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Doug Corrigan:
 Good day to you and welcome to this edition of our audio series on Young Living products. I’m Doug Corrigan, the director of training and development at Young Living Essential Oils. In today’s session we have the opportunity to discuss a couple of oil blends that some might not be that familiar with: Abundance Essential Oil, which has been around a long time and is a long-time favorite of many of Young Living’s faithful; and then a fairly new blend called Common Sense. Both of these blends contain some of the most famous therapeutic individual oils, or single oils, that we know about.

We talk all the time about the different physiological aspects and the pharmacological aspects of the oils but sometimes we fail to talk about how powerful they are in enhancing the energetics of a person, or the frequency that can also really impact health and our general disposition and how we interact with others. It’s the volatile nature of these oils that makes them one of the only things that work directly through the limbic system, which is the emotional control center of the brain. This area can initiate a positive response that radiates out into the physical systems of the body. In addition to that these pure, genuine oils contain a natural energy and frequency that work in harmony with our natural energetic field that surrounds our body and of course every living thing. What we would call classic scientific methods have failed to really understand and accept this fact or embrace the fact that we are all surrounded by this energy. Intuitive healers have worked hard to understand this and address it for centuries, because they have long recognized what a tremendous impact it can have on our own health. It is an area where essential oils can have profound effects, and I hope you’ll give particular attention to today’s topic as we discuss some of those aspects of these blends of essential oils.

Abundance Essential OilFirst we are going to discuss the Abundance blend of essential oil. I gathered three testimonials that really illustrate very well the power of the Abundance blend. They illustrate very well the concept that, even though we’ll talk a lot about wealth and prosperity and how the oils in the Abundance blend are associated with that, defining what abundance is for someone and for each individual is really left for them. We cannot define that for them. Abundance blend, as the name indicates, can help us as we go out there and strive to take care of our needs, and not just take care of our needs but to build the type of career or to build the type of life or income that allows us to have freedom in our life. When we talk about an abundant life it’s not one that means just eking by, it’s one where we have plenty of means to accomplish what we want to.

This is from Andrea, who says and I quote, “Nine years ago when my finances were extremely tight and I knew I needed to make big changes in my life I began using Abundance. Within one month a friend called me and offered me her rent-controlled apartment that she was giving up; that reduced my rent by half. Two weeks later I was offered a new job and that increased my income! I’ve used Abundance ever since and I give it credit for not only bringing financial security to my life but also an abundance of love and peace and overall wellbeing.”

Our next testimonial comes from Dr. Joe Vitale, and some of you out there may have read some of his books. He’s a big Young Living advocate, and he says this: “I’m in a bookstore, book signing, coffee shop, store, meetings, standing in line at the post office; it doesn’t matter, sooner or later some woman I don’t know will lean a little closer to me and some will just flat-out say ‘Whatever you’re wearing is driving me crazy! When I was in the makeup room before going on Donny Deutsch’s television show The Big Idea, the woman there asked me what cologne I was wearing. I smiled and said that it’s not a cologne, it’s an essential oil blend of different oils and it’s called Abundance.”

Okay one more, and this comes from Melody and I quote, she says “My mother had received her Young Living Essential Oils order, which contained a bottle of Abundance. She knew I was seriously depressed so she brought the oils over for me to try. Joy is the oil that she thought I needed but I was drawn to Abundance oil. I put the Abundance on and within minutes my mood was lifted. It was lifted so much that I was giggling and dancing around the house. My son came home and saw the way I was acting; he stared at me for a few minutes and then asked ‘Are you on something?’”

I smile when I read each of those things because they illustrate this idea that abundance is really up to the individual; we cannot define what that looks like for someone else but no matter what they’re trying to accomplish in their life, this blend of essential oils can really profoundly impact our ability to embrace abundance as it is maybe already around us and we’ve just lost sight of that, or to go forward and achieve abundance, earn a greater abundance in our lives and, no matter what, you’ll see how this oil blend is comprised of oils that can help us in several critical areas. We’ll talk about how they increase our energy and our emotions, strengthen us physically and pharmacologically, and how all those things work together to really enhance this Law of Attraction. Pay special attention as we talk about this because I’m sure that as we discuss Abundance things will come to your mind and say “I really need this because these areas in my life need strengthening” and maybe that’s because you want better associations and better friendships or more romance, or you just need more physical things, more temporal things that you’re just not getting by that way. Or it could be a general feeling of “I just don’t feel right.” There are pieces of Abundance that could help you as they’ve helped thousands of others, and that’s why it’s exciting to talk about this oil blend.

