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Doug Corrigan: Hello and welcome to this edition of our educational series on Young Living products. This is Doug Corrigan, Director of Training and Education for Young Living Essential Oils. In this session I’m very enthusiastic to be presenting two great examples of very versatile single essential oil products. The first, a fantastic representative of the renowned citrus family of essential oils, is Grapefruit; I know that’s a favorite of many people out there. The second product is a fairly new and very exotic oil that’s gaining rapid renown amongst Young Living distributors out there, a single oil known as Ocotea.

Grapefruit Essential OilLet’s start by exploring a little bit about Young Living’s Grapefruit essential oil and, as we jump into discussing any citrus oil, it’s important for you to understand that there can be a few significant quality challenges in many non-Young Living brand citrus oils. Again let me emphasize that these are oils that are not Young Living brand citrus oils and they are currently available on the market. Please know that as we’re talking about usage and application and educating in this session, it’s done so under the assumption that one is using only genuine pure and unaltered Grapefruit essential oil, an oil that’s been carefully watched over to ensure that it maintains as close to its original bioactivity and natural integrity as possible. Young Living’s industry-leading and proprietary Seed-to-Seal process, which a lot of you are familiar with, is a process that ensures that every essential oil contains the optimum natural phytochemical profile. In addition to that every oil undergoes rigorous in-house and third-party testing, and that erases one of the key concerns found when cold-pressing citrus oils like Grapefruit essential oil from the rind, and that problem is pesticides. Not only are pesticides a concern with citrus fruits but research shows that the process of pressing out the essential oil, if not done properly, can actually intensify the pesticide concentrations in citrus essential oils by as much as 13 times! Before you get too freaked out about that you’ll be glad to know that Young Living has a zero-tolerance allowance when it comes to pesticide residues in citrus oils, or any other oils that we produce for that matter. We go to great lengths at Young Living to source the most potent and pure citrus oils, and then rigorously test the finished products to further guarantee that they meet standards. This is all part and parcel of what we call the Seed-to-Seal process.

Back to the product at hand, Young Living Grapefruit oil. What does it do, and how can you use it? This oil truly delivers the diversity and power of the much-prized citrus family. Most people recognize citrus fruits as some of the most appealing, savory, and nutritious foods on the planet. This might be why so many people are pleasantly surprised when they are introduced to citrus essential oils and they begin to discover that an equally, perhaps even more extraordinary life-giving power lies not in the fruit’s flesh but rather in the fruit’s skin – the part that most people would simply discard as trash. We will show you how Grapefruit essential oil, when gently pressed from the rind and carefully prepared, can become a powerful ally for cultivating and maintaining optimum wellness. In fact it’s safe to say that when it comes to essential oils, citrus oils like Grapefruit are practically unequaled in the areas of scientific evidence, versatility, ease of use, and one other key area that’s a big deal for all of us and that’s affordability. These might sound like some pretty bold claims but there’s a tremendous amount of evidence to support those things; areas of scientific evidence, versatility, ease of use, and they are affordable.

NingXia Red ComboFor starters, most citrus oils contain a significant amount of a phytochemical called limonene. Now if you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of limonene, then Grapefruit essential oil is a stellar choice because it’s comprised of more than 90% limonene. This is important because this one compound, limonene, has been scientifically proven in over 50 studies worldwide to be among the most powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, and health-promoting agents in the world. Its specific mechanism of action protects healthy cells from damage and discourages mutation and harmful cell proliferation. Its affects can be realized through simple oral administration, just a couple of drops on the tongue or perhaps mix it in your favorite beverage; there are all kinds of ways to do it, it’s important that you just get this in your mouth and into your system! This is one of the reasons why so many Young Living members start their day by mixing a few drops of Grapefruit or another citrus oil of choice in their water or morning beverage. It doesn’t have to be in the morning either, you can do it any time of the day, but starting your day off right can really have an alkalizing effect on the body, it can boost immunity, it can improve metabolism, especially metabolism of fats, and also improve digestion. Most people find that the flavor of Grapefruit oil is very enjoyable, or at the very least it’s tolerable. These oils can often enhance the flavor and effect of other healthy beverages and of course a lot of people out there are drinking their NingXia Red in the morning, and what an optimal choice to further fortify your NingXia Red with even more life-giving properties, by dropping just a couple drops of Grapefruit or virtually any other citrus oil in your NingXia Red in the morning. Speaking of this and of NingXia Red, this is a great opportunity to add even more synergistic power because those of you who know about NingXia Red know that one of the things that makes it so powerful is its S-ORAC value. This is its unequaled ability to quench and neutralize the dangerous superoxide free radical by stimulating production of an enzyme activity called superoxide dismutase, or SOD. You’ll be glad to know that citrus oils like Grapefruit further elevate the body’s levels of SOD, which is a vital cell-protecting antioxidant mechanism, and in addition to that citrus oils have been shown to raise levels of glutathione. Many of you have probably heard about glutathione and if you haven’t, look it up on the internet. This is a tremendously important vital nutrient that inspires a cascade of positive health benefits that include liver detoxification and increasing cellular energy. Of course if your cells are healthy and producing better energy, you can’t help but produce energy throughout the entire system.

