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Doug Corrigan: Good day to you and welcome to this edition of Young Living’s audio training series. I’m Doug Corrigan, Director of Training and Education for Young Living Essential Oils, and we have a tremendous topic for you today. It’s globally our most popular product. The title today is Discovering Lasting Energy, Whole-Body Protection, and Lifelong Wellness with the Inimitable Health Beverage, NingXia Red. Namely we’re talking about this because of the recent enhancement or evolution of this core Young Living product, this extremely popular nutrient-infused beverage. Today we’re going to discuss how this newly-enhanced and oil-rich formula provides a way for health-conscious individuals to instantly obtain bioactive nutrients that offer tremendously broad-spectrum health benefits from head to toe.

Most of you listeners already know that we live in a world where we are exposed to harmful chemicals, noxious pollutants, and hazardous pesticides on a daily basis. We, our children, and everyone we know are put at greater risk of chronic diseases and serious health conditions because of the countless contaminants and carcinogens that are found in the substances necessary to sustain life – our food, air, and water – and all these things really have problems in today’s world. In addition tremendous pressure and stress from our busy lives, competing priorities, demanding careers significantly impact our ability to establish and maintain genuine wellbeing, and we are always looking for a state of vigor and optimal health. Because of this, scientists, physicians, and health-seekers are beginning to understand to a much higher degree that the human body absolutely needs a massive infusion of critical nutrients every day. A lack of key nutrients robs millions of people of this optimal health and vigor, and triggers a chain reaction that leads to ill health. Fortunately, in her infinite wisdom Mother Nature has provided an abundance of phytochemicals capable of combating the hazards of our modern world, and Young Living has combined a great deal of these nutrients into one product – NingXia Red.

Now if I were to ask you what is the most important component of NingXia Red, the thing that makes NingXia Red so special, a lot of people would quickly say the wolfberry is the thing that makes it so amazing, so different. The wolfberry is tremendous and specifically with NingXia Red it’s not just wolfberry juice but wolfberry puree which takes advantage of the whole food, the whole wolfberry, and just brings together a lot more dynamic bioactivity and richness and depth, and the wolfberries are tremendous. But I’m here to tell you that the thing that really makes NingXia Red so special, the thing that makes it different than anybody else out there, is that this beverage is infused with the world’s finest essential oils, the pure and authentic verified Seed to Seal® essential oils from Young Living Essential Oils. There is no other drink or health beverage like this that’s infused with these life-giving oils, and that is just a tremendous difference. Of course there are all kinds of other nutrients and we’re going to talk about those, but just remember that when it comes to the new NingXia Red the most important component, the thing that we should shout from the tops of the mountains, is that the new NingXia Red formula contains 7 times the essential oil content as the previous formula. Quite simply, Young Living is the only company that can boast this level of essential oils in a beverage; and remember these are pure authentic Young Living essential oils, oils that are pure enough to drink. This adds more of the life-giving essential oils into your daily regimen which can profoundly influence your overall wellbeing – and let’s face it folks, if you’re not involved in Young Living and using your essential oils as supplements you’re probably not getting any essential oils in your diet. They are truly a concentrated form of antioxidants with cleansing power; all kinds of different things that these nutritives can do. Specifically (and we’re learning a lot about these oils, if you’re listening to this audio series on a frequent basis and you’ve learned a lot about citrus oils) you’ll know that you want to add more citrus oils to your diet. In NingXia Red there are Lemon, Orange, Tangerine, and a new citrus oil from the Orient called Yuzu. This enhanced formula contains significantly greater quantities of the powerful antioxidant d-limonene. For those of you who know d-limonene, you know that it supports healthy liver function. One of the ways it does that is by boosting glutathione levels; d-limonene is proven in many studies to be a tremendous glutathione precursor, and glutathione is a tremendously important antioxidant, especially critical for the liver. The liver has critical responsibility to neutralize those harmful substances that we were talking about earlier, like all those toxins. We’re all exposed; we need to get rid of those things, and if the liver is functioning at high level – and we know that if we boost glutathione levels that the liver functions better – we’ll know that we’re eliminating these toxins out of our blood and cleansing our whole body at a much more rapid pace. D-limonene is actually supported by a significant amount of research; in fact this one compound has been scientifically proven in over 50 studies worldwide to be among the most powerful antioxidant, anti-aging, and health-promoting agents ever studied by science. Don’t you want more of this in your diet? Of course you don’t just want it in your diet; you should be rubbing it on your skin and breathing it in aromatically, but especially dietary-wise this is something that so few people are getting in their diets because they are not consuming these pure authentic essential oils. The specific mechanism of action that it uses is the protection of healthy cells from damage while simultaneously discouraging mutation and harmful cell proliferation, so we don’t have to go into great depth to know that that is something very critical for us to keep ourselves healthy at the cellular level, producing healthy cells and also discouraging these cells from taking strange mutations and causing all kinds of problems. Unfortunately we know that sad tale that happens when cells take a turn to the mutative state, a whole cascade of bad things can happen at that point. So I hope that more than anything else we talk about, you will remember that there are 7 times more oils and that these oils are truly life-giving gifts from the natural world.