Abundance, as the name indicates, exudes an attractive and unique aroma that has made it one of Young Living’s most popular fragrant blends amongst the Young Living faithful. It’s not a part of the Everyday Oils or even the Essential 7 kit, but the Young Living faithful and those who understand these powerful energetic and frequency-building oils come to understand how really powerful an oil like Abundance can be in manifesting the things that they want to see happen in their lives. The Abundance blend exemplifies this true power of synergy and opens us up, literally, to a wealth of possibilities. It’s meant to be mainly a topical use blend and a blend that can be used to diffuse and use aromatically (breathed in); it’s not used often as an ingestible blend or with foods and beverages but that doesn’t mean that there’s anything in there that is unsafe as far as ingesting because all the oils in here are really fine to ingest in that way as well. It’s just that most people are using Abundance blend in a topical administration or as an aromatic.

The combinations of oils found in Abundance are magnified in vibration; this creates what we call the Law of Attraction and the energy and frequency of prosperity and plentitude. Abundance strengthens the energetics and the mind, which in turn stimulates positive emotional, physical, and pharmacological changes and that increases the likelihood of increased prosperity. Sometimes you just meet people who seem to exude confidence, who seem to exude a higher sense of purpose. Essential oils, because they work in this same area, enhancing the attitude of a given individual, can really help to enhance and emphasize these attributes that somebody wants to exude or already exudes. Its effective reputation combined with its appealing aroma makes Abundance oil a favorite choice for both men and women to use as a signature scent. In addition it is a frequent choice for diffusing because it smells tremendous.

Where does the power of Abundance come from? As we mentioned before, many popular and very famous individual single oils are used here. Abundance contains legendary Frankincense and Myrrh of Middle Eastern tradition, and it contains popular spice oils Clove, Ginger, and Cinnamon blending with other invigorating oils like Orange, Patchouli and Spruce. This blend of oils ensures that Abundance has great initial appeal, really immediately when people smell it there is something that it triggers in their mind, a very comforting and attracting feeling. But beyond its great initial appeal Abundance has a lot of depth with regard to how it works with the biochemistry of your body to just continually change and alter its aroma to provide a long-lasting enjoyable and appealing aroma.

Important to mention is that Abundance works on energetic fields as we’ve already talked about, it also triggers a very positive emotional or learned response, and then it also has a cascade effect in regard to physical and pharmacological areas of the body. First let’s discuss a little bit more about the potent impact Abundance essential oil blend has on energy and frequency. Many users of Abundance report that the frequency of the body’s energy field is greatly enhanced with Abundance. It is believed to stimulate somatites. That might be a new word for a lot of you and I know that a couple of years ago when I first stumbled upon it, it was kind of a new concept for me. Now stay with me here – when positively stimulated through essential oils and the corresponding positive thoughts, somatites (these are really kind of chemical messengers) – transmit messages from cells to the surrounding environment and this helps to create a more harmonic energy. We say chemical messengers but they’re almost energetic messengers. This is connected to increasing what we call the Law of Attraction. It’s called the Law of Attraction for a reason, and that is because even though science may not be able to prove and has not proved this out, people know that this Law of Attraction exists. This refers to things we attract to ourselves or that Like Attracts Like. Abundance utilizes oils with storied reputations from many different ancient traditions to accomplish this. There is a long history of all these different oils that are associated with positive energy-building things; things that are healing, things that are inspiring, and all these things create that same type of energy.