Another desirable phytonutrient that Grapefruit contains is citral, and this is contained in various levels in Grapefruit and other citrus essential oils. Emerging research is showing how this compound can help the body metabolize fat and increase energy levels in many critical tissues. Plus, Grapefruit essential oil is well-known as a good diuretic so it can further help your body to eliminate fluids and waste and toxins; no wonder so many dieters out there swear by Grapefruit essential oil as a tremendous supplement aid when they’re trying to lose weight or improve health generally. This is a very common practice for people who are on a weight-management program, to include Grapefruit essential oil in that program. What a great choice that is!

Citrus Fresh Essential OilThe positive effects that come with ingestion of Grapefruit essential oil are really just the beginning. There are also, of course, broad topical and aromatic uses that we’re going to discuss right now. First let’s spend some time with topical applications. If you are part of the small group that finds the taste of Grapefruit to be maybe a little bit of an obstacle, then you’ll be glad to know that you don’t have to take it orally to benefit from Grapefruit essential oil. Science has shown us that citrus oils like Grapefruit, when used on the skin, can have dramatic age-slowing and skin-tightening effects. In addition their tremendous phytonutrient profile makes them a folk remedy practically without equal; from whitening teeth to removing gum or other adhesives, or even neutralizing foul odors, from removing stains to removing sunspots, people use it to remove warts and moles; the list goes on and on and on. One of my favorite applications for citrus oils like Grapefruit, and where there is a long history of use in scientific literature, is as body cleansers. They are very nourishing to the skin generally, and are indicated especially to improve oily skin and help reduce acne. In addition, those people concerned about topical application of citrus oils and a problem that sometimes occurs when using Lemon or Orange essential oil, is photosensitivity. Well you’ll be glad to know that Grapefruit is actually non-phototoxic. It’s a great choice to use on areas that might be exposed to the sun because it doesn’t sensitize the skin to the sun’s effects like Lemon and Orange sometimes do; in fact Grapefruit contains components that actually neutralize the compounds that create that effect in other citrus oils, so that’s why it’s a great idea as in the Citrus Fresh blend, is that you actually blend Grapefruit with other essential oils and reduce the phototoxic or photosensitivity effect.

Now we’re going to spend some time exploring the wonderful aromatic attributes of Grapefruit, which of course are many. It’s commonly referred to as one of the most popular aromatics out there. It’s great on its own and great blended with other essential oils; it’s a common oil to use in your diffuser and the reason why is because it’s just generally very appealing. Most people can find nothing undesirable about the smell of Grapefruit essential oil, and it’s a great enhancer to other scents as well. In addition to its general aromatic appeal and the fact it just smells good, there’s a significant amount of science that shows that even just a slight aroma of pure citrus essential oil can dramatically improve mood and mental alertness, reduce mental fatigue and nervous tension, and even suppress appetite. For everyone out there who’s interested in any of those things, just smelling Grapefruit essential oil on a regular basis – and look at that list; improve mood, mental alertness, reduce mental fatigue and nervous tension – of course everybody is in that boat because all of us would really love to see what we could do as far as mental fatigue, nervous tension, mood, and mental alertness. These emotional responses that we’re talking about are caused as the aroma of Grapefruit oil is detected by the olfactory, which triggers a response in the limbic system, specifically in the amygdala and the hippocampus, and this response causes an inspiration in the sympathetic nervous system and triggers these emotional control centers of the brain. Now Grapefruit will normally trigger a very positive emotional response; in fact it’s one of those rare substances that can be invigorating and energizing at the same time it relaxes and reduces tension. This ability that I’m talking about is often referred to as an adaptogenic or balancing effect. Those people out there who are herbalists will be familiar with the terms adaptogen or adaptogenic effect. For you people who don’t know what that means, it means that you don’t need to waste time worrying if you have the exact right oil for improving the emotional state that you find yourself in since Grapefruit contains components that are both stimulating and calming, and the body will simply take what it needs. For that reason it’s often used by those who are trying to overcome fatigue and exhaustion without worrying if it’s going to get them to feel anxious or nervous. You don’t have to worry about that with the citrus essential oils, especially Grapefruit. Now this potential is illustrated in several studies and I’ll mention just a few: In 1995 Mie University studied rats that were under stress, and citrus oils were most impressive for improving mood. A key component mentioned in the study was citral; again we mentioned how citral could help with improving metabolism, specifically of fats and different things like that, now here’s another great usage, an aromatic usage, in how citral can affect our mood. Of note by the researchers was that in addition to that, the immune function was also elevated. So here we have a product that stimulates the sympathetic nervous system and at the same time, in a cascade effect, stimulates the immune function. Another study from 2006: Citrus oils were put to the test in experiments on mice and were shown to be superior in relaxation and anti-stress effects, even compared with Lavender and Rose essential oils. Often folks say that if you want great relaxation and anti-stress Lavender or Rose, and specifically Lavender, is really famous for that but here we have a study that shows citrus oils were at least as good if not superior to that in regard to most people who are trying to relax and de-stress. So we have a real winner here with Grapefruit essential oil. This is very different from the way most synthetic medications operate. When we take a pharmaceutical medication it may influence the body in a certain direction but oftentimes it does that at a price, often overloading the nervous system or other systems of the body, which causes a cascade of trouble in other areas. There are dozens more studies which we don’t have time to discuss today, but hopefully this is enough to convince you that using Grapefruit aromatically can be a great way to improve your own outlook and positivity as well as improving the mood of those around you so it’s a win-win situation.

