VIDEO: NingXia Nitro Nutrients – Pharmacist Lindsey Elmore

Summary of Lindsey Elmore video from July 1, 2016

Let’s highlight a few of the ingredients that make NingXia Nitro so special…

Bioenergy D-Ribose

Helps to build ATP which is the energy currency of the body. When we build ATP, we end up building a molecule in three separate sections…

  • At the base is Adenine.
  • At the other end are triphosphates (three phosphates).
  • In the middle is a specialized sugar called Ribose which helps to hold the base to the phosphate groups.

Whenever you take a breath, your heart pumps, your neurons fire…those actions are dependent on the action of ATP. Anytime the body needs energy, it cuts one of the phosphate groups off the end of the ATP molecule.

Why did Young Living choose to put Bioenergy D-Ribose into NingXia Nitro?  The supplement was designed to support both cognitive and physical fitness. So this is a way to give your body the building blocks for ATP so your can build energy molecules within the body.

Young Living’s Bioenergy D-Ribose is sourced from an outside company because that company provides the highest quality source on the market. Bioenergy D-Ribose is…

  • NOT genetically modified
  • Naturally occurring
  • Kosher and Halal certified
  • Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) for human consumption by the FDA
  • Highest quality in the industry—over 99% pure D-Ribose

The reason it is “D” Ribose is because it is oriented a specific way to optimally matches adenine on one end and the phosphates groups on the other. “L” Ribose has a slightly different orientation and is not able to optimally build the ATP molecule.

NingXia Nitro also offers support from…

  • Korean Ginseng – well known for it’s ability to support normal cognition
  • Green Tea Extract – provides 30mg of normal, naturally-occurring caffeine
  • B Vitamins – critical for the normal function of neurons and help support cognitive/brain function
  • Choline – supports normal cell membrane structure and a critical building block for the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which helps to tone down and lubricate…it helps the body know that it’s okay to calm down and relax. Acetylcholine also helps to support the body’s ability to make good memories and retain them.

Can one shot of Nitro really make a difference? Lots of a people think so. But if you feel like you need an extra boost, add a Nitro to a NingXia Zyng. Take some sips out of the NingXia Zyng and squirt the Nitro right into the Zyng can. One Young Living leader posted to Facebook that is was a “three Nitro kind of day.”

Another critical component of Nitro is the wolfberry infusion. Wolfberries contain all essential amino acids in a vegetarian source.


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