Frankincense and Myrrh, as many of you know, are the most valuable oils in the Middle Eastern tradition. Their reputation dates back to before the Bible and they’ve long been inseparably connected to great wealth and affluence. Myrrh has been considered an oil of royalty since many years ago queens and other people of royal descent used this oil during pregnancy and birthing because it conferred a sense of dignity and stateliness. Frankincense was more precious than gold in ancient times, and only those with great wealth possessed it. It is prized for its ability to stimulate and elevate the mind; that’s one of the most profound attributes of Frankincense.

Let’s go on and talk about some of these other oils. Cinnamon and Clove are also associated with this idea of abundance in the ancient Oriental traditions, and they’re believed to attract wealth. The status of royalty in China and India was sometimes measured by the amount of cinnamon oil that they possessed. Patchouli is commonly used by East Indians on their clothing and homes in order to attract abundance and good fortune, and legends say that patchouli symbolized money and those who possessed it were considered affluent and wealthy. Spruce oil is also believed to possess this frequency of prosperity and is reported to remove blocks to wealth and prosperity. Lastly, ginger was highly prized by ancients for amplifying this Law of Attraction and is said to endow physical energy. So you start to get this idea that all these different ancient traditions were using these essential oils because they were associated with wealth, attracting wealth and enjoying a prosperous lifestyle. That’s why, when you use Abundance you’re taking advantage of all these different ancient traditions; seriously hundreds and thousands of years of healing traditions, and wise intuitive healers used these substances to enhance prosperity, to enhance their ability to attract things to them. Here you have them from all areas of the world – we talked Middle East, China, India, East India, and from all these different areas of the world we take advantage of their most prized and ancient remedies when we start to use an oil like Abundance.

Now in order for us to achieve the things that we want to and have a prosperous and abundant life, we have to start with improving our attitude and mood. Along with managing stress these are all instrumental elements to increase positive outcomes in almost any area of our life, especially those related to wealth and prosperity. Abundance blend delivers a positive emotional experience that cascades out and improves multiple body systems in addition to these other areas of energy and frequency that we’ve already mentioned. In addition to that, while wearing Abundance you can have confidence that those in your immediate proximity will be experiencing the same emotion-enhancing benefits, thus linking positive feelings with your association. So if you’re wearing Abundance and people around you are experiencing that — even when they can’t recognize a scent, or the scent might be so subtle that they aren’t recognizing it on a conscious level — just understand that these oils are still at work. The volatility and chemistry of these oils is still at work, and all these oils have long been prized for inspiring the mind not just of the wearer but also of those people who you encounter, who you associate with. The aromatic uses of Frankincense, Myrrh, Patchouli, and Orange have all been shown to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system, which can elevate energy and optimism, and counteract irritability. Frankincense is an excellent choice for meditation because of its ability to promote this higher state of awareness, spirituality, and consciousness. Likewise, Myrrh inspires a spiritual awareness. These two oils synergistically facilitate the exploration of one’s own being and allowing the spirit and body to unite in commonality of purpose. Now this is pretty deep stuff for some people, but realize that this is one of the most powerful things about essential oils; they are prized because they work in this space. There are so few things, talking about nutrients that we can take in and ingest, be it pharmaceuticals or even be it nutraceuticals, that work on this plane. Because of the volatility of essential oils they can truly work with our mind which raises our state of awareness, raises our state of wakefulness and then unites these different aspects of our personality, uniting the spirit and the mind with the body, and really going forward with this combined and energized purpose at a higher level. That’s why Frankincense was often known as the “oil of transcendence” in that it could bring God closer to man and man closer to God, and this is why both Frankincense and Myrrh had similar traditions in this regard, and certainly why they were used as gifts for the Christ child, because of these significant spiritual aspects.

