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Doug Corrigan: From Young Living I’m Doug Corrigan, Director of Training and Education for Young Living Essential Oils. Today we have a super-timely subject; of course you could listen to this recording at other times of the year, but while we’re recording this topic it is very timely because we are just starting school, we’re seeing the advent of the cold season and the infectious diseases that are being passed around at a higher rate as our immune systems sometimes struggle with the different exposures that we get as we go back to school. And as cold season comes it has a tendency to reduce the immunity a little bit so we’re talking about ways that we can steer clear of these seasonal maladies that are so commonplace this time of year. Of course it doesn’t have to be cold season for us to be worried about flu and cold prevention because you can be exposed at any time of the year, but you’ve probably experienced this however: You have a holiday party scheduled with the family or with work, an exciting event planned, only to come down with some kind of an illness that ruins it all. As the old adage says – and it’s truly the case with our topic today – the best offense is often a good defense, so we need to support our immune system, which is our front-line defender against ill health. Doesn’t that seem the best strategy? We can’t control all of our surroundings, we can’t control the fact that somebody in the office next to ours is maybe not washing their hands or who knows what – we don’t like to think about that stuff! – but we can take the advantage of some of nature’s gifts and build a fortress around ourselves by both strengthening our innate immunity and then gearing up that active immunity, and then eliminating the chances of catching one of these bad bugs as much as we can in our surroundings. Today we have 3 products that do just that – Thieves essential oil, an institution in and of itself, the favorite product of countless tens of thousands of different Young Living faithful; Thieves Hard Lozenges, again a great application of the Thieves essential oil and we’re going to talk about why they’re so effective; and Inner Defense softgels. Each of these products can be an essential part of your arsenal to protect against those party-crashing ailments (or worse) that can keep you from just enjoying your life on a day-to-day basis.

Many of you are aware (and this is compulsory when we talk about Thieves) that the famed Marseilles vinegar, the Four Thieves vinegar, was used by thieves for protection as they robbed the homes and graves of those devastated by the Great Plague of the 17th Century, and you will be happy to know that the basis for many of the ingredients that are used in our Thieves formula were the ingredients that were used in this famed Marseilles vinegar which was so effective against such a deadly and devastating disease. These same ingredients have no problem handling the bugs and the things that would do you harm, since they were also able to handle the Black Plague. Reports of the event say that these thieves were given leniency in exchange for sharing this protected formula. Again as I just said, Thieves essential oil combines the ancient wisdom of this formula with some modern research, enhancing it with some of the other things we know about powerful essential oils today. It contains Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus radiata, and Rosemary. This formula, this blend, has been university-tested and contains ingredients that are well-known for their potent antiseptic properties. You can go on PubMed [] and perform a search for clove or cinnamon for example, and find literally dozens, sometimes hundreds, of research studies talking about the antiseptic properties of these different essential oils. Now when you combine them all in one blend like Thieves you get a synergistic effect that a single oil couldn’t even dream of having, even as great as each of these single oils might be. This in fact enhances their overall potency. Thieves blend is a real go-to remedy that so many people rely on during their quest to maintain their best healthy self, and sometimes to just make it through the day or the workweek and to stay on top of this onslaught of different microbes that are coming our way!

Scientists and healthcare professionals are concerned about airborne germs because this is the most efficient route for them to spread to a large number of people. That’s where we diffuse Thieves. Diffuse it everywhere you can; it needs to be done if not daily, then on a weekly basis to sanitize your environment of the constantly new threats coming into your workplace, into your home. Diffusing Thieves in your home or office is a great way to defend against airborne substances that could harm your health and the health of your loved ones. And it smells great, it smells so wonderful that you’re not likely to get any complaints from folks when you diffuse it; quite the opposite, people are all the time asking “What is that tremendous scent that you have in your home?” Oftentimes in our home, that scent is Thieves. Diffusing Thieves in the air can really help neutralize these harmful substances so we just breathe healthier air, and of course those oils eventually settle on all of our surfaces, and all of those surfaces are really the battleground for exchange a lot of times – in our kitchens, in our bathrooms, in our living areas – where different types of bacteria are festering and fungi, molds, all of those different things; Thieves makes it an inhospitable place for these germs to live. Of course that’s really important when you have children, because as every mom and dad knows, going to school exposes them to any number of germs. My kids call them cooties but whatever you call them, they’re the things that you don’t want at your house or on your body, so Thieves can be employed to help provide a strong defense. If you want to sell that to your kids, they can be nature’s perfect cootie-abatement plan! And once those kids bring them home they unknowingly share them with the rest of the family and all kinds of stuff breaks loose.

