Thieves Spray Hack for Savvy Minerals Brushes

Thieves Spray to clean Savvy Mineral BrushesThieves Spray is my new staple in my makeup bag. I can clean my makeup brushes on the go to get out the dirt, grime, dead skin cells, and makeup buildup without any harsh chemicals.

The added bonus? The scent! Holy cow! It smells amazing. I actually like cleaning my brushes this way over hand soap and water because I find when the brushes get too much moisture they can get that stinky wet smell – you know, like you left your laundry in your washing machine overnight without drying them.

And I just found out that using soap and water on makeup brushes may actually break them down and ruin them in the long run. No thanks. I love my Savvy Minerals brushes too much. Thanks goodness for Thieves Spray!!!

Just mist the Thieves Spray on the brushes and use a tissue to wipe off the makeup from the brushes. Mist again as needed until all the makeup is removed from the brushes. I do this after each use – but you may be able to space out and do every few days.

Here’s another HACK: Use the Seedlings Baby Wipes to clean the brushes.

Source: ‎Tracey Black Nielson‎ from Inside Out – Natural, Savvy Beauty facebook group


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