Now let’s go back and take a little bit more time to talk about wolfberries and their long tradition of use in folk medicine. In fact one of the primary tonics in Chinese medicine is the wolfberry. Being such a legendary part of Chinese medicine has made the NingXia wolfberry the subject of numerous scientific studies. The wolfberries are commonly known as Goji berries. They really are one of the most nourishing and powerful foods in the world; really I would put them up against any other food. Ounce for ounce in their natural state, wolfberries are truly power-packed with nutrients. In nature berries are there to proliferate the species, and we of course know that Mother Nature puts her main resources into this process of proliferating the species; puts a lot of nutrients inside seeds and different elements that will make sure that the species goes forward. The Goji berry, the wolfberry, is no exception. It’s full of antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients that promote general wellbeing and vigor. The wolfberry is unique because it contains all the essential amino acids and has the highest protein concentration of any fruit – about 13%. In NingXia, China, a bowl of fresh wolfberries is really a daily part of life. As long as they’re in season these wolfberries are consumed daily, and some credit this tradition to the good health and vigor of the elderly population living there. When the wolfberries are not in season the Chinese will take the powder of the wolfberry and brew a powerful tea; these folks will consume wolfberries in one form or another on a daily basis. This berry is so revered that for 2 weeks each year the people of NingXia celebrate the wolfberry and its amazing health benefits in a tremendous festival they call the Goji Festival.

Historically, wolfberries were written about in ancient Chinese texts as a medicinal remedy to strengthen the eyes, liver, kidneys, muscles, bones, and of course the life force. We talked about it being one of the supreme tonics, so strengthening the life force is also in the tradition of Chinese medicine for the wolfberries. Additionally the wolfberries were reported to promote longevity; this is where some of the most interesting studies in regard to wolfberries come in. Modern research has confirmed the many health benefits of this amazing berry. Preliminary research and many different studies suggest that wolfberries may be beneficial to enhancing athletic performance, improving sleep quality, help maintain cholesterol levels already in a normal range, and most recently in a peer-reviewed study in the Journal of the American Nutraceutical Association, researchers determined definitely that wolfberry juice in NingXia Red supported healthy immune system function, which is tremendous.

One of the advantages the wolfberry has over other superfruits is its extremely high oxygen radical absorbance capacity (ORAC), and superoxide oxygen radical absorbance capacity (S-ORAC). These are values given to foods or supplements that signify a food or supplement’s ability to scavenge free radicals, specifically the S-ORAC. This ability is critical for optimal health since free radicals damage DNA, cells, and proteins, and can even cause cell death. Damage caused by these harmful compounds is associated with a range of health problems such as heart disease; all the big chronic-type scenarios. Free radicals are also believed to contribute to rapid aging. Unchecked free radicals destroy DNA – this is the very blueprint that’s used to create new cells! If not repaired, damaged DNA copies itself into new cells, which damages each new cell and this can be the root of the mutations that we talked about earlier. Wolfberry can be tremendous in that regard and by combining the wolfberry with tremendous citrus oils you have a powerful self-protecting one-two punch that works in slightly different mechanisms in interrelationship to a few biochemical systems, but the effect is truly tremendous.

