Audio: Peace & Calming, Peppermint – Yin and Yang

Doug Corrigan: Good day to you and welcome to this edition of Young Living’s audio educational series. I’m Doug Corrigan, Director of Global Training and Education, and what an excellent opportunity we have today to talk about 2 of Young Living’s most popular oils from the Essential 7 kit, and even a new product – I know, awesome! – introduced at Convention. We will be discussing an indispensible essential oil single, Peppermint; just giving you a few highlights and hopefully it’s a review for all of you folks out there, then a blend that’s a favorite amongst distributors, Peace & Calming. To top that all off we’re going to close with an exciting word about the AromaGlide roller fitments that have quickly become one of my favorite tools for applying these tremendous pure authentic Young Living essential oils. Today’s topic turns out to be a little bit of a yin and yang type discussion because Peppermint, of course, is a very energizing oil while Peace & Calming, as the name indicates, does just the opposite.

We’ll start with Peace & Calming. With our stressful schedules and everyday hassles of today, sometimes relaxation and peace are indeed in short supply. Fortunately, essential oils are available to offer a deep sense of tranquility and relaxation in our sometimes tumultuous world. One oil blend that excels in this area is Young Living’s Peace & Calming. When it is diffused it calms tensions and uplifts the spirit; but not uplifting to the point that it causes us to be anxious, it just helps to even things out so that we feel more prepared to handle everyday situations. This effect occurs due to a unique combination of oils that I really like: Peace & Calming combines 2 uplifting citrus oils, Tangerine and Orange, with Blue Tansy, Patchouli, and Ylang Ylang, a couple that we don’t see that often, especially the Blue Tansy so I’m excited to talk about that one. The aroma is very pleasant and even your children will love it, in fact it’s often the children who call Peace & Calming their favorite blend. You know, one of the things we have to understand is that kids, even though we don’t think they have it too tough, in their perspective sometimes life is pretty hard, so kids really like the opportunity to relax just like adults do and they like something that helps them to manage their emotions and not let them get out of control. Peace & Calming does exactly that. You can imagine, and I often think about this when maybe my kids are having a temper tantrum or are anxious or having a tough time settling down, they can’t be enjoying that. Of course nobody enjoys that, but especially them; they’re in the middle of a really tormented situation so Peace & Calming is tremendous for children.

Citrus oils are well known for uplifting the spirits and elevating mood. In fact this reputation that citrus oils have persuaded scientists at Gonabad University to evaluate the effect of citrus fragrance on people’s mood; this happened in 2004. Remarkably, they found that those who were exposed to 10 drops of citrus fragrance 3 times a day significantly enhanced their overall emotional wellbeing. Now these findings have been duplicated in many more studies surrounding this renowned citrus family and we’ve talked about that in previous audio sessions; all the tremendous benefits of citrus fruits and the citrus essential oils.

Blue tansy, the one I was discussing earlier, has a very herbaceous aroma and it’s known to help relieve negative emotions like anger, and calm the nerves and encourage relaxation. That’s very important if you are ever traveling in tight quarters with young children – you start out on an adventurous vacation only to have the kids grow restless and then it feels like anything but a vacation! Many users report great success in diffusing this kind of situation – and literally diffusing this kind of situation – by diffusing or releasing Peace & Calming essential oil; utilizing it, rubbing it on the children, on themselves, and getting it into the air. Here’s a testimonial from one of our distributors, Sandra G.: “Peace & Calming is like a miracle for mothers with a wild child (or 6, like I have!). All mine are home this week and spring fever has got them so over-the-top energetic. I just diffused some Peace & Calming … ahhhhh … thank you.” Another mother writes, “We started using Peace & Calming blend to help create the atmosphere for sleep in our house, and we find it so helpful in getting our little one wound down after an exciting day.” So just a couple of mentions from the real world, from people who are out there using Peace & Calming, and we could go on and on. All kinds of people have tremendous testimonials with regard to Peace & Calming. It’s great for calming hyper and restless children; just rub a little bit on their feet or, as we were talking about before, diffuse it in the car and it makes the road trip a lot more pleasant!

Patchouli; now this oil is commonly used in Europe to help release negative emotions. Its aroma promotes a feeling of peace and grounding and helps to establish emotional equilibrium. So many times when our emotions are going in one way or the other, bringing a little equilibrium and balance really assists the body to relax. Patchouli is very high in sesquiterpenes, which are thought in many ways to re-program negative emotions and allow the mind to relax and get to a higher plane – to let go of jealousies, obsessions, and insecurities.

