Audio: Omega Blue, Longevity Oil

Note: Omegagize is the new and improved replacement for Omega Blue.

Notes by Joan Apter, YL Silver

Subject: Conference call 2/1/2011 with Doug Corrigan – Longevity, Omega Blue.

VP of Product Management with Young Living – Doug Corrigan

Traveled the world teaching about the products last 6 years with Young Living, involved with Gary Young and product development team.

Will be speaking at the regional events coming up!!

Confusion in the marketplace about fats & how longevity fits into this. Fats have been demonized, but what about healthy fats? This confusion began with #1 killer, heart disease. Even our young people are getting susceptible to heart disease. The misperceptions about fats have led to some of this increase in heart disease. When we started to believe that cholesterol caused heart disease. We know that fats are an essential nutrient. There are unsaturated and saturated fats, there are misperceptions about each.

Unsaturated fats: the fluid fats. They are liquid at room temperature. They are important for the body, support cardiovascular, hormonal and so many organs in the body. All organs are made of cells, and every membrane of every cell is made up of fat. What we intake is what makes up the cellular membrane. If we intake the right kind of fats, the cell will be working well. If not, if we take in damaging fats, we will damage cellular function, inflammation, health problems. In last 80 years have begun to consume damaging fats: trans fats. Increase of over 400%. Consumption of omega-3’s (a healthy polyunsaturated fat) has decreased by 80%. These misperceptions have been leading us in the wrong direction.

Elaine Bloom in 1986 published about trans fats: “From margarine to tater tots, they don’t pose a threat to health. These oils are benign.”

Now, science has reversed this position Harvard school, 3,000 premature deaths contributable to trans fatty acids. Heart disease, inflammatory diseases, breast issues, brain function, nerve cells work less efficiently.

50% of all people who die from traumatic heart dysfunction have no prior history of heart disease. This is an alarming statistic. Researched people who had died suddenly from a traumatic heart dysfunction with no prior history, specifically physicians who died of heart disease. They found that high blood level of omega 3’s reduced sudden cardiac death by 80%! Those who died had low levels of omega 3’s.

Tons of options of how to increase our omega 3’s. Trans fats are often lumped into omega 6’s. But there are healthy omega 6’s. Optimal Ratio of omega 3’s to omega 6’s is: 1 omega to 3 or 4 omega 6’s. The average is 1 to 10 or even up to 50. Lots of health issues are helped by omega 3’s. Healthy fishes, legumes, nuts.

In the past, fats were highly regarded, especially animal fats. They had to be protected from rancidity. They used aromatics to do that. Clove and thyme were used for that.

But we need to supplement our omega 3’s. Downside of omega 3’s is that they are temperamental molecules that can be easily damaged by heat, oxygen. (hydrogenation) By adding essential oils to omega 3 fatty acids, we see a synergistic effect. Fish oil enhanced with essential oils add 10 times the stability to the molecules.

Omega Blue Softgels

Omega Blue: our Young Living product. Smarter than other products. Essential oil of clove in the product. Stopping lipid degeneration and slowing rancidity Eugenol reduces inflammation an additional 30% over and above the anti inflammatory effects of omega 3’s. Clove is an anti thrombosis (reduces the stickiness of blood) same effect as aspirin, without the negative effects. Clove oil increases circulation. Clove is the ultimate anti-oxidant. 400 times more powerful than blueberries or pomegranate or acai. German chamomile, an anti-inflammatory, also in Omega Blue. Chamazulene and bisabolol molecules. Lemongrass increases heart protective property of fish oil. Lemongrass helps maintain cholesterol levels already in a normal range. Myrrh, digestive, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, skin conditions. The fish oil in omega blue is totally pure. We go to great lengths to source the fish oil. If the fish oil contains heavy metals (mercury), pcb’s, dioxins, they can concentrate into the fats and muscles of the fish. Our fish oil comes from small fish, and goes through a purification process, to protect the levels of DHA (the ones we want) to EPA. We have a special coating to the Omega Blue to deliver the fish oils directly to the intestines. Absorbs 3 times better. We know that fats are constantly degrading with our aging process. Rapid aging cell membranes aging, arteries stiffen, brain fog, etc. Omega Blue to stop the aging process.

Longevity Essential Oil

Longevity Oil

The other product on special this month. Also comes in capsules. Great companion to Omega Blue. Antioxidant oils. Other oils we would have liked to put in Omega Blue are in Longevity. When taken in tandem, synergistic effect. All organs protected. Oils in Longevity are amazing. Orange, thyme, frankincense, clove. Thyme is the lead oil in longevity. We wished we could have put it in Omega Blue. 2nd highest orac anti oxidant oil (followed by mountain savory). Protects DHA. In the cerebral cortex, logic and reasoning. Thyme is an anti-rancidity oil. Thyme and clove protect omega 3 and dha fats. Research in Scotland, elevated the omega 3 and dha levels as younger animals. Did study with mice. Reversed the aging process. Dietary administration had a marked effect on fatty acid distribution, to levels observed in younger mice. Slowing and reversing the aging process (study from 1999) Eyesight- lipid peroxidation- dha critical for eye health and macular degeneration. 3.9 mg daily of thyme slowed degeneration in the eye. Thyme protects the liver. Thymol comparable to milk thistle. If the liver is healthy we can balance many other conditions. Thyme helps with pathogens; fungus, mold, bacteria, virus. The essential oil in plants repel invaders. When we put them in our body, we can reduce the levels of these pathogens. Lysteria pathogen, associated with bad breath, but can become systemic. Comes from the food we eat. Both thyme and clove. Take a drop of Longevity oil and put it on the tongue. Cleansing the mouth in such a profound way. Another pathogen are viruses. Clove and thyme reduce proliferation of viruses, especially the herpes virus. Eugenol and thymol are anti-viral. Anti mold. Toxic mold. Black molds. If we diffuse longevity blend, may not be the most appealing blend to smell, but using it as a cleansing agent, could have profound effects on mold. Immune system booster.

So many studies out on eugenol and thymol.

High amounts of limonene in orange and frankincense. Pubmed search limonene. Protects the cell membranes. Highest is grapefruit, followed by tangerine and orange. Highest limonene essential oils.

Limonene Increases glutathione. Detoxes the liver. Low levels: heart disease. Glutathione is all the rage right now. Everyone trying to get a precursor to glutathione. Nothing is going to beat limonene. Take some Longevity oil, you’ll see it go up.

Always talk about quality. We are assuming that when we talk about these oils, it has to be an authentic essential oil, from seed to seal. That’s how we guarantee our oils. There are short cuts that can be taken. With clove, they use different parts, not just the bud, which it should be. Young Living clove is only the bud, the highest levels of eugenol.

With Limonene rich oils, you have to beware about pesticides. A study showed Pesticide residues in 148 different tested lemon, orange and mandarin oils. 64% of lemon oils on the market have pesticide residues. Same with orange and mandarin oils tested. All had pesticides.

With Young Living, these oils have been tested and are pesticide free.

Take the Omega Blue and Longevity on a daily basis. They will protect you. Long-term effects will be so beneficial.


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