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Young Living CBD Oil Products

Nature’s Ultra is officially part of the Young Living family! You can now get the only CBD products on earth infused with Young Living essential oils, backed by Young Living’s industry-leading Seed to Seal® quality commitment.

Here’s how you order:

  • Go to your Young Living Virtual Office
  • Under Quick Order, select Nature’s Ultra.
  • That takes you right to the Nature’s Ultra activation form.
  • Activate your account through the email they send.

The whole process should take only a minute or so.

Once activated, Young Living members will see discounted prices on the Nature’s Ultra website.

The pricing on is showing wholesale pricing during convention to reduce confusion for attendees. Starting Sunday will begin displaying retail pricing unless you have linked your Young Living account and then you’ll be able to see the wholesale pricing. Non-members can purchase CBD at wholesale pricing until Sunday, but afterward will need to have a linked YL account to access that pricing.

Members get up to 15% discount through wholesale pricing. The benefit to being a YL member with a linked account would be the ability to access that pricing.

Young Living Acquires CBD Company, Nature’s Ultra

LEHI, Utah , July 18, 2019 /CNW/ — Young Living Essential Oils, the world leader in essential oils, announced today its acquisition of Nature’s Ultra. Nature’s Ultra, with its more than 1,500 acres of hemp farms in Colorado, will continue to operate independently to provide industry-leading CBD products that are legal under federal law and are certified natural, organic, vegan approved, and gluten free, and with the added benefits of Young Living’s industry leadership and expertise in offering the highest quality oil-infused products.

“The pristine conditions in the Rocky Mountains allows Nature’s Ultra to source pure CBD from Colorado hemp fields that are grown without the use of pesticides,” says Dr. Mike Buch , Young Living’s Chief Science Officer. “By adding our oils to this high-quality isolate, we are able to offer a Smart-Spectrum™ product that doesn’t compromise on quality, and Nature’s Ultra CBD oils can proudly display the Young Living logo because they meet our stringent Seed to Seal® Standards.”

After being rigorously tested, Nature’s Ultra farms and cultivation practices have received Young Living’s Seed to Seal approval. Its industry-leading hemp farms use organic and sustainable farming practices to infuse 0% THC and Young Living essential oils.

“It’s a match made in health—Young Living is the world leader in essential oils, and CBD belongs in that space,” says Richard Ricketts , Nature’s Ultra Founder and CEO. “Their Seed to Seal commitment to quality so closely mirrored our own that it only made sense to work together to bring high-quality CBD to the world.”

The entire Nature’s Ultra product line is organically and naturally cultivated from one of the first hemp farms in the United States to hold the USDA organic handler’s certification. Its high-quality CBD isolate is infused with Young Living essential oils sourced from corporate-owned or partner farms as well as Seed to Seal-certified suppliers.

Young Living essential oil-infused products sold by Nature’s Ultra will include Boost, Calm, Soothe, and Zest CBD roll-ons; a range of flavored CBD oils; and a CBD muscle rub. Young Living members, customers, and general consumers are able to purchase these CBD products exclusively from Nature’s Ultra website.

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