Vitality Line: Essential Oils for Culinary & Dietary Use

Young Living Vitality Essential OilsIf you love incorporating our essential oils into every part of your life, we have exciting news for you: Vitality™ dietary essential oils! We’re thrilled to introduce this new line, which includes 27 of our best-loved essential oils, now labeled for culinary and dietary use. With a topical and aromatic counterpart for each of these oils, you now have more freedom than ever to discuss and share our products in a wide variety of nutritious and delicious applications!

We realized that our Young Living family has been hungry for the opportunity to share essential oils in the past, so we conceived and launched this line—first of its kind in the industry—to give our members the best opportunities and resources for sharing their love of Young Living oils.

The oil in the Vitality line feature the same therapeutic-grade quality and Seed to Seal® purity as their topical/aromatic counterparts that you’ve always loved. The difference? Our Vitality labels allow you to share the oils you love in dietary applications, while the topical/aromatic labels allow you to share their other applications—offering you more empowerment than ever to share the versatile gift of essential oils with others.

“The new Vitality dietary essential oils line is an opportunity for our members to share Young Living in a new, compliant, and responsible way,” says Young Living’s vice president of global marketing, Lyndi Smith. “As the world leader in essential oils, we are thrilled to give our members this exciting, new, and fresh line of dietary essential oils.”

When it came to naming Vitality, we wanted to emphasize that these essential oils can contribute to your well-being in a substantial way. Whether it’s an extra pizzaz in your recipe or that much-needed extra support in your supplement regimen, this line of essential oils offers the best of nature in a unique way. Through this new launch, Young Living has been able to harness the full dietary potential of these essential oils, while also allowing you to share and explore other applications of essential oils with our separate topical/aromatic labeling.

Nathan Marino, Young Living Product Marketing manager, says, “We wanted to take members’ perspective and answer their need for communicating about the versatility of our genuine, therapeutic-grade essential oils.

Source: The Essential Edge, Feb 2016

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