Inside the new NingXia Red you’ll notice a few differences; two fruit juices that have been changed and upgraded with a little more nutrient-dense juice, specifically apricot and raspberry, have been removed and a unique superfruit called the aronia berry has been added. I’m very excited about the aronia berry because, being from the mountain states, those of you who spend a lot of time in the mountains will have heard of aronia or probably seen aronia growing in the mountains. It’s often known as chokeberry. It’s recently been rediscovered as a superfood that’s based on a growing body of scientific research. For centuries it was used by the Native Americans because of its amazing health benefits, and it’s truly a gift from nature. Aronia is rich in health-promoting antioxidants and flavonoids, specifically a group of flavonoids known as anthocyanins. They are responsible for that dark purple color of the aronia berry and they have been studied and proven to be very effective in a broad spectrum of human health benefits. A number of studies show that dietary anthocyanins are inversely associated with heart disease and some experts believe that they’re responsible for the effects seen among many fruits and vegetables; no doubt there’s a mountain of studies to support that. Scientists have observed that aronia offers protection against oxidative stress and significantly increases the production of superoxide dismutase. Superoxide dismutase is a powerful antioxidant and free-radical scavenger that’s considered important in delaying aging and a range of related health conditions; that’s really where a lot of that tremendous S-ORAC capacity comes from.

Now frequent intake of flavonoid-rich foods has been associated with increased biomass, with the greatest effect exerted by these phytonutrients, anthocyanins. According to a May 2012 study published in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research, anthocyanins were one of only two flavonoids investigated as part of this study that increased bone mass in both the hip and the spine. Given that falls that result in hip fracture are one of the greatest threats to the health of the elderly, this is a remarkable finding as I’m sure you’ll agree! Other scientists found that an anthocyanin-rich diet decreased the risk of Parkinson’s disease by 24%. This 20-plus-year follow-up study reported in the April 2012 edition of Neurology included more than 129,000 men and women; so broad and big-time science. From this research it’s easy to see why Young Living researchers were so adamant about selecting this magnificent fruit to be added to this already-amazing formula, and you can see automatically why that makes it so much better than in the past.

We talked already about some of the essential oils but I just can’t go forward any more without mentioning the relative newcomer, a very exciting essential oil, Yuzu essential oil which comes from a sour Asian citrus fruit that’s about the size of a tangerine. The rind of the Yuzu fruit is widely used in Japanese dishes as a flavor enhancer, so if you’ve eaten Japanese cuisine you’ve probably tasted it at some point. Traditionally this exotic fruit, prized for its unique aroma, is also used in hot baths to ward off colds and other respiratory challenges, which follows right in line with a lot of our usages in the Western world with regard to the citrus fruits. We know how tremendous they can be at warding off different types of respiratory situations, colds, chills, or the grippe. This soothing bath was also believed to bring abundant wealth and the assurance of good health. Now its aroma is a little different; it’s distinct from lemons and limes, and scientific research suggests that it contains higher amounts of vitamin C (which is great!) and phenolic compounds, and has higher amounts of those than any other citrus fruit, so an impressive nutrient profile. The compounds in Yuzu fruit are active free-radical scavengers and – this is the most important part – they are highly bioavailable. The flavor has been described as similar to grapefruit with just a hint of Mandarin orange. As with the other citrus oils, its pleasant aroma has also been studied for its uplifting and mood-elevating attributes. Now there’s a great deal of scientific research that’s been conducted to determine the therapeutic value of Yuzu fruit. Yuzu contains an antioxidant phytochemical called naringin, which researchers have found to induce Phase II detoxification enzymes – here we go back to what we were talking about before – known as glutathione S-transferases in specific organs. Phase I triggers a cascade of enzymatic reactions to oxidize and reduce damaging substances in preparation for elimination in Phase II. Metabolites from Phase I are highly reactive and could cause significant damage if not properly removed from your body. Now Phase II enzymatic reactions combine the metabolites produced during Phase I with other molecules that create water-soluble metabolites that are more easily disposed of. Again that’s the critical piece, is that it makes them more readily eliminated. These water-soluble metabolites are then excreted from the body. Current scientific literature links impaired detoxification, particularly Phase II, with a range of diseases so we can see how important it is to enhance that dramatically. I hope that’s not too much biochemistry for everyone but it’s enough to say that it is a tremendously important thing to facilitate the removal of that, and these citrus oils, specifically Yuzu, have been proven to do just that. So you see that not only is NingXia Red a great builder, a great antioxidant and cell support, but also will support the detoxification and the ridding oneself of these different things. I know that a lot of people out there using NingXia Red have often remarked how amazing it has been with regard to supporting the liver. That’s going to be even more pronounced as we move forward; and the wolfberry is also tremendous in regard to supporting the liver.

