Young Living AromaSpinnerKeep focus fun with Young Living’s AromaSpinner™. This innovative take on the fidget spinner is a new way to engage the senses as it doubles as an essential oil diffuser! The addition of custom-designed aroma buttons for this fidget spinner let parents create the right environment for their kids when they’re tired, restless, or need a boost.

Enjoy the benefits of Young Living’s essential oils at home or on the go with this creative fidget spinner. Customize essential oil blends to the needs of your child, making the AromaSpinner great for the whole family.

*This product is lead free

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  • AromaSpinner
  • 3 Aroma Buttons

For additional aroma buttons, purchase the AromaSpinner™ Accessory Pack (Item No. 21778).

How To Use

  • For use, safety, and care information, please refer to the AromaSpinner Operation Manual.

If you have kids at home, you know the latest trendy gadget is a fidget spinner! I will be the first to admit I DID NOT understand the obsession until earlier this year when I was gifted a spinner! I LOVE using it at my desk during a long day and was surprised when even my young daughter loved playing with it! Young Living has done it again—we just launched our new AromaSpinner! Combining two concepts into one (diffusing and fidgeting) this product offers a unique and fun way to incorporate oils into the lives of your friends and loved-ones.

The AromaSpinner is an engaging new way to diffuse Young Living’s pure essential oils and a welcome outlet for built-up energy. So, how do you use the AromaSpinner? Just add 1-2 drops essential oil onto the pad of each aroma button, let it sit to absorb, spin, and enjoy the scent of your favorite essential oils! We recommend using oils like Stress Away, GeneYus, SleepyIze, Lavender, R.C., or Peace and Calming, as they are very complimentary to this product. Also, it is a good idea to use the same oil on all three pads so it doesn’t get over saturated with different oil scents. However, there are replacement buttons (available through the accessory pack item #21778) that you can quickly swap in/out of the spinner in order to have more oil options. The accessory pack also comes with a button remover, which will easily remove the diffuser buttons from the spinner (something that is VERY difficult to do without the button remover). Did I mention that the AromaSpinner is LEAD FREE!? Because it is!

I love the design of this spinner. It was specifically designed to look like three oil drops, with good ‘grips’ for accurate and quick spinning. It has been tested and retested to ensure spin speed, longevity, and durability. The buttons in the accessory pack were designed to match the three different categories of oils: tree, flowers, and citrus fruits. This is an easy way to distinguish and remember which essential oil you used for each button!

This is a great gift for the upcoming season! I think we could all use a little more focused-fun to get us through a challenging assignment, during a busy weekend, or while relaxing.

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