Young Living Plants Nearly 500,000 Melissa and Lavender Starts

SALT LAKE CITY—August 8, 2012—Young Living, the world leader in essential oils, recently completed an enormous planting effort at its farm in St. Maries, Idaho. Young Living Founder, President, and CEO D. Gary Young, along with farm employees and distributors from around the world, worked together during the last six weeks to plant nearly half a million new melissa and lavender starts. Gary and the other workers replanted a total of 312,000 melissa plants covering 31 acres and 108,000 lavender plants covering 10 acres. 

This planting was a significant event for many distributors as they worked side by side with Gary and learned about Young Living’s history, its industry-leading planting, harvesting, and distilling techniques, and the importance of being environmentally responsible. Distributor Fee Boey said of her experience, “I want to inspire those around me when I get back home. I want them to have the experience I just had. It’s absolutely worth it for me coming over from Malaysia—it’s been an honor and a privilege.”

The newly planted melissa will be ready for harvest in about a year and the lavender will be ready in about three years. After being harvested, the plants will be distilled into the world’s purest and most potent essential oils, and new starts will be planted in their place. 


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