Jade Lemon Testimonies

Jade Lemon Testimonies“It just smells like vacation! And makes the best lemonade!”
—Jennifer W.

“I’ve been adding it to homemade soup with rosemary finishing salt.”
—Sydney G.J.

“I love it with sparkling water for an afternoon pick-me-up!”
—Lindsay J.

“I truly love the unique flavor and smell! I think I need to make a citrus sorbet in the near future!”
—Crystal H.K.

“It’s my super favorite in Ningxia Red®!”
—Caitlin W.

“It has been my perfect ‘wake me up’ each morning in my water! Love how it makes me feel!”
—Kathleen A.C.

Jade Lemon is very refreshing in salad dressing and over fish before serving.”
—Kathy T.

—Young Living e-News Mar 5, 2015


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