Saving Clary Sage Seeds for Next Season

Clary Sage Seed SavingSeed saving plays a pivotal role at Young Living farms. Here is the process for saving clary sage seeds for next planting season at the Young Living Lavender Farm in Mona, Utah.

Gathering Clary Sage Seeds at Mona FarmBenjamin Rodriguez starts the cleaning process by shoveling chopped clary sage onto a screen, where Marcos Garcia rubs a large wooden dowel across the plant matter, sifting the seeds and small bits of plant onto the ground beneath the screen. The sifted material is then loaded into a wheelbarrow and moved to the other side of a large fan.

Sifting Clary Sage Seeds at Mona FarmWith the fan blowing away small bits of dirt and plant material, Fidel Buitron and Mariano Rodriguez repeatedly scoop up the seeds and slowly pour them back into the wheelbarrow.

Sifting Clary Sage Seeds at Mona FarmScoop, pour…scoop, pour…scoop, pour…until this wheelbarrow of seeds is clean, and the discarded material is piled beside the wheelbarrow. The discarded material will be taken to the compost pile and eventually returned to the fields as fertilizer. This process will continue until enough seeds are cleaned for next year’s planting.

Clary Sage Seeds ready for next seasonThese clary sage seeds are in the process of being cleaned.

Source: Young Living Lavender Farm Mona Utah, Aug 11, 2015


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