Another great way to use Thieves is to apply it topically. Thieves is a powerful blend and one of the best places to apply it is on the soles of the feet the minute that someone feels something coming on; or just as a preventative, a prophylactic type of administration during the times that you are especially exposed. Not only are the feet heartier but they have larger pores that soak up the oils and get them into the body more rapidly. The feet are a great place to administer and of course the feet, as far as Vita-Flex teaches, are connected to all kinds of different areas in the body that might need support at one time or another. Once inside your body, the oils in Thieves are highly effective at supporting a healthy immune system; it’s a search-and-destroy kind of thing, going through the different circulatory areas and passing freely through tissue barriers and finding irregularities wherever they might be, adjusting them and balancing them, and destroying them wherever they can.

Of course this isn’t the only way to use Thieves topically; if you have a throat discomfort or an achy mouth, many people report receiving relief by just placing a few drops in the distressed areas, wherever there’s a sore or an open wound. Be a little careful with an open wound but for instance a cold sore or something like that, even though there’s a sharpness there at first, sometimes that Clove in there can also help to numb the discomfort and then it goes to work destroying the germs that might be causing your problem. Now this is a great situation where Thieves Hard Lozenges could be employed. Thieves Hard Lozenges will of course refresh your mouth and breath, and provide soothing relief for your throat. It’s always important to have Thieves lozenges with you; especially the minute that you think you might have been exposed just pop a lozenge in your mouth. The minute you feel yourself coming down with something, again a lozenge can be employed. They’re lightly sweetened with the low-glycemic sugar maltitol, and they also have a little flavoring of natural Peppermint and Lemon essential oils added, so are very pleasant. Some find them a little bit strong at first but that usually goes away as they start to use them. All you need to do is just dissolve one lozenge in your mouth to truly experience the comfort and relief that they provide. Remember, so often where these different germs proliferate is right there; that battleground in the mouth and in the sinus cavities is where we take in so many things that could do us harm – so why not prepare a barrier there, why not prepare a first line of defense with these different essential oil lozenges? It can really be a boost, and then if things are going south and things are getting tough with regard to catching and bringing something home, if you’re coming down with something, these lozenges can help to turn the tide back in your favor, and certainly to cut the duration of whatever it is that’s ailing you.

Just the essential oil of Thieves can be used internally; an option is to just drip it into the mouth or put it in a little bit of almond milk or rice milk and drink it down. Internally it’s a great boost to helping you get over anything that’s ailing you, and if you don’t want to do that or if you want to deliver it directly to the tummy you can take Young Living’s Inner Defense softgels. These gels truly reinforce your systemic defenses and they create an environment inside the body that’s truly unfriendly to harmful foreign invaders. They do that through these potent essential oils that are in Thieves, and with the addition of a couple of other real bit hitters when it comes to antiseptic activity, and that’s Oregano and Thyme. These oils – Oregano and Thyme – are rich in thymol, carvacrol, and, those of you who know the chemistry of essential oils know that these are phenols and they are tremendous at supporting a healthy immune system because they are (as I like to call them) the Chuck Norris of the essential oil world. They go in and they kick butt and they take names! Whatever microbe might be causing you trouble, phenols oftentimes have the wherewithal to knock those suckers out, so they support a tremendously healthy immune system and again that rolls over into healthy respiratory function and other areas.

So anytime you feel like you’re coming down with something or you think you’ve been exposed at work, or maybe just feeling a little bit low in mood or energy and you might be vulnerable to some of these things that would do you harm, or maybe you’re going to be in an environment where you’re going to have a high probability of being exposed to something these softgels, Inner Defense, can be employed to help you out. A popular use for these is when flying, when you’re in a tight, cramped airplane, rub Thieves essential oil on the bottoms of your feet, take some Inner Defense before the flight, and always have Thieves Hard Lozenges right there at your beck and call! So to boost your defenses Thieves can be tremendous, and Inner Defense is a great thing to take, again before you fly or when you’re on the road, always have some in your personals bag.

To experience an even greater effect you can use all the products together; apply oils to your feet, apply oils where needed, diffuse them aromatically, take an Inner Defense softgel and then suck on a hard lozenge; that way you have a 1-2-3 punch that really increases the likelihood of successfully avoiding catching whatever is floating around in the air or on the surfaces or on somebody’s hands or wherever else that you might get exposure, and also cut the duration of the problems as they arise. As always, we only outline a few uses of these unmatched products – Thieves is, as I said, a legendary institution in and of itself; we could go on and on but we hope that you’ve learned a few things about Thieves that can help you, and see how this 1-2-3 punch can really be incorporated to truly build a fortress of defense around you and your loved ones. Until next time I personally wish you Godspeed in your quest for health.


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