Audio: Lemon, Purification, Citronella

Audio: Lemon, Purification, Citronella

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Welcome, everyone to Young Living’s educational series. We’re here again with Young Living’s Director of Global Education and U.S. Sales, Scott Johnson to explore more valuable Young Living Products. Welcome, Scott.

Thanks, Johnny. I’m glad to be here.

Today we’re talking about a few essential oils that are very useful as we enter the summer months. What products are we going to discover today?

Well, a very popular blend, Purification, and we’re going to talk about two single oils. One that’s very versatile – Lemon Oil, and the other one that’s probably lesser known but still effective – Citronella.

Purification Essential Oil

Sweet! Why don’t we start with Purification? You were telling me earlier about the value of the blend when it comes to being outdoors surrounded by insects, pesky critters, bites, stings. How would you use Purification in this situation?

I love Purification as a natural way to deter insects from biting. In fact, scientists have studied some of the ingredients in Purification like lemongrass and citronella and their ability to deter insects from biting. The great thing is though, even if you do get bitten, just one drop of Purification on the area can be very soothing. I always recommend repeated doses to keep the area soothed.

My mom swears by Purification. Insect bites when she was in Hawaii, got the bites, put on Purification, soothed it and went right away. She thought it might have been an oil thing, so the next time she was bitten she tried another oil and it didn’t work. She went back to the hotel room, got Purification and used it again. It was better right away, so my mom swears by it.

I have lots of testimonials with my family – the same thing. I works every time.

Awesome! Does it have benefits to the skin?

It does. Purification is naturally cleansing to the skin. I often apply Purification when skin irritation is present. It may sting a little bit when the skin is broken when you apply that, but it is very effective.

Alright, this may be a little personal. I may or may not have disagreeable odors when it comes to my shoes and my gym bags, but what about using Purification for disagreeable odors…for stinky gym clothes or the bathroom?

Yes, Purification has a really clean, refreshing and uplifting scent that is great to neutralize odors when it’s diffused. It works to neutralize odors within the home like the litter box, the stinky shoes you mentioned, the garbage can, bathroom areas, just about any bad odor you can think of. Many users enjoy adding just a few drops to their washing machine for a fresh and clean scent to clothes. It’s also purifying to the air so that the air we breathe is cleaner and fresher.

I don’t need any of you guys out there judging me. I know plenty of you have stinky shoes and stinky clothes. I can’t be the only one! So, Purification is fantastic for us. Can it also impact your mood…the way you feel?

Sure. The aroma is actually really uplifting and rejuvenating, so that may invigorate and energize the mind and the body. So, it can definitely impact your mood as well.

Alright, let’s shift. That was about Purification. That was fantastic!

Lemon Essential Oil

Continuing on with the theme of summer days, there are many people who drink lemonade to refresh, hydrate, keep cool, but our essential oil, the Lemon is cold pressed from the rind. So, cold you still make lemonade out of that?

Absolutely! Lemon essential oil makes great lemonade. Fill a glass with some cool, purified water, add the juice of about half a lemon and then about five drops of Lemon oil. Then just for some sweetening to it, add five drops of stevia, and you have a refreshing beverage that tastes good without all that added sugar you’ll find in store-bought lemonades.

That does sound refreshing. Does Lemon essential oil affect mood? Does it, like Purification affect your mood?

Yes, Lemon is awesome for this.  I find Lemon and other citrus oils to be strongly revitalizing and uplifting, so people experiencing sadness can greatly benefit from Lemon essential oil. I like to apply about ten drops to the bottoms of my feet for this. In addition, its pleasant aroma may encourage clarity of thought and purpose. Some research suggests that Lemon encourages just a general sense of wellbeing, and that it is uplifting to the emotions.

Nice. I like that. So, I’ve learned that Lemon used to be used to help sailors who experienced scurvy. How about for the immune system, then? Does Lemon essential oil have an effect on the immune system?

It does. Lemon essential oil contains a potent compound that’s called d-limonene, and it’s well-studied. If you do a search in PubMed and type in limonene, you’ll find lots and lots of studies about this particular compound. It’s particularly been studied for its benefits to the immune system. Scientists have found that Lemon essential oil may support normal immune system function and helps to support immune system responses. Another thing that d-limonene does is that it supports normal cell health. This is really important because if you have healthy cells, then you’re going to have healthy tissues and healthy organs and just overall good well-being.

Awesome, that sounds great. I’ve heard Lemon essential oil is a great cleaner. I’m a cleaning, tidy man myself. So, what can you tell us about this?

Interestingly, they’ve done a study showing that if you diffuse Lemon essential oil (they did this with college kids in a dorm), they were more likely to keep their dorm rooms clean. So that’s something that it does right off the bat. Its cleansing properties make it a prized natural cleaner. You can clean surfaces, clean your refrigerator, remove sticky substances like gum from surfaces. My youngest daughter got to experience that when she got some gum in her hair. Some users even like to add it to their dishwasher for spot-free dishes. Another way to use it while cleaning is to add a few drops to mineral oil, which makes a great wood surface polish. Lastly, you could combine Lemon and Purification together in a glass squirt bottle to make an air freshener.

Ooo! Sounds fancy! I always wondered why my mom was diffusing lemon oil when I was in college.

She already read the study, apparently!

Citronella Essential Oil

I know! That Mom! So, moving on, the last oil, Citronella is part of the Purification blend, but does it have useful properties on its own by itself?

Yeah, it does. It’s reported to support the circulatory, endocrine and immune systems. Like Lemon, Citronella’s crisp, lemony aroma is strongly uplifting, and may help encourage a healthy response to occasional stress and anxious feelings. It encourages feelings of happiness and hope.

Ok, what about topical applications of the Citronella?

It’s really cleansing to the skin and has been shown to soothe sore, tired muscles. Women often report that Citronella is soothing during their monthly cycles. Another beneficial property is that Citronella encourages the removal of toxins through increased sweating.

Nice. Maybe I don’t want to comment on increased sweating.

Then you need your Purification for those stinky gym clothes, right?

I don’t know if I need to sweat more than I do, but we have learned a lot about these oils in a short period of time. We haven’t covered everything. These oils are useful for a whole lot more, so what we’d like to do is that we’d like to encourage you, our listeners to comment about how you use them. So, share with others. Also comment on this video (audio) and let us know how you’ve used these oils, whether it be Citronella, Purification or Lemon. We’d love to hear from you. Until next time, we appreciate you guys listening.

And we wish you abundant health and a wonderful day!


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