Now Patchouli is reputed to help discard jealousies, obsessions and insecurities, and that may aid focus and concentration. Also Patchouli is relaxing and helps ease symptoms of stress and nervous tension So you can see how these things will help you on your path to abundance; it’s helping you to discard some of the obstacles like jealousies, obsessions, and insecurities that might distract you and then it also helps you to relax, get rid of stress and nervous tension so that you can concentrate on your true purpose, or on the things that are probably all around us that really bring us this feeling of abundance. Spruce helps to discharge emotional blocks that allow for greater emotional stability and overall wellbeing. Ginger’s warming qualities make it a good choice to shed feelings of loneliness and irritability, and its stimulating properties make it an excellent choice to enhance courage. If more substantial emotional issues are present one may want to precede the use of Abundance with Joy and Valor. As longtime oil users know, layering different oil blends together or in sequence can often bring about even greater results. For instance, if you layer with Joy and a Valor blend before you use Abundance, Joy can help you to be ready to embrace new experiences and open your heart to love and be loved; and Valor oil blend can give you the courage that you need to take the steps towards that abundant life. So all these things can be used back and forth, but you can start to see that with all the different oils in Abundance it really helps to remove obstacles and prepare your mind, body, and spirit to move forward in life and to embrace the attitudes and to embrace the people around you that can help you move forward.

In addition to these aromatic benefits, Abundance can be used topically and it can be very supportive because it contains a wealth of health-promoting phytochemicals that can be absorbed via the skin, and in fact can be very nourishing and effective at reducing inflammation and resisting topical pathogens. Myrrh, Frankincense, Patchouli, and Clove have long histories of successful topical use in this regard, especially Myrrh, a very famous cleanser of the skin. Myrrh, Clove, and Cinnamon are especially effective antiseptic, anti-pathogenic agents. Orange, Frankincense, Clove, and Myrrh are all rich in various antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compounds. Patchouli is also very beneficial for the skin and it may help relieve itching and reduce a wrinkled or chapped appearance. Applied topically, Ginger and Spruce are also considered effective anti-inflammatories; so this blend is really put together so that you can use it on your skin and have confidence knowing that it’s not going to cause any caustic reaction. Of course if you’re concerned about that you can always thin it a little bit with a mixing oil, but my experience with Abundance is that it is very usable in this regard, and that comes from this blending of some oils that are a little bit more caustic like Clove and Cinnamon, and even sometimes Ginger, with balancing oils like Myrrh, Frankincense, and Patchouli so the coming together of these things makes it very mild in regard to how it affects your skin; in fact it can be very nourishing and helpful to the skin.

It’s enough to know that Abundance overall is rich – brimming, so to say – with phytochemicals that qualify as some of the most well-researched natural compounds available. They have been proven many times over for their health-promoting activity at the molecular and cellular levels. Frankincense and Myrrh both contain high amounts of sesquiterpenes. These are molecules that have been proven effective in many, many studies to elevate the mind and help overcome nervous tension and irritability. Sesquiterpenes measurably stimulate the limbic system of the brain, and this of course is responsible for memory and emotions. It is also responsible for controlling the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands. The pituitary gland is referred to as the master gland of the body because it controls the production of vital hormones involved in temperature maintenance, also thyroid activity, childhood growth, urine production, testosterone production in males, and ovulation and estrogen production in females. So you know that by inspiring and supporting this limbic system of the brain, and specifically how it interacts with the hypothalamus, pineal, and pituitary glands, this is part of what causes this radiating flow of healthful response; that these glands get this support and are able to communicate more effectively throughout the body and this enhances your overall health. You can see how one thing is connected to another, to another, to another.

Now if you’re seeking abundance and prosperity, Abundance blend is definitely worth a try. You can start enjoying the multiplicity of advantages of this influential blend. I encourage you to give Abundance a try as I am confident it can enhance your efforts on your own personal journey either by attracting new people or situations that you currently lack, or giving you an awareness of those abundant blessings that already surround you and you may have forgotten. With that we’ll move on to the next one but Abundance blend is a tremendous blend, one that I use all the time; I think it has become my signature scent if for no other reason than my wife, who thinks it’s wonderful. She can’t keep her hands off me when I use Abundance blend so I’m kind of in the same classification as Dr. Joe here in that again it has increased my life, my abundance in that regard, very much.

