sense that they’ll probably just feel happier about what they’re doing, and maybe be more focused about their work or what’s going on in their life, and maybe they’ll be inspired to shift some things that maybe haven’t been working so well.

Doug: And you’ve definitely inspired me, and I’ve used these oils for several days with this protocol but I’m going to take this challenge. I’m going to give it 2 weeks and I’ll see what happens with me personally, because you’ve inspired me with regard to this. You know one of the things that’s so critical here is the simple act of taking the time for yourself and thinking about what your intention is and what you hope to accomplish in a given day. That’s an activity that I do in the morning and in the evening, but if I add these oils to that activity it will be really interesting to note what happens with me personally. And I think for people who aren’t doing that activity, just taking the time to really contemplate and consider, just that activity alone will really help people to have a better day.

Tracy: I agree. What came to me while I was practicing this protocol these last weeks, is premium self-care. We have premium oils, these are just off the charts, these are amazing gifts that we have and so they’re premium. You can’t find anything better on the planet, I know that. So when you take time, have your intention, do the protocol, know that you’re doing something really good for yourself, you’re just going to be better off, and probably in every part of your life. I’m looking forward to seeing the blog and I’d love to be able to interact with people and if there are questions I’m available.

Doug: Great, we’ll have you guest blog with us and that could be a lot of fun. I think we’re going to see a lot of people try this with a lot of success. You mentioned self-care, that is such an important initiative and especially for so many of our people in Young Living who really are caregivers. You don’t have to be a healthcare professional to be a caregiver; you can be a grandma, a mother, a father, a brother or sister, and give someone else something that’s important to them and through that process, not everyone accepts that so readily. So I think that using these premium oils is really going to be important for folks who get a little bit tired in their good-doing. Not everybody might be ready to accept you with open arms, but with regard to these oils that we’ve talked about I think you’re going to see more success in those endeavors no matter what it is that you’re doing, if you do it professionally or if you do it just because you care and because you can. So I’m excited to try this and we really look forward to hearing from everybody.

Tracy: I just wanted to thank you so much for this opportunity to do something I’m so passionate about, I’m jumping out of my seat right now! Really, going back to what I hear Gary Young saying in the back of my mind, when you’re using the oils and you have something specific that you’re working on, bring your intention, your intent, to it and tell the oils what you want them to do. If you’re looking to mend your broken heart or you’re looking for more energy or you’re looking to be in harmony with maybe a business associate or a loved one or maybe just the next customer who comes into your shop, just tell the oils what you want them to do and be open to the possibilities of where this protocol could take you. You won’t know until you get there; everyone’s going to have a different experience. Mark where you start so you have a reference point; maybe just a little pad of paper on your dresser, a word or two that says ‘this is where I’m starting from today’ or ‘this is what I’m intending for today.’ Then you’ll have something to go back to and then you can see the results, and I think that’s important.

Doug: Yes that’s very important. I think we’re going to see a lot of people with a lot of great days. Tracy, we are so thankful that you came and shared this with us today and taught us not only a great protocol but some important things about some really tremendous oils that we can use in a lot of ways. I thank you from all of the people who are going to listen to this. We wish everyone out there Godspeed in everything they do.

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