You now know, and maybe knew already, that citrus oils have mood-enhancing, nervous tension-fighting benefits, why not improve the effect of these oils by spending some time and associating a power statement or an affirmation with the aroma of your favorite citrus oil? For instance, you can create a simple power statement or find a poem that helps you feel good or powerful, or maybe replay a moment in your life when you felt very optimistic and confident, and as you recite the statement or review this moment in your mind’s eye, inhale Grapefruit oil simultaneously. Again, why is Grapefruit a great choice for this? It’s because of its nearly universal appeal and its broad functionality, and of course its ability to stimulate our sympathetic nervous system, our feelings of positivity and enhance our mood generally. Some people might be tempted to use a flowery scent as their signature scent here but sometimes these are not so readily enjoyed by the people around you. This rarely happens with a citrus oil, especially when we might temper a different aroma like Grapefruit oil with another; some type of mint is a great choice. If one finds that these classic top-note oils like mint or Grapefruit might flash off too quickly, try blending them with some other middle- or base-note oils like a small amount of Cinnamon. Some people love Jasmine, or Fir oil or a hint of Ginger, Cedarwood, Sandalwood; these are all great choices, even Frankincense is a great choice to mix with some of the different citrus oils like Grapefruit. A greater depth and a slower evaporation can be achieved by mixing these top-note oils like Grapefruit or mint with a coconut oil base or some of these other baser-note oils that we just mentioned. Some of these guidelines can also be useful when diffusing but they are less critical as that constant diffusing action initiates a repeated fresh exposure to the air.

One of the most appealing things about Grapefruit is the vast value received for the price. You’ll be glad to know that genuine, pure, top-quality cold-pressed Grapefruit oil can be sourced with supreme confidence from Young Living for a very affordable price. To summarize Grapefruit oil: When we’re talking a health-promoting substance I like to measure the benefits and impact of these substances with a simple moniker that I call the ABCs; by that I mean how does this substance A) activate, B) build, and C) cleanse the body? I would consider a substance as very noteworthy if it accomplishes just one of these things really well; what then of the Grapefruit oil which does all of these things really well? It A) activates a positive nervous system response and also activates immunity, it activates circulation and helps maintain normal blood sugar levels; B) Grapefruit oil can build our defenses and balance by being antioxidant and protecting normal cell function and replication; and lastly C) it cleanses by being antiseptic and raising glutathione levels which help to cleanse and detoxify the liver, kidneys, lymph, cardiovascular, and the skin as already mentioned. So if you don’t already have some Grapefruit oil that you’re using frequently, well you’re really missing a golden opportunity here. Again it’s very accessible, very affordable, with tons of science, so get out there and start to use it and make the Grapefruit oil a part of your normal day-to-day experience.

