Getting to Know Australia’s Blue Cypress

Blue Cypress Essential OilBlue Cypress is another Young Living exclusive essential oil.

Blue Cypress essential oil from Australia has an impressive story. Gary Young started working with Vince Collins of Darwin, Australia nearly 20 years ago to distill the pulp wood chips of the Blue Cypress (Callitris intratropica) tree. Vince had received an Australian patent for the distillation of Blue Cypress essential oil. Gary wanted to bring this marvelous essential oil to Young Living so he invested in purchasing the first industrial sized distiller for Vince. It has been a great partnership since.

Vince is committed to Blue Cypress. To keep his distillation dreams alive he mortgaged his house to keep the business going. Vince lives in the Northern Territories of Australia – this is the “outback” a “real man’s wilderness”. To supplement his income Vince is a professional guide on lakes and in the “bush”. Vince’s Blue Cypress distillation business is his life’s gift to humanity.

Vince is a character. As a professional guide, Vince has studied up on the plants, fish, birds, and wildlife of the “outback”. He has a memory like a computer when it comes to talking about life in the outback. Vince also has many stories that he shares with his clients. His stories are so adventurous and funny you will swear you’re listening to Crocodile Dundee. Vince is well respected by the Young Living members of Australia, Singapore and Malaysia who have visited his distiller and the blue cypress plantations.

Source: Dr Cole Woolley PhD, July 13, 2015

Did you know that Blue Cypress holds the record for the longest steam distilled essential oil for Young Living? Yes, the owner steam distills Blue Cypress a walloping 96 hours.

Second place is Sacred Frankincense at 12-16 hours.

You won’t be without a bottle of Blue Cypress essential oil once you discover its unique Aussie powers!!!

Resin of Blue Cypress Tree in Australia

While its use as lumber has declined, Blue Cypress is still valued for the deep blue essential oil it produces. Vince thins out the trees to give the others more room to grow. Vince is a true steward of the Blue Cypress groves.

woolley-20150729-blue-cypress-vinceThe tree is cut into manageable logs for transportation back to Darwin. The tree wood is chipped and then the wood chips are used in the long distillation process. The resin gum is quite stable in the stored lumber and chipped wood.

Vince: Blue Cypress partnerThe Blue Cypress wood chips are packed into a cubicle steam distiller of Vince’s design. Then the long 96 hour steam distillation of Blue Cypress essential oil begins. Let’s look at some of the molecules found in Blue Cypress essential oil.

Distiller for Blue Cypress Essential OilThe molecule guaiazulene, which is responsible for the unique blue color of Blue Cypress essential oil, is formed from a catalytic reaction that occurs when these parts of the Blue Cypress tree are combined. This sesquiterpene molecule has 5 conjugated double-bonds within the two connected hydrocarbon rings. This conjugation gives it the ability to absorb red light to make it appear blue.

Cargo Container with Blue CypressThe blue colored guaiazulene is formed when the essential oil of the heat (center) and sapwood touches the bark – a catalytic reaction occurs. The oil can be bluish green to dark blue depending on the percentage of bark to heart wood ratio.

Source: Dr Cole Woolley PhD, July 28, 2015

Cross-section of Blue Cypress logGuaiol is another component of the Blue Cypress that is initially present in very high percentages. Guaiol has the same basic sesquiterpene hydrocarbon structure as guaiazulene. Guaiol does not have the 5 double-bond conjugation of guaiazulene and contains an alcoholic–OH group making it more water soluble.

Blue Cypress essential oil is potent. I recommend diluting it in carrier oil for most applications. One 5ml bottle of Blue Cypress will last a year of applications.

Source: Dr Cole Woolley PhD, July 29, 2015

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