Common Sense Essential OilWith that, we’ll talk about an oil called Common Sense. Really the name of this oil blend, much like the name Abundance and some of our other oil blends were created with a specific intent. I can’t underestimate that fact, because the formulator of these oils created them with a specific intent and as he created them he had that intent in mind. As you know D. Gary Young has so much tremendous background in this regard; you know that you’re a long way down the road just with him working on that with his right intent, and him looking for inspiration in this regard. He felt it was important that he work on this blend, Common Sense. Common Sense is a proprietary blend formulated, not surprisingly, to enhance the rational, logical, decision-making abilities or in other words, to help someone have more common sense. That seems a little bit simplistic but nonetheless it’s a fact. This is accomplished with oils that have long been prized for helping to increase mental acuity, mental balance, and focus the mind and strengthen the ability to quickly and effectively prioritize competing priorities and new situations. I think we all struggle with that from time to time, some of us more than others. The way Common Sense does that is that it works on several levels. First, it can balance energetics and second, it can balance the mind. These in turn stimulate positive emotional and pharmacological changes which again help the individuals to better manage stress and stay connected to their learned and innate wisdom. This helps individuals make decisions that are less emotionally driven and more in line with their core values, rational thought, and core intent in their lives. Now what oils do we use here and why? Common Sense contains the renowned Boswellia carteri frankincense, and different mood and energy-strengthening balancing oils like Ylang Ylang, Lime, Ocotea, Ruta, and Dorado Azul.

Let’s explore a little more about the individual oils used in this synergistic blend and how they can positively enhance a few areas; specifically enhance energetics, how they enhance our emotional or learned response, and how they might interact and create a pharmacological mechanism to achieve the things that we want to achieve. First, enhancing energetics: Frankincense, as we’ve talked about already today, was one of the most valuable oils in the Middle East traditions and has long been inseparably connected to great wealth and affluence as we’ve already mentioned, and considered a holy anointing oil. It is also prized for its ability to balance and stabilize energies, enhance visualization, and stimulate and elevate the mind. You can quickly understand how that can help us with our decision-making as we know that so often we make a poor decision or we don’t know which decision to make when we lack vision, when we lack perspective, and Frankincense can definitely bring that to our lives. Ylang Ylang supports a feeling of confidence and equilibrium, and filters out negative energy in addition to balancing male and female energies. Through all this, it enhances spiritual attunement and can really restore a sense of peace. Again we can see quickly how enhancing those areas of our personality can really help us to have common sense, to help us not to be so back-and-forth with regard to the male and female energies, and to have confidence and balance. Ocotea has high levels of alpha-humulene which is known to promote a state of homeostasis, meaning things are in balance. Ruta rebalances energy and improves vigor during everyday activities; it can also be really helpful at relaxing us when we need to relax. Dorado Azul supports a sensation of composure and this is advantageous when making decisions while under pressure. Lime is believed to cleanse the aura or the energy field of the body.

How does it support us emotionally? Well, managing stress and supporting one’s emotions are essential to encourage positive outcomes and make rational decisions in multiple areas of our lives. Increasing our clarity and decision-making abilities are really indispensible to enhance these other areas of our life, meaning striving towards purpose and abundance. Common Sense provides an emotional experience that really helps us to exude optimism and confidence, which inspires and improves our mental awareness. In addition, while wearing Common Sense or using it aromatically you can be assured that those in your immediate proximity will, again just like we were talking about with Abundance, experience the same emotion-enhancing benefits and really link their association to you with a grounding and balancing influence. In many areas of our lives we need that; we need more balance and less emotion, less polarity to the opposites and more even-keel logical and rational thought. That can help us in many instances; Common Sense can really help us with that.

