Audio: Uplift and Comfort with Citrus Fresh and Aroma Siez

Scott Johnson: Hello again and welcome to another opportunity to discover the benefits of Young Living’s amazing products. I’m Scott Johnson, Young Living’s Director of Global Training and Education. Today we are discussing 2 of my favorite blends – Citrus Fresh and Aroma Siez. While these blends are used for very different reasons they are both indispensable  and something virtually everyone can benefit from. Let’s face it, most everyone will experience occasional times of sadness or what some people call the blues. It can be triggered by a major distressing event, the challenges of coping with illness, a problematic relationship, financial challenges, or just about any of a variety of undesirable events. When we experience this occasional unhappiness it can affect hormone and neural transmitter levels which, when these are unbalanced, interfere with normal day-to-day activities. This can disrupt normal sleep patterns and modify eating behaviors, making you feel even worse. Fortunately, there are oils that excel in uplifting and balancing your emotions.

Citrus Fresh Essential OilOne such oil is Citrus Fresh. Citrus Fresh is a relaxing blend of Orange, Tangerine, Lemon, Mandarin, Grapefruit, and Spearmint that the whole family can enjoy. It has a very pleasing, wonderful aroma that encourages a sense of well-being and feelings of joy. Citrus Fresh is a favorite among my family for diffusing; in fact when I diffuse it I often get comments from friends or neighbors that come over like, “I love the way your house smells,” or “It smells so good in here!” These comments usually happen the instant they step through the door. They may not know it but they are experiencing the benefits of Citrus Fresh and the response is immediate. Using Citrus Fresh is a great way to balance and uplift, especially for those who don’t necessarily want this type of correction. Let’s face it, when you’re in one of those moods you usually don’t want anyone telling you what you need to do to help you return to your ‘normal’ self, but if you employ some stealth diffusing by diffusing Citrus Fresh near this person, they will inhale the aroma and experience the benefits anyway! Its aroma stimulates the right side of the brain that is responsible for creativity and emotions, making it an obvious choice when one desires to balance the emotions or stimulate creativity. In fact scientists have discovered the citrus oils have far-reaching benefits when it comes to helping balance emotions and providing feelings of peace, security, and joy. Studies have found that they help to naturally balance the autonomic nervous system, which is key to maintaining homeostasis. Most of these studies focused on just one citrus oil, but imagine the benefits you’ll get when you combine several citrus oils as is the case with Citrus Fresh; you improve the likelihood that you will receive benefits by doing so.

Now another key to this blend is Spearmint. When you experience occasional feelings of sadness or unbalanced emotions you generally don’t have a lot of energy. You may not even feel like going to work or participating in your normal daily activities. Spearmint not only helps release emotional blocks and brings about a feeling of balance, but it is energizing too – so this helps you get moving to avoid missing work or other enjoyable activities. Citrus oils also contain the powerful antioxidant d-limonene which numerous studies show helps support a healthy immune system and a normal cell cycle. Another important compound in citrus oils is citral; this compound has been extensively studied for its ability to stimulate thermogenesis, meaning the extra calories that you consume which are not needed for extra energy are turned into heat instead of being stored as fat. It also helps prevent the formation of specialized cells called adipocytes that specialize in the formation and the storage of fat.

Aroma Siez Essential Oil

Now let’s talk about Aroma Siez, which is a relaxing blend of Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, Peppermint, and Cypress that is excellent for massaging away life’s little discomforts. We all experience occasional soreness, whether from a vigorous workout, working in the yard, or many other types of physical activity, and when you aren’t comfortable you want to find relief as soon as possible. If you have Aroma Siez around you have a great remedy to soothe and relax all kinds of occasional discomfort.

A great way to use this blend is to apply it on areas that need soothing after exercise. This will help reduce muscle soreness and aid the recovery process. It is particularly soothing to the head, neck, and to tired feet. In fact some users report that they are not as sore after workout if they massage Aroma Siez on their body before they work out. The combination of oils in Aroma Siez creates a remarkable synergy that can relax away a variety of occasional discomforts: Basil and Marjoram support the circulatory system, which in turn aids the healing of stressed areas of the body. Lavender, Peppermint, and Marjoram aid the body to help produce a normal inflammatory response. Basil, Marjoram, Lavender, and Peppermint all provide soothing comfort to muscles. Because of these properties, Aroma Siez is a favorite among massage therapists and it plays an integral role in the Raindrop technique, which was pioneered by Young Living’s founder and CEO, D. Gary Young. Another great way to experience the soothing effects of Aroma Siez is by adding several drops to Epsom Salts and having a relaxing bath to soak away occasional aches and discomfort.

Well there you have it, 2 blends that virtually anyone can benefit from, especially those desiring to uplift and balance their emotions, and those who want to soothe occasional discomfort. Until next time, we wish you abundant health and thank you for your efforts to share Young Living with the world. Have a wonderful day!

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