Establishing the Croatia Farm

We’ve spent the last few days in Croatia reviewing our partner farm operations and looking for new farmland to acquire for helichrysm cultivation. Helichrysm is traditionally wild-crafted (hand-harvested) in the mountains along the Dalmatian coast of Croatia, but years of over-exploitation has led to a decimation of the wild helichrysum harvest. Thus, Young Living is taking its stewardship of aromatic botanicals seriously and is leading the way by bringing this amazing (and vulnerable) plant into our Seed to Seal cultivation process to protect its sustainable supply for you, and your future generations. Isn’t that what the World Leader in Essential Oils is supposed to do? Gary, ever the visionary, is the driving force behind this important project.

Croatia, like all the former Yugoslavia republics, was devastated by the Yugoslav Wars of the 1990s. It has fully recovered and is flourishing as a new member of the European Union. It is beautiful country full of wonderful people who have used helichrysum, and other aromatic plants, for generations. The people’s cultural connection to this plant is legendary. We are currently in Split, a beautiful city on the Adriatic coast with monumental (and intact) Roman Empire structures everywhere (including Diocletian’s Palace). Should definitely be on your travel bucket lists!

May the land of helichrysum, it’s people, and Gary’s passionate stewardship of this botanical, inspire you the next time you smell this powerful oil…

Adreatic Sea, Split, Croatia

View of Adriatic Sea from Split. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Helichrysum out of rock in Croatia

Wild helichrysum growing out of solid rock. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Young Living Helichrysum in Croatia

Gary Young and Jared Turner standing at the edge of their top pick for a potential future farm. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Young Living farm partner in Croatia

Kevin Pace, CFO, of Young Living, and our local farm partner. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Soil prep at helichrysum farm in Croatia

Preparing soul for new seedlings. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Young Living co-op helichrysum farm in Croatia

Our cultivate co-op field. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Helichrysum farm in Croatia

Another view of cultivated field. Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015

Helichrysum iPlant in Croatia

A young, cultivated helichrysum plant (it loves growing in rocky soil). Source: Jared Turner – February 15, 2015


Young Living Distillery in Croatia

Gary is installing these stainless steel essential oil cookers in our new distillery in Croatia today. They’ll be ready for helichrysm in no time! Source: Jared Turner – June 1, 2015

First helichrysum distillation

Here’s the first distillation at our newest distillery in Croatia of Young Living helichrysum essential oil. Source: Jared Turner – June 20, 2015


Young Living Croatia Office

Gary and Mary are in Split, Croatia right now giving a presentation to our European members about the helychrism farm and distillery in Croatia. Tomorrow is the ribbon cutting for this, our newest farm and distillery! Source: Jared Turner, October 5, 2015



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