Now the aromatic use of Frankincense has been shown to stimulate the sympathetic nervous system. Elevating the sympathetic nervous system can elevate energy and optimism, and counteract irritability. In addition, by stimulating the limbic part of the brain it can help to elevate the mind, enrich meditation. A lot of people, when struggling with decisions and looking to try to make a good grounded decision, will meditate on that or they’ll pray on that and Frankincense can really help to overcome the stress, counteract irritability, generally improve our emotional and spiritual balance. Ylang Ylang is relaxing and helps discharge feelings of anger, tension, and irritability; it can help revitalize confidence and really restore our self-esteem. So often we make a poor decision because we’re trying to be what everybody else wants us to be, instead of being what we know we should be. Ocotea balances emotions and the body’s response to stress in difficult situations. Ocotea also helps maintain normal blood sugar levels; a lot of poor decisions are made simply because our body’s biochemistry is working against us and Ocotea can help us with that. Ruta promotes a feeling of relaxation and minimizes our stressful situation, and really can just chill us out. There’s probably not a better herb for just relaxing us, and that is even when some of these other oils that are relaxing like our Lavender or our Peace & Calming blend, those can all be helpful but when those things aren’t working Ruta is the one to go with. Dorado Azul has this rich, herbaceous scent and encourages calmness and really steady breathing. So often when we get anxious we stop breathing properly and that causes the brain to lack the oxygen that it needs to function appropriately. Lime is refreshing and purported to encourage feelings of cheer and euphoria, and these help us to counteract both negative thoughts in ourselves and negative thoughts that are thrust upon us by others.

How does it affect us at a pharmacological level? Common Sense contains a wealth of phytochemicals that qualify as some of the best-researched natural compounds available, and they’ve been proven many times over and over for their health-promoting activity at this base molecular and cellular level. We’ve already mentioned that Frankincense contains elevated levels of sesquiterpenes; these are molecules that have been proven effective in many studies to elevate the mind and help overcome nervous tension and irritability. We’ve talked a little bit about alpha-humulene; this phytochemical that’s contained in Ocotea aids the body’s natural response to irritation and injury and helps to normalize cortisol and blood sugar levels. Again, just this whole idea of balancing our hormones and keeping our blood sugar levels normal can lead us to make more rational, logical, and ultimately better decisions. Something my father taught me many years ago, and he said it to me dozens or maybe hundreds of occasions, honestly; he said this: “When emotions are high, intelligence is low.” And truer words were maybe never spoken, because isn’t it so often that we get spun up in our emotions and we get feeling out of control that we make some of our poorest decisions? Common Sense is really built to help us to stay grounded, to stay balanced, to stay focused, and the array of phytochemicals in here including the phytochemicals found in Ruta, Frankincense, and Ocotea really support a feeling of relaxation and calm. Common Sense can also be used to help have a more restful sleep – how many times do we lose our common sense because we just aren’t properly rested?

For aromatic use mainly, diffuse it up to 30 minutes 3 times a day. Wear it as a perfume; this is a great testimonial from someone who chimed in on Common Sense, Cynthia is her name and she says “I put a dab of Common Sense on my temples and back of my neck, and before I knew it I started tossing old papers and documents into my trash can, and sorting the stuff that needed to be shredded. In 15 minutes I had cleared off half the papers on my desk at work! I put a dab of Common Sense on my temples and brain stem; it was as if I knew what I didn’t need and what I did need, and of course I inhaled the oil also.” So you can get this idea from Cynthia’s experience and we’ve had others too, we can’t go into all the different experiences we’ve heard from people using Common Sense and being able to be grounded, being able to be focused, being able to prioritize the competing priorities in their life that are trying to distract them from their true purpose or from their manifested intent, from where they really want to go in their lives. And that is what Common Sense can do for you. I look forward to hearing more of your experiences with Common Sense, as I think it is one of those oils that, just because it’s a fairly new oil, is now radiating out through the Young Living atmosphere so to say, and we’re bound to hear more and more great things in regard to how Common Sense can help.  Couldn’t we all use a little bit more of that on a daily basis?

Whether it’s Abundance that you need or Common Sense or a combination of both, hopefully today’s educational session will get you inspired to do something great for yourself and for someone else. I can only hope that you are in tune enough to know that as you listen to some of these educational sessions you are not just listening for yourself; there is no doubt, and especially as you start to experience these oils and breathe them and inspire different areas of your brain, there is no doubt that other people’s names will come to your mind. That does not happen on accident; that is the Law of Attraction, I believe, at work so pay attention to whose names come to mind and the different thoughts that you have as you experience these different essential oils. These are the things that make life such a tremendously great and exciting mystery and adventure. If you follow up on those different inspirations you’re bound to see this Law of Attraction go to work for you. All the best to you and Godspeed in your quest for happiness.


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