The next oil we’re going to talk about, Ylang Ylang, is mentioned most when people think of its connection to romance. However, scientific evidence also suggests that Ylang Ylang helps promote relaxation. In 2006 scientists investigated the effects of Ylang Ylang on emotional wellbeing and they observed noticeable reductions in physiological measures such as pulse, blood pressure, and breathing rate when Ylang Ylang was applied topically. The volunteers who were participating in the study reported feeling more calm and relaxed. I think that actually falls right in line with some of its romantic connections; we can see that it’s hard to get in a romantic mood when we are otherwise occupied or we are anxious, or other things are preoccupying your mind. Ylang Ylang can help with that, as can the whole blend of Peace & Calming. It’s just one of those oil blends that we can use every day; well suited for a number of situations that we run into on a day-to-day basis. Another way to use Peace & Calming as mentioned from distributor Heather S. is to prepare for a peaceful night’s rest, a deeper sleep. Have you ever lay in bed with your mind racing a million miles a second, going over all kinds of different things and worries? Or maybe you just need to unwind after a particularly stressful and overactive day – Peace & Calming is great for people who have occasional sleeplessness, again just apply some to the bottoms of your feet, to the back of the neck, and it can be a prelude to a deeper, wonderful, and more restful sleep. That sounds pretty good to me!

Now on the yang side of things – let’s switch gears here a little bit – if your different schedule has you perhaps feeling a little bit overwhelmed and out of energy, well Peppermint is to the rescue! A great oil to use, it is invigorating, clean, fresh, with a minty aroma (all those mint family oils have some tremendous power in that regard, but Peppermint has far and away been the most widely studied for its health benefits). It’s an exceptionally versatile oil that can be used for a number of things. It’s one of those that you can never be without. Its aromatic properties make it an excellent choice for improving mental clarity, alertness, concentration, accuracy, and even memory recall. I mean is there anyone out there who doesn’t want to improve in those areas? I think not!

When inhaled, Peppermint may help eliminate occasional bouts of fatigue and we of course know that billions of dollars are spent on energy products every year as hundreds of thousands of people are seeking ways to increase their energy just so they can get through the day. This practice, though, comes at a great cost as most of the different rescue remedies, so to say, are not remedies at all; these products are loaded with caffeine and other stimulants and in the short term caffeine can improve mental clarity and alertness; however, we must be cautious because there needs to be a balance. It can also provide an equally rapid crash that follows when the effects of caffeine fade. A much better way to get that much-needed pick-me-up is through Peppermint oil. One of the things I like to do with Peppermint, if you really want to get invigorated, maybe take NingXia Red – which also has sustainable energy properties – and to make it even better take some MultiGreens, those tremendous greens that provide instant energy. MultiGreens is a tremendous product for helping as a pick-me-up, especially when combined with the aromatic administration of Peppermint oil. There are a number of ways you can experience the energizing effects of Peppermint as I just mentioned: Inhale it, add it to one of your healthy beverages and drink it, or apply it directly to your tongue – this is a truly invigorating experience. Actually my first initiation to Young Living was accomplished through that same way – and boy it just lights you up as those essential oil molecules flood into the mouth and really rev up the mind! You get that boost you need without harmful stimulants or sugar or excess calories that are found in a lot of these energy products.

Now in addition to the energizing effects, Peppermint has been used throughout the ages to alleviate aches and discomfort, aid digestion, and as a protection from negative vibrations. You can see why Peppermint is this must-have with its tremendous background. Here’s just one testimonial (we have literally hundreds of thousands at this point); this lady writes in regard to energy products. She writes: “I have recently given up coffee and replaced it with Peppermint essential oil. I use the oil in warm tea or I put a few drops on my tongue and inhale it. I am so excited with what this Peppermint has done for me, I no longer need coffee. Awesome!” Think of just the cost savings from not needing coffee – I know people who are spending $4 to $8 or more every single day at Starbucks and it’s pretty easy to do.

Now we’ll switch gears a little bit; we’ve talked just briefly about the highlights of Peppermint products but now we’ll go on to discuss something that those of you who attended this year’s Convention will know about, and that’s the AromaGlide roller fitments. These were introduced and demonstrated for the first time this year at Convention. The great thing about this product is that you can turn any of your favorite blends and singles into a roll-on applicator immediately. Most of you know how easy it is to apply Young Living’s roll-on products; you’ve probably used Stress Away, Deep Relief, Tranquil, and Valor; some of the other great roll-on products, hence with AromaGlide it’s easy – it makes oils easy and convenient to use; no more guesswork about how many drops or when. If you want to turn your Peace & Calming, Peppermint, or any other oil into an easy-to-use roll-on, you can do it with AromaGlide. Just take out the fitment that’s attached to your normal essential oil bottle and screw on the AromaGlide. Each fitment is customized to fit either a 5-mL or 15-mL bottle that has an “Sb” marking on the bottom of the bottle. You might have some older bottles that the AromaGlide won’t work with, if you have some oils that have been sitting around for a long time (which sometimes happens with those blends and oils that you don’t use often), but it needs to have an “Sb” marking on the bottom of the glass. You simply pop out the oil reducer from your bottle, insert the roller fitment, push down on the cap as you tighten it, making sure it’s securely in place, and then start applying oils! Liberally! That’s the best way to use them.

We all face times when we need to be relaxed, and sometimes we need to be energized, making both Peace & Calming and Peppermint oils that no home should be without. If you want to make them even easier to apply, pop in an AromaGlide roller fitment. We think you’ll really like these fitments; they work exceptionally well. We hope that you’ve learned some additional ways to use these 3 fabulous Young Living products today, and until next time we wish you abundant health and wealth; and I personally wish you Godspeed in your quest for health and happiness.


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