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Scott JohnsonGood day and welcome to another addition of Young Living’s audio product training series. I’m Scott Johnson, the Product Training Program Manager for Young Living. Today I’m joined by Jared Gower, a registered dietitian and Young Living’s Nutritional Product Manager. Welcome Jared.

Jared Gower: Thanks Scott, I’m glad to be here today.


Scott: We’re eager to discuss one of Young Living’s newer nutritional products that is vital to your overall wellbeing, one of those supplements that so many people can benefit from. There are some supplements that are considered core supplements, those that form the foundation of your plan to reach optimal health and vitality, and today we’re discussing one of those products; namely OmegaGize3. Now many of you have taken our previous fish oil supplement, Omega Blue, for a long time and have realized many of the benefits of high-quality pure fish oil, so you may be asking why we changed such a great product. But we like to think of it more as an evolved or transformed product. When we created OmegaGize3 we took an already great product and made it even better. So Jared, at a high level what was done to transform Omega Blue into what is now OmegaGize3?

Jared: Well Scott, there were a number of things we did to take a great product and make it even better. For starters we increased the amount of DHA per serving, which many scientists and doctors believe is the most important omega-3 fatty acid, and added the powerful antioxidants CoQ10, mixed carotenoids, tocotrienols and tocopherols, along with vitamin D. Once you learn more about OmegaGize3 and even more important, try it for yourself, we are confident that you’ll appreciate this transformed product.

Scott: It sounds like you’ve done a great job in improving this product, and a growing body of scientific research suggests that fish oils profoundly influence your wellbeing. Numerous studies have found that they support normal brain, heart, eye, joint, and mood health. Scientists have discovered that DHA and EPA are absolutely essential to a diversity of normal biological processes and your overall health. Jared, with your background as a registered dietitian you understand the importance of providing the body with healthy fats. Tell us more about the benefits of omega-3 fatty acids.

Jared: Well DHA and EPA benefit the nervous system, cardiovascular system, and support a normal inflammatory response. This last action is critical since inflammation plays a central role in a number of health conditions and the aging process. OmegaGize3 provides more than 300mg of beneficial DHA and 135 mg of EPA per serving per 4 liquid capsules. This is a 70% increase in DHA from the previous Omega Blue. When insufficient quantities of DHA are obtained through the diet, your body converts EPA to DHA to meet the requirements of this vital nutrient; hence a product with higher quantities of DHA is very fitting.

Scott: Now there are a lot of fish oils out there to choose from, but when it comes to fish oil you need to ensure that you choose a high-quality pure fish oil to receive the benefits associated with them. In fact, this is so important because recent research suggests that consuming a poor-quality or oxidized fish oil can cause more harm than good! The nature of fish oils makes them delicate and fragile, and very susceptible to oxidation. Without combining them with other nutrients to preserve and protect the oils, the research shows fish oils quickly oxidize and become dangerous substances. What is the harm in consuming oxidized fish oil?

Jared: Consuming oxidized fish oils can have a negative impact on your health, including the possible depletion of antioxidant stores. This depletion in turn can interfere with one’s overall health cardiovascular function. OmegaGize3 delivers clinically-proven doses of pure, molecularly-distilled fish oil in a fish gelatin capsule which is designed to help prevent oxidation. The fish oil is also combined with antioxidant ingredients to preserve and protect the fish oil, and also provide these antioxidants for the body.

Scott: Now I want to pause for a moment and discuss why molecular distillation is so important when choosing your fish oil supplement because it is absolutely critical that you select a pure fish oil, and molecular distillation is one indication of purity. Jared, please describe the importance of molecular distillation to us.

Jared: One, molecularly-distilled oils are naturally high in two of the most well-researched omega-3 fatty acids; DHA and EPA. The molecular distillation process provides maximum quantities of these natural constituents without using chemicals or excess heat. Second, molecularly-distilled fish oils offer greater purity since they undergo a process that removes harmful toxins, heavy metals, PCBs, and dioxins. Because this process can be expensive, some fish oil manufacturers use a simple filtration process that costs less but also provides an inferior fish oil with higher levels of contaminants. OmegaGize3 contains pure, 3rd party-tested fish oil that guarantees it surpasses all national and international standards for environmental pollutants. So when you take OmegaGize3 you can rest assured that your fish oil contains what the supplement label says, and nothing else.

Scott: As mentioned before, some well-known antioxidant nutrients have been added to OmegaGize3 including mixed carotenoids, tocopherols, tocotrienols, and vitamin D. The importance of carotenoids to human health is emerging in scientific literature, which suggests that they are involved in gene expression, support a normal cell cycle, encourage eye health, and aid cardiovascular health. Tocopherols and tocotrienols, both part of the vitamin E family, exhibit powerful antioxidant properties that have been shown to support normal cholesterol levels, heart health, cognitive function, and cell cycles. These days it seems a new study emerges publicizing the benefits of vitamin D just about every week. Jared, what has the scientific community found about the importance of vitamin D?

Jared: Well Scott like you said, vitamin D is in the news every day. Research suggests that vitamin D is involved in a range of processes that impact almost everything your body does. Optimal vitamin D levels are associated with normal mood, heart, brain, circulation, bone, immune, eye, and joint functions. This evidence led the Institute of Medicine to increase the recommended daily intake for vitamin D from 400 IU (international units) daily to 600 to 800 IU daily in 2010. Some physicians even recommend as much as 5,000 IU per day for optimal benefits. OmegaGize3 provides a hearty 950 IU dose of vitamin D per serving.

Scott: Thanks Jared. I’m really excited about the addition of the powerful coenzyme Q10, commonly called CoQ10. This vitamin-like antioxidant substance found in all forms of animal life is vital to the production of energy. In fact it’s found in highest concentration in those organs that require a significant amount of energy to maintain normal operation like the heart, kidneys, liver, and pancreas. Jared will you share with us more about the important role CoQ10 plays in the body?

Jared: Like you said Scott, CoQ10 found in OmegaGize3 is a powerful fat-soluble vitamin-like substance that is vital in the production of energy and essential to healthy mitochondrial function. Mitochondria are your cells’ energy powerhouses, so they take in nutrients and then convert them to usable energy. More than 30 years of research suggests that CoQ10 supports normal heart health, and scientists believe that CoQ10 not only provides energy for the heart, but may also support normal blood pressure levels by relaxing the inner lining of peripheral arteries (the arteries farthest from the heart). Some reports also suggest that the production of CoQ10 declines beginning as early as age 20, with a marked decline after age 40, so OmegaGize3 provides 40 mg of this critical nutrient in every serving.

Scott: Now Young Living works very hard to infuse nature’s living energy, essential oils, into the nutritional products that we produce and OmegaGize3 is no different. So Jared, what oils were added to OmegaGize3 and why?

Jared: We added 3 oils to this product – Clove, German Chamomile, and Spearmint essential oils. These oils together enhance the product performance and stability. As with many foods and supplements, fish oils are very fragile and subject to lipid peroxidation or oxidation and degradation of the healthy fats found naturally in fish oils. Clove is a very potent antioxidant that helps combat this lipid peroxidation, and German Chamomile is added to further support a normal inflammatory response. Lastly, Spearmint provides a more pleasant product experience, specifically when we look at fish oil’s smell and then burp-back.

Scott: Now I’ve taken the OmegaGize3 capsules and the first thing I noticed was the smaller capsule size. What was the reason behind this change?

Jared: This change was implemented primarily to make OmegaGize3 internationally friendly. Some countries have smaller size requirements for dietary supplement capsules, and thus the capsules were changed to accommodate these regulations. Then if we go back a little bit to our discussion on molecularly-distilled oils and how this process concentrates the DHA and EPA levels, we were also able to use a smaller capsule because the newer formula provides more of these beneficial healthy fats in a smaller dosage. The appearance of the capsule also changed because OmegaGize3 now uses a fish-derived gelatin, which is ideally suited for a fish oil supplement.

Scott: Well thanks Jared, and I appreciate that you joined us for this audio training series today. We hope that you’ve learned more about this exciting core supplement from today’s training and we invite you to start enjoying the benefits it provides today. Thank you for listening, and until next time we wish you abundant health!

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