VIDEO: NingXia Red Introduction – Pharmacist Lindsey Elmore

Summary of Lindsey Elmore video from November 27, 2017

First and foremost, NingXia Red contains wolfberry. What makes wolfberry special? It contains loads of vitamins and minerals…

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin B2
  • Selinium
  • Calcium
  • Iron
  • You name it

The wolfberry is a dense, nutrient-packed fruit. The other cool thing about the wolfberry is that it is the #1 protein-dense fruit. It provides a full-spectrum of proteins. It has all the essential amino acids include those your body can’t produce. It is 13-16% protein by weight.

NingXia Red’s wolfberry purée leaves all the vital nutrients in tact: the fiber, zeaxanthins which are so good for the eyes, polysaccharides and loads of phyto-compounds.

It’s a supplement that every Young Living member should use. Why?

  • It helps support normal energy levels
  • It supports normal cellular function
  • It supports normal eye health

Other ingredients that give NingXia Red it’s wonderful flavor…

  • blueberry
  • plum
  • cherry
  • aronia
  • pomegranite

I love to put NingXia Red inside NingXia Zyng.

NingXia Red is an interesting supplement because you don’t really notice how much better feel until you run out of it.

NingXia Red is infused with a blend of four essential oils that make it a limonene powerhouse…

Other cool stuff…

  • kosher and halal certified
  • 100% vegetarian

People that MAYBE should use NingXia Red with caution are those on blood thinners or at very high risk of bleeding. It doesn’t mean you can’t take NingXia Red, just that you need to be consistent in the way you use it.

How young can people start using NingXia Red? I don’t know. I know plenty of people that give it to their toddles, even put it in their babies’ bottles. I seen dogs, birds, cats and horses drink NingXia Red.

Red Shot is the best-tasting oil you’ve had in your entire life!!! It’s got a cinnamony flavor as well as a citrusy flavor. It pairs SO well with NingXia Red.

7:35 Talk to Tina Ciesla built her entire Young Living organization around the care of goats.

9:40 Lots of nursing moms use NingXia Red

10:00 Nightshade? I have read lots of studies on nightshades causing inflammation—potatoes, tomatoes, egg plants, red peppers—I have never red any study that specifically addressed wolfberries/goji berries. They just don’t seem to have any of the inflammatory properties of other nightshades.


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