The Jade Lemon Story

common lemon + mountain lemon = jade lemonJade Lemon has a great history. In the mountains of Taiwan grows a small tree that produces small, green lemons; it is known as “Mountain Lemon”. The Mountain Lemon tree is very hardy in the higher elevations where it enjoys cooler weather and daily cloud mists. However, the Mountain Lemon fruit is small.

Grafting Illustration

Jade Lemon is created by grafting a normal lemon tree into a mountain lemon root stock.

A scientist from Taiwan grafted branches from the common Citrus limon tree onto Mountain Lemon root stock to create Jade Lemon trees. Jade Lemon trees can withstand the cool mountain weather, yet produce large green fruit when ripe.

Jade Lemon Essential Oil

Jade Lemons are nearly as large as normal yellow Lemons, but have a unique refreshing aroma of Lemons and Limes and something else.

With the grafting of Citrus limon onto Mountain Lemon the Jade Lemon trees can now be grown in many locations with moist, mild climates in Taiwan and China.

Source: Dr Cole Wooley PhD, April 22, 2015

Ginn S. Lee, PhD and Gary Young

Gary Young and Dr. Ginn S. Lee, PhD at the Young Living Taiwan Farm in 2012. This research steam distiller was designed in Taiwan and is useful for distilling 50kg of plant material. Dr. Lee and his sons Tiger and Goji distilled over 100 aromatic Taiwanese plants and trees for Gary Young to examine. Jade Lemon was Gary’s #3 choice (Xiang Mao and Hong Kuai were #1 and #2).

A couple of years ago Gary Young traveled to Taiwan and visited with Dr. Ginn Lee to explore the many native aromatic plants from this exotic island nation. Gary fell in love with the unique lemon-lime citrus aroma of the Taiwanese green-colored lemons.

From that moment Gary simply referred to this new essential oil as “Jade Lemon”, reminiscent of the green-colored jade bracelets traditionally worn by women in Taiwan and China to invite good fortune.

Jade Lemons Ready for Distillation

Harvested Jade Lemons being prepared for juicing and essential oil. Jade Lemon essential oil is exclusive to Young Living Essential Oils.

Dr. Ginn Lee and his son Tiger Lee, managers of the Young Living Taiwan Farm, traveled to Sichuan, China, home to the Chinese Panda Bear sanctuary and groves of Jade Lemon trees. Jade Lemons thrive in this mild mountain micro climate where they are cleansed every day by refreshing morning mists.

Thick Rind of Jade Lemon

Note the pericarp (rind) thickness of the Jade Lemon. More essential oil! Everyone loves the aroma and taste of Jade Lemon.

Jade Lemons are picked, thoroughly washed, then micronized into a puree to release the essential oil. Then the juice and essential oil are expressed from the Jade Lemon puree under high pressure.

The aroma of Jade Lemon essential oil will remind you of a blend of Lemon and Lime essential oils. Open a bottle of Jade Lemon today to experience its invigorating aroma and refreshing citrus taste that you will never forget – another Young Living exclusive essential oil.

Source: Dr Cole Wooley PhD, April 23, 2015

Tree of Jade Lemons

These Jade Lemons are green when ripe. They grow in China and Taiwan. They were first grown in Taiwan. The taste of Jade Lemon is “citrus, lemon, lime, fresh”.

For Convention 2014 in Salt Lake City,Utah the Young Living Taiwan Farm prepared a memorable essential oil that is loved by all Young Living Members. This was Gary’s third requested Taiwan essential oil. You know it as Jade Lemon.

Jade Lemon received its name back in 2011 when Gary was visited Taiwan. Young Living’s Jade Lemon is derived from the juicing of these green lemons.

Jade Lemons on Stem

Jade Lemons are ripe when green. The root stock comes from the “Mountain Lemon” tree in Taiwan. Jade Lemon essential oil is extracted during the juicing process (juice is bottom layer, essential oil is upper layer).

The lemon juice is separated from the top “oily” layer. Then the “oily” layer is put in the freezer for a couple of days where the natural waxes freeze while the Jade Lemon essential oil remains a liquid. This is how Jade Lemon essential oil is expressed and separated.

Source: Dr Cole Wooley PhD, April 24, 2015


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