Unnecessary Complexity of “Cleaning” with Poisons

Thieves CleanerAfter viewing my Thieves website, a lady emailed recently requesting details on diluting Young Living’s Thieves Household Cleaner. I referred her to the chart at Secret Of Thieves. Apparently that wasn’t detailed enough because she wrote back asking, “What about countertops, washing clothes, etc.?” I groaned at the possibility of having to provide counseling and encouragement every time she thought of a new way to use the cleaner or forgot some minute detail between cleanings. I thought my response might be helpful to others.


I find this line of questioning humorous because it dramatically over-complicates things. Perhaps it will help if I explain how I use Thieves Household Cleaner (THC).

First and foremost, you must understand that THC is non-toxic, unlike probably every other cleaner in your home. I encourage you to go around your house looking at the poison warning labels on all the cleaners. In days past, these containers would have carried a skull-and-bones icon that revealed everything at a glance. But the government agreed with manufactures that such silliness unnecessarily gave consumers the heebie-jeebies and stunted the sales of these poisons. Enter the new innocuous warning labels.

Question: Is it really possible to “clean” with poisons?

One result of the proliferation of these poisons is the proliferation of complexity. In order not to kill oneself faster, one must be as precise with the usage directions as with the instructions to “call the poison control center immediately if swallowed. The “more is better” rule of thumb may have had some truth behind it in simpler times. Now, it might mean death. Or serious physical injury or impairment. When dealing with poison concoctions precise dilution may indeed be critical.

However, with THC, we are using a simple, natural, friendly product. I’ve never created a precise dilution. I simply have three spray bottles, each with a varying degree of dilution. Since THC is reddish-orange in color, I simply grab the appropriately colored spray bottle for the job. The first bottle—the one that’s almost clear—has just a touch of THC mixed in with the water. It’s for cleaning windows. Frankly, I haven’t yet reached a sufficiently diluted point with this bottle. It still leaves streaks on my windows which is an indication that I have too much THC. No big deal. Even with the streaks, the windows are cleaner than they were before. Once again I top off the bottle with water, hoping that it’s sufficiently diluted the next time around.

The second bottle—the pail pink one—is my regular-strength cleaner. I use it for just about everything—spot cleaning the floors, countertops, fridge, dusting and even as a fruit and veggie wash.

The third bottle—the darkest one—is reserved for the most serious jobs. Those include cleaning the shower and degreasing the rims of my vehicle.

Of course, there is always the option to use the concentrated THC straight. Like for cleaning ovens and removing grease stains from clothes.

I couldn’t tell you how much THC I have in each spray bottle. When a bottle starts getting low, I simply add more water and maybe more THC. If the regular-strength bottle isn’t doing the job, I can use the bottle with the stronger mixture. When I feel like I need something stronger yet, I simply add a little more THC. When the job’s done, I’ll add more water to the bottle, diluting it down a bit.

Of course, it’s easy to see the potential health benefits that come with the ability to avoid the typical household poisoning products. But, think of all the clutter I’ve avoided by simply by integrating Thieves Household Cleaner into my life. And all the extra cabinet space I have. And the shopping trips I’ve saved.

My bottle of Thieves Household Cleaner has replaced:

  • floor cleaner
  • carpet cleaner
  • dishwashing soap
  • pet shampoo
  • window cleaner
  • toilet bowl cleaner
  • oven cleaner
  • veggie wash
  • and on and on…
One comment to “Unnecessary Complexity of “Cleaning” with Poisons”
  1. I love the Thieves Household Cleaner too! I only have one spray bottle, but it is used everywhere… kitchen, bathroom, garage, and on everything… counters, sinks, cabinets… I did have two bottles, one for ‘light’ cleaning and one for ‘heavier’ cleaning, but I took one bottle to work to clean my desk and it is still there because the other ladies that I work with absolutely love it! With the THC, I no longer have to worry about getting a headache everytime I clean the bathroom or the kitchen. My only real question would be…how much should I use in a load of laundry?

    While we are on the topic of Thieves…I love the disinfectant spray. The ladies I work with used to be very bad about spraying toxic deoderant sprays and burning candles to get rid of odors. But after I complained a million times of all of that stuff giving me a headache, and me suggesting the Thieves disinfectant spray instead, I have finally gotten them trained to come get the bottle off of my desk if they need it.

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