Are you applying unhealthy ingredients on your pet?

Animal Scents OintmentWhy is it important to choose a healthy ointment for your pet? Well, Mabel, who’s going to rub it on? Are you going to do it with your bare hands? The ones that have skin that absorb nutrients and/or toxins so effectively that nicotine and birth control patches were invented?

Most ointments (for people or animals) contain many unhealthy ingredients such as propylene glycol (originally used as antifreeze) and sodium laurel sulfate (originally used as engine degreaser).

Those who think so poorly of their animals to apply the unhealthy over-the-counter or vet-supplied stuff are proving two possible things:

  1. They aren’t thinking clearly or simply haven’t thought through the entire process.
  2. They don’t care anymore for their own health than they do for that of their animals.

Even with its pet products, Young Living’s high standards remain strong. In fact, as soon as people saw the ingredients of Young Living’s Animal Scents Ointment, they wanted to try it for themselves…no reason to discriminate against the humans.

Many health-minded massage therapists have chosen Animal Scents Ointment over standard massage creams that compromise on ingredients. And it smells so wonderful that many people use it as a combo skin moisturizer and perfume/cologne. But don’t limit its use to the skin. It far more flexible than that. Check out Animal Scents Ointment testimonies to spur some thinking about all the products around your house with poison warning labels that you will replace.


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