Can I trust Young Living products from a toxic China?

Many health-minded consumers are understandably worried about nutritional products coming from China. Articles like this one from Natural News are helping to awaken people to the problem…

Young Living members need not worry. As usual, Young Living has been at the forefront of this issue since the company got started. Our wolfberry/goji berry products provide a great illustration…

1. ‪‎Young Living‬ created the wolfberry/goji berry market in the US. There may have been a few mom&pop Chinese herbal shops that sold small quantities. But YL’s first cargo container of ‪‎wolfberries‬ was held up in customs in 1996 because it was the first time agents had seen this red fruit.

2. Professor Chao was the Chinese doctor commissioned to find out why the people of the ‪Ningxia‬ province lived longer than any other group in China. He discovered that it was due to the ‪goji berry‬ that was a prominent part of their diets. He secretly gave the research to Gary Young.

3. But wolfberry has always been popular among the Chinese. But like a fine wine vs a poor one, the Chinese understand that the only wolfberry with the treasured benefits comes from the province of Ningxia. The Ningxia Province is very remote and separated by a vast desert from all the polluted port areas. It is treasured by the Chinese as a “green” province…similar to a wildlife preserve in the US.

4. Young Living wolfberries have ALWAYS come from the Ningxia Province. One of the ways it verifies this with every new batch is by doing a metals test. Wolfberries from any other part of China are loaded with heavy metals, including mercury.

Consider these things next time you are tempted by the “good deal” on run-of-the-mill ‪goji berries‬ from the health food store or the many ‪‎NingXia Red‬ wolfberry juice knock-offs.

Additionally, after reading the Natural News article, you’ll also understand why Young Living doesn’t bother paying some bureaucrat $10,000 per oil just to put the organic moniker on its oil bottles. Young Living’s Ningxia Wolfberrries is actually one of the few products that have the USDA Organic seal. But the Young Living standard of quality is far beyond organic. Oil brands that utilize the organic gimmick…that’s all they have going for them. When their customers don’t know any better, it’s a good marketing strategy to pay $10,000/oil bribe to a bureaucrat to give themselves the appearance of credibility.

Here are a handful of other Young Living products from China that go through the same stringent standards as any of its other products…

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