Quick Guide to the Young Living Massage Oil Selection

Young Living Massage Oil Guide

Young Living massage oils take all the best parts of essential oils and combine them with nurturing carrier oils. The result: seven different massage oils to soothe, set the mood, or work away aches and pains. See which massage oil best suits your needs!

For your DIY projects: Calling all creative types! V-6™ Vegetable Oil Complex lets you become a massage oil mixologist. Add drops of stimulating and invigorating oils—we recommend Peppermint or Kunzea—and massage into tired muscles for a post-activity treat!

For monthly moodiness: When crying comes quickly and you crave all the sweets and treats, your monthly moodiness might be here. Let Dragon Time Massage Oil become your best friend! Breath in the grounding aroma as you massage out those knots in your lower back and achy legs.

For your downtime: Slip into much-deserved moments of tranquility with Relaxation™. With a bright and unique combination of Spearmint, tangerine, and Lavender, this massage oil smells as good as it feels.

For some romance: Remember days of teenage dreams, butterflies, and lots of blushing? Sensation Massage Oil leaves skin feeling silky smooth and has an aroma that is great for the young at heart who are ready for romance and connection.

For you inner athlete: Whether you prefer to exercise with a fun game of jump rope or a climb up Mt. Everest, Ortho Sport® should be the first thing you reach for when the adventure is over. Its mix of Wintergreen, Thyme, and Oregano makes it a powerful post-workout companion.

For everyday activities: Don’t let uncomfortable work chairs or cramped flights get you down. Massage achy muscles and joints with Ortho Ease® as a quick way to relax after hours and hours of sitting.

For your skin: Blend Grapefruit essential oil, which improves the appearance of skin texture, with Juniper essential oil, which helps cleanse the skin, and you get the charm of Cel-Lite Magic­™! This massage oil is best for after the shower, during dry winters, and whenever your skin needs a boost of moisture.

Source: The Essential Edge, February 2019

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