Ocotea Essential OilLet’s move on to an oil that is still somewhat of a newcomer to Young Living but it’s rapidly gaining a reputation as a go-to oil for a variety of health needs. We’re talking about an oil called Ocotea. Ocotea quixos belongs to the storied plant family Lauraceae where other well-known therapeutic plants like Cinnamon and Bay laurel reside – in fact Ocotea is a close relative of Cinnamon. Not surprisingly this oil, that Young Living sources directly from the Amazon basin, shares many phytochemical properties and functions that have made Cinnamon one of the most widely-used and valued oils throughout the world. However very little was known about the specific qualities of Ocotea until Young Living’s founder, Gary Young, took a personal interest. Gary was very intrigued by his initial phytochemical analysis of this and other Ecuadorian plant species. He was also encouraged by his assessment of the growing conditions and sustainability of the supply, but what impressed him the most with this oil was when he and others started to use it in clinical settings. The words they used again and again were “balanced chemistry and a balanced physical and emotional response.” These promising beginnings have expanded dramatically as Young Living’s vast distributor force has begun broadly implementing Ocotea and the other Ecuadorian oils. Their experiences in this regard are really changing the world of essential oil therapy. Again and again, knowledgeable and experienced essential oil practitioners are reporting improved therapeutic results with Young Living’s Ecuadorian offerings. There are several theories as to why these Ecuadorian varieties seem to be more therapeutic than other related species; chief amongst them is the idea that their balanced and broad chemistry really makes a difference. These oils wield respectable, but not the highest levels of what scientists currently consider the active ingredients like cinnamaldehyde and beta-caryophyllene in the case of Ocotea. But could it be that Mother Nature knows best? Meaning that for the past many decades while Cinnamon has largely been carefully cultivated, managed, and controlled in order to contain the commercially-desirable (or what is perceived as the commercially-desirable) chemical profile, these Ecuador plant species like Ocotea have continued to grow in the wilds of the Amazon basin? It could be that the remarkably rich soil in the fertile Amazon basin produces higher-quality oil, or the fact that the plants that thrive there do so in one of the most diverse, competitive and advanced ecosystems in the world. Or perhaps it has to do with the very personal hands-on care and supervision that Gary and the other dedicated Finca Botanica staff in Ecuador give these offerings? Now there’s evidence to support all of these theories individually and collectively and as with most great things, it’s likely that the end effect is a coming together of many good things. Most important for essential oil enthusiasts worldwide is not the how but the what, as we continue to apply and experiment with unique and original offerings like Ocotea.

Stress Away Essential Oil & Roll-onWith regard to Ocotea specifically, Young Living is one of the first – if not the first – to offer Ocotea in many world markets. The results using Ocotea internally for help maintaining normal blood sugar levels have been especially remarkable; in fact thousands of convinced users are reporting that Ocotea is an invaluable tool for anyone trying to manage weight, maintain normal blood sugar levels, and counteract the impact of high-sugar foods. Maintaining normal blood sugar levels can have a dramatically positive effect such as improving your mood, improving your immunity, improving your inflammatory response, and that’s just to name a few. Of note is that many people who have had success using Cinnamon essential oil to help maintain normal blood sugar levels are reporting, again as we mentioned, improved results with Ocotea. One other benefit with Ocotea is that when using it topically, most find Ocotea less caustic or irritating on sensitive tissues like the tongue, skin, and digestive tissues than common Cinnamon. This gentler response of Ocotea further ensures success because it dramatically increases more frequent usability and compliance. This is especially impressive when one considers that Ocotea could be a kinder, friendlier Cinnamon but it still delivers serious germ-fighting activity. Specifically users are remarking how Ocotea is effective as a topical against fungal issues, and internally when fighting Candida. Aromatically Ocotea has been used to ease nervous tension and hypertension and may, as we’ve already mentioned, act as an appetite suppressant, and help with maintaining normal blood sugar levels. These attributes – the nervous tension easing, hypertension aid, and appetite suppression – make it a critical part of the popular blend called Stress Away, but Ocotea can be effectively used in these instances on its own as well.

I hope you’ve received a lot from this information we’ve shared with you; we’ve talked about 2 really great oils, one that’s an old tried-and-true oil like Grapefruit and one that’s a real up-and-comer and an exciting and exotic oil like Ocotea. With that we’ll remind you that the uses we’ve discussed are just a few of the highlights for these oils. These things have emerged through study and application, and we look forward to the new things that you’ll learn as you apply these oils for the things that we’ve discussed and of course the many, many others that we did not. We’ll close this educational session; until the next time, all the best.

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  1. Thank you so much for the information, it is very enlightening to know that these oils have so many benefits! I just received a shipment of Young Living oils today and Ocotea was one of the oils that came. Thank you again.

  2. This is a super read on the grapefruit oil and the Ocotea oil. I use both everyday and love how it acts with my body..

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