Blue Yarrow Distilled at Mona Farm for First Time

The first-ever crop of Blue Yarrow at the Mona Farm is being distilled and the sweet scent is intoxicating. The blue yarrow plants loved the climate and the soil and are producing copious amounts of vibrant, navy-blue oil.

Blue Yarrow Basking in Sun Before Distillation

Blue yarrow plants basking in the warmth of the sun before being loaded into the “cookers”.

Blue Yarrow awaiting the cooker

Even more blue yarrow plants await their turn in the “cookers”.

Blue Yarrow delicate white flower

Like the German Chamomile, it’s amazing that this green plant with delicate white flowers can produce brilliant blue oil.

Blue Yarrow Oil Distallation

During the distillation process, the blue yarrow oil can be seen bubbling up through the flora water.

Blue Yarrow is a very versatile essential oil, providing support for the respiratory, digestive and circulatory systems.

Source: Young Living Mona Farm, July 1, 2015

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