Spearmint Oil Testimonies

Spearmint Essential Oil

“I love to put sliced mango in a pitcher, add a drop or two of Spearmint, and fill with water. Once it has a chance to sit overnight, it’s a really refreshing drink! Watermelon and Spearmint is another great combination for the summer!”
—Jessy B.

“I add Spearmint and Peppermint into my chocolate shake and it’s awesome!”
—Joel S.

“I love Spearmint’s less-intense flavor compared to Peppermint and have added it with various citrus essential oils to fruit salads. The taste is amazing!”
—Debbie N.

“I made a lip balm with Spearmint and Peppermint essential oils. It’s so delicious!”
—Rebecca G.A.

“I put [Spearmint essential oil] in my water with Lemon.”
—Kathleen D.

“I made Spearmint ice cubes and added some to hot tea. It’s delicious!”
—Carrie S.

—Young Living e-News Feb 4, 2015


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