For a long time we’ve been using Agave in NingXia Red as a great, very low glycemic sweetener; what we’ve done in the new NingXia Red is replaced Agave with a zero-calorie and zero-glycemic index, highly palatable sweetener called Stevia. A lot of herbalists are familiar with Stevia; it’s been used as a sweetener and medicine for thousands of years. It was traditionally used by Native American healers to normalize blood sugar and relieve gastrointestinal discomfort. Again, because it contains absolutely no calories it will have no negative effect on your blood sugar; in fact Stevia has been used a lot to assist with weight loss efforts when people are trying to replace different sweeteners in their diet. Oftentimes Stevia is the absolute best choice, better than anything out there in regard to glycemic load. Numerous studies have established that Stevia is a safe, non-toxic substitute for sugar, unlike chemical and artificial sweeteners. Only a little Stevia is required because it’s about 300 times sweeter than sucrose, especially when it’s standardized for its rebaudiocide A compound. This comes together with a proprietary blend of nutrient-dense fruit juices like wolfberry, aronia; blueberry is still there, cherry is a new add-on, plum is a new add-on, and then of course pomegranate is something that NingXia Red has always contained. This results in wide-spectrum antioxidant activity that will truly and forever energize, fortify, and replenish the body.

It’s important to mention that pomegranate juice has 3 times the antioxidant capacity of green tea. Many of you will have seen information with regard to pomegranates, and they’re packed with antioxidants that provide serious health benefits. They’re really among one of the healthiest fruits that you can eat. Compounds found in pomegranates called punicalagins are known to support healthy heart and blood vessel function. Blueberries are a truly tremendous antioxidant powerhouse that get their deep-blue to purple color from their anthocyanin content, which we’ve already talked about in connection with aronia; remarkable antioxidant power, specifically with blueberries in conjunction with the heart and the brain; very important functional nutrients. Cherries are a nutritional powerhouse and recent research suggests that cherries support a healthy inflammatory response and may improve muscle recovery after exercise. In addition they are a tremendously good source of fiber, which aids digestion. Plums are an additional source of fiber and the antioxidant vitamin C. In addition, plums support a healthy response to insulin and contain some level of zeaxanthin, which is a great nutrient which is also found in wolfberries to a degree. This important carotenoid supports healthy eyes, and a number of studies demonstrate that wolfberries protect against DNA damage and mutations caused by free radicals. Additionally, ellagic acid that’s found in blueberries and pomegranates may also help protect your DNA against injury so again, just going down to that core basis of health, NingXia Red is the fundamental foundational product that every single person in Young Living – and every single person on the planet – really ought to be consuming on a daily basis. It’s just so tremendous in regard to its nutrient power, and it’s so easy to consume. NingXia Red contains extraordinary levels of naturally-occurring, age-defying antioxidants that again support health immune function, cardiovascular health, nourish the eyes, nourish organs of elimination like the liver and the bowel and all kinds of things that are helping to get rid of toxins. Combining these fruits with the oils that have already been mentioned creates a synergistic free-radical-fighting force that really supports the healthy function of your body from head to toe.

One more word about free radicals here; free radical damage is often implicated in age-related eye complaints, and a lot of people who have consumed NingXia Red for years have testified that NingXia Red has been tremendous in improving their eye health. I think the new formula will only enhance that. One of the special things about NingXia Red is that it provides antioxidant protection specifically for vision and the eyes, and it contains a lot of this antioxidant I just mentioned, zeaxanthin. Zeaxanthin has been the focal point of some 40 clinical studies about eye health; it’s one of only two carotenoid antioxidants that become concentrated in the retina, and these high concentrations serve to support eye health by protecting tissues to minimize that damage caused by free radicals and absorb damaging blue light rays from sun exposure, so just helping your eye to function at a much higher level.

Now we’ll change speeds a little bit – many of you have children who have seemingly unending energy. They run around, they remain active most of the day and they never appear to be fatigued. I know I’m envious of that continual supply of energy and wish there was some way to bottle that, some kind of an elixir or tonic so that we could have this enduring energy! I believe that NingXia Red will go a long way to providing this kind of sustained natural energy without the jittery effects of unbalanced stimulants. Stimulants can provide a rapid burst of energy, but oftentimes that is followed by an equally rapid crash. Anytime you take a stimulant you have to really support that with a balance of other nutrients that help to prevent that crash. Now you don’t have to worry about any of that when you’re taking NingXia Red – sustained energy, sustained natural burn.

Let’s discuss the differences between nutrient infusion and the juice to better understand the value of a nutrient infusion. A nutrient infusion is a concentrated blend of nutrients that produce unmatched bioactivity. Again, what makes Young Living’s NingXia Red product so extraordinary is the addition of essential oils. You’ll taste them; immediately when you drink the new NingXia Red you can’t help but taste that tremendous citrus flavor and that really brings out all kinds of the different fruit flavors, but just know that those oils are there and at a level that really makes it impressive and makes it different than any other product. Combining multiple nutrients together creates a blend that produces increased bioactivity; in other words it’s better absorbed and utilized by the body much more efficiently, and therefore can exert extraordinary health benefits. NingXia Red is a naturally delicious, nutrient-infused wolfberry drink and a significant portion of the bottle is wolfberry puree, and that’s not like nutrient-light juices like apple, white grape, and pear; still know that the majority of what you’re getting in NingXia Red is a hearty puree that contributes 21 trace minerals, fiber, more beta-carotene than carrots, more vitamin C than oranges, vitamin E and vitamins B1, B2, and B6; and all of this with only 20 calories per serving and for less than $2 a day. That’s far less than most stimulant and sugar-loaded energy drinks and certainly a lot less than a Starbucks coffee, both of which are often used as energy enhancers. In addition this product has grapeseed extract which comes from a tremendously great source of MegaNatural® Gold Grapeseed Extract; this is high in polyphenols. Grapeseed extract has been investigated for its ability to protect and support your overall wellbeing, specifically important for your cardiovascular system and helping your circulatory system to work at its finest, and of course this helps any organ which needs blood flow, which is every organ.

One last note about this enhanced formula – we could honestly go on and on, just about grapeseed extract alone we could have an entire call – but all of that stuff is in NingXia Red. You’ll notice that the new bottle looks significantly different on the outside but it’s not just the exterior that’s been upgraded, it has been evolved in many ways and instead of relenting to plastics, aluminum, or someone else’s generic wine bottle, Young Living packed this one-of-a-kind nutrient infusion in a custom-made frosted glass bottle which I think just looks fantastic; an exclusive Young Living silhouette. This new bottle ensures lasting strength and purity, and a little style that NingXia Red deserves; she is a beautiful and wonderful drink. A lot of people ask me, “Is NingXia Red for more energy, is it for antioxidants, is it for general wellbeing?” and I think we’ve learned from this audio recording that the answer to all of the above and many more is “Yes!” You’re sure to enjoy all those benefits and of course the great taste of this enhanced formula; it’s a tremendously consumable, very palatable drink and if you aren’t drinking this amazing product right now, you’re missing out, just flat-out missing out on a variety of surprising health benefits. When consumed daily NingXia Red truly creates this lasting-energy, whole-body protection and is an important foundation of a lifelong wellness that is really a part of the Young Living lifestyle. So drink it and discover that, and if you haven’t tried it in a while, try it again for the first time. If you’ve never tried NingXia Red, well get on board because this is a tremendous product! Until next time – and again there is much more that we could say but we are out of time for today – we wish you abundant health and wealth!


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