Thieves Wipes Out Commercial Adhesive Removers

Thieves Oil“I was unable to remove the adhesive from the sales and product description tags on two new plastic folding tables. The tables were wet from the rain, which removed the paper but not the adhesive. I used all the recommended commercial and noncommercial adhesive removers, including peanut butter and ice. After applying a couple of drops of Thieves® essential oil blend and spreading it around, I wiped the powerless adhesive off the tables. No more stickiness! Thanks for a great product.”

Ann Neavill in the Feb 23, 2007 issue of Young Living Newsletter.

One comment to “Thieves Wipes Out Commercial Adhesive Removers”
  1. I just removed a ‘sticky’ place on my desk at work using the Thieves Spray (out of the oil at work, need to restock my supply) but thought I would try the spray since I had it and it worked too. Then I remembered that I had some of the Thieves Cleaner in a spray bottle and used it to finish up and now the sticky place is gone!

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