Suzanne Evola: Young Living – McKinleyville, Eureka CA

Suzanne Evola: Young Living Eureka CAWe first began our adventure into essential oils in December 2013 in a quest to find a natural way to deal with numerous seasonal immune system compromises.  In addition, I have probably the world’s most sensitive nose, reacting unpleasantly to regular air fresheners and cleaners. So we began slowly ridding our home of chemicals. The Thieves line of products and NingXia Red have worked beautifully for both problems! Most recently I have been reducing and responding to stress in a better way to helps with tremors.  Stress Away allows me to relax instantly! We are so impressed with the quality, value, and downright effectiveness of Young Living products that we want to share them with you!

Suzanne Evola
Young Living Independent  Distributor # 1584227
McKinleyville & Eureka, CA

Young Living Lavender Oil


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