Nacole Eaton: Young Living Essential Oils – Big Sandy, Tyler TX

Nacole Eaton - Young Living - Tyler, TX

Over and over again we are told by God to FEAR NOT! Yet with the world we live in, we are constantly fed fear…in all areas of our lives really, but especially when it comes to our children. From the time we conceive we are given strict instructions as to how to keep the baby healthy. And we are told HOW to birth, and that if we want our child to be safe from this disease and that then we must inject them with this and that. The fear is always the attached part. Do this…AND IF YOU DON’T DUH DUH DUH!!

Because of YLEO I don’t have to be afraid. When my kid feels yucky, I know exactly what to do. Whether it be physical or emotional trauma, I feel confident that I have a product to assist my child in overcoming whatever challenge may come…and without the fear of side affects. These products really are liquid gold. I love them for more reasons that I can list. But reason I appreciate this company most is that due to the education I have received through Young Living and the products I have at hand, fear has no place. Hosea 4:6

Nacole Eaton
Young Living Independent  Distributor # 617765
Hawkins TX 75765

Products based on Thieves Oil